5th March 1998


1: Premier League fixture organiser Adrian Cook

2: Glenn Hoddle

3: Roger the Nouveau Football Fan from the Fast Show

4: Alex Ferguson

5: TV mogul Rupert Murdoch

6: Alan Shearer

7: World Cup cop DI Peter Chapman

8: Sky Sport chief Vic Wakeling

9: Teddy Sheringham

10: Alec McGiven: leads England bid for 2006 World Cup

11: Old Trafford youth chief David Williams

12: Bosman brief Jean-Marie Dupont

13: Paul Gascoigne

14: Scots’ boss Craig Brown

15: Rangers tycoon Joe Lewis

16: Doping controller Ian Hodson

17: Chelsea’s Ken Bates

18: Premier League’s Alex Flynn

19: Terry Owen, dad of Michael

20: Mike Flynn of sponsors Carling

21: Soccer finance guru Gerry Boon

22: England U-21 coach Peter Taylor

23: Match of the Day editor Niall Sloane

24: Premier League -chief executive Peter Leaver

25: Terry Harrison, Newcastle plc

26: Shearer surgeon Rob Gregory

27: Mirror man Harry Harris

28: World Cup songsters: Pulp, Blur… whoever

29: United’s Boy ,Wonder Ryan Giggs

30: Scotland’s Kevin Gallacher

31: Tony Merrion, man who supplies ribbons for Premier trophy

32: Stan Barrett: guards the Premier League trophy

33: Brian Kidd: Fergie’s No2

34: Billy the Fish from Viz

35: TV pundit Alan Hansen

36: Channel Five’s head of sport Robert Charles

37: England No1 David Seaman

38: PFA’s Gordon Taylor

39: Ken Ridden: Referee of refs

40: Roy Hodgson

41: Posh Spice

42: Umbro’s John Robinson

43: Howard Wilkinson

44: Home Secretary Jack Straw

45: Lord Justice Stuart Smith of Hillsborough reappraisal

46: Fulham and Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed

47: Ex-Chelsea boss Ruud Gullit

48: Jimmy ‘Five Bellies’ Gardner: Gazza’s best mate

49: Blackburn’s Damien Duff

50: Paul Scholes of Manchester United

51: Hammer Rio Ferdinand

52: Leicester’s Martin O’Neill

53: Suzie Russell of Carling Opta’s stat service

54: Fantasy football originator Andrew Wainstein

55: Black ref Uriah Rennie

56: Fergus McCann of Celtic

57: Rangers’ David Murray

58: Rothmans editors Jack and Glenda Rollins

59: Faith healer Gypsy Eileen

60: Commentator Jon Champion

61: Duchess of Kent: she presents the FA Cup

62: Football Trust Chief Peter Lee

63: Ian Knight, injured Wednesday star who sued for £1m

64: FA adviser Jimmy Armfield

65: David Mellor

66: Top agent Dennis Roach

67: Football League’s David Sheepshanks

68: Hibs chief Lex Gold

69: Jack Walker

70: Herman Ouseley, head of commission for Racial Equality in football

71: Crewe boss Dario Gradi, MBE

72: Dave Stapleton, trainer of UK’s top school side

73: Builder Alfred McAlpine

74: Mitre ball designer Duncan Anderson

75: Veteran boss Atkinson

76: Graham Kelly of the

77: George ‘Ban booze’ Younger

78: CCTV monitor Andy Ford

79: Doncaster Belles’ Gillian Coultard

80: England Travel club’s Jill Smith

81: Brazil-inspired Yorkshire schools coach Simon Clifford

82: FA chairman Keith Wiseman

83: Tottenham head Alan Sugar

84: Radio 5’s outspoken Alan Green

85: Pioneering Asian coach Terry Singh

86: Managers’ Association chief John Barnwell

87: French stylist, David Ginola of Spurs

88. First female linesman Wendy Thorns

89: Ex-Liverpool star Craig Johnston, Inventor of Predator boots

90: Sheffield Wednesday’s topless Ian for all weathers Paul Gregory

91: Hans Muller Wolfhart: No92’s doctor

92: German superstar Jurgen Klinsmann

93: Comic duo Skinner and Baddiel

94: England’s non-existent FIFA delagate

95: Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson

96: John Williams, Producer of the Football League Fans Guide

97: Designer of the Premiership trophy, Tony Bedford

98: England’s 1966 World Cup hero Geoff Hurst

99: Spoon bender Uri Geller

100: Hoddle’s favourite singer Luther Vandross


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