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Saduni Prabamali
Bringing cheer: Food parcels arrive in flood zone

Only five days after the Daily Mail launched its Flood Aid appeal, the total raised soared past Ł1.5million last night.

From children giving a few pennies of their pocket money to corporate and individual donations amounting to tens of thousands of pounds, your donations have continued to pour in. Some 81,000 people have called our phone line alone, pledging more than Ł822,000.

To make your own donation, print off our Flood Aid Appeal coupon


Your kindness has meant much-needed aid is already arriving in some of the most desperately-affected regions, making a real difference to those whose lives have been shattered by the tragedy.

Psychic Uri Geller gave Ł20,000 to our appeal yesterday after learning that one of his close friends, photographer Simon Atlee, is believed to have died in the disaster.

Mr Geller last saw Mr Atlee a few months ago when he visited the star’s Berkshire home with his model girlfriend, Petra Nemcova, who survived.

“I was devastated when I heard what had happened to Petra and Simon,” he said. “I would just ask everyone to keep giving.”

Television presenter Dale Winton said he was moved to tears by the Mail’s coverage of the tragedy and made a personal donation of Ł3,000 yesterday.

“I have been to Thailand many times myself and it is difficult to take in the sheer scale of the destruction,” he said.

“It absolutely broke my heart. The Thai people are so gentle and dignified and will find it hard to ask for help – so it is up to us to offer it to them instead.”

Gloria Hunniford also made a donation, saying: “The whole thing is just so tragic. I especially feel for the children who have been left orphaned.”

Frost support

Lending her support, actress Sadie Frost added: “No one can fail to have been touched by what is going on in Asia. The pictures have been just heartbreaking and we must do everything we can to help those who have suffered.”

Songwriter Mike Batt and singer Katie Melua promised Ł5,000 each. Katie, whose debut album Call Off The Search was one of the biggest sellers last year, said: “It’s so easy just to think that governments will sort it out, but ultimately it is real people who can and should make a difference by contributing something, however small.”

X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein revealed that the Mail’s appeal had inspired him to give the profits from his Number One single – Against All Odds – to help the victims of the tragedy.

“I’m so happy to be able to help,” the singer said last night. “It’s only a tiny amount in comparison to the damage done but I really hope it makes a difference.”

Bosses at Jarvis Hotels showed their generosity early in our appeal by pledging Ł20,000. And when they urged their customers to show the same goodwill, the move paid off.

Revellers at New Year parties held at 44 venues across the country have donated at least Ł10,000.

Chairman John Jarvis said: “There has been tremendous support from all our guests, who have raised a fantastic amount. Like others I have been left shocked by the devastation and the grief surrounding the whole area, especially at a time of festivities. I have complete admiration for the way in which the Daily Mail has backed this appeal.”

If your firm wants to collect on behalf of the Daily Mail call 0207 751 8580 between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Donate money now

Your response so far has been overwhelming, but we urgently require your continued support.

You can make a donation by filling in our Flood Aid Appeal coupon. Print off your donation form by clicking

here. You can then print it out using the File menu at the top of the window.

Alternatively, you can make a contribution by credit or debit card by calling our 24-hour, automated donation line on 0870 085 1024. Calls charged at national rate.

Every penny raised will be counted by the Mail and channelled through the Disasters Emergency Committee, an umbrella organisation which launches and co-ordinates UK national appeals for major disasters. The funds will be distributed to a group of charities headed by Save the Children, Oxfam, Tearfund, Cafod, Christian Aid and the British Red Cross for immediate use in the countries hit by the tragedy.

The child victims

The emphasis will be on helping the child victims of the disaster.

Many thousands are now orphans with no one to look after them. They are the most vulnerable to the threatened march of diseases which could kill more people than the sea.

As the death toll continues to rise, aid workers are telling of children forced to scavenge for food and drink from stagnant pools.

Their welfare will be a key focus of Flood Aid.

Death and devastation

Nearly five million people are thought to have lost their homes when the tsunamis, triggered by a massive earthquake off Indonesia, slammed into the coastlines of 11 countries up to 4,000 miles apart on Boxing Day.

The final death toll continues to rise and more than 300,000 have been injured, many maimed for life.

The harrowing images of broken families, death and devastation, with whole communities flattened, will never be forgotten.

Yet amid their own suffering, people in countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and the Maldives unfailingly helped and supported the thousands of British and European holidaymakers caught in the tragedy. Now we must return that help.

Please take this opportunity to help in any way you can.

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