Foreword and article in What Next? – January 2000


What’s Next –
Edition 1, January 2000


Dstination: success. All of human wants to get there, new and the new millennium is revealing many new paths. Around the globe people are discovering new ways to communicate, to help each other, to improve education and fight injustice thanks to television and especially the internet. They are learning new ways to worship God, finding new meanings of success and better indexes of happiness than financial wealth.

Whatever the momentous events that await us as the next couple of months unfold, What Next? ha ssought to provide insights and answers to better equip you for the future.

Charged with enthusiasm and brimming with excitement for this future of bright hopes, billions of people are embarking on new projects as the next 1000 years begin. You have one of those bold projects in your hands. Packed with positive thinking and powerful writing, What Next? can be a potent tool for you in your own new projects. Use it and enjoy it. Keep n open mind and a loving heart. Pray. And may light and energy flood through you.

Uri Geller




Maximum Success in the Millennium

whatnextpic1You have the whole of the next thousand years to achieve your ambitions. Start with energy and enthusiasm, setting yourself FIVE goals which you can achieve this year – or even this month, says Uri Geller

You can use the energies and talents latent in yourself to bring your life maximum success in the new millennium and the next century. Here are the simple and straightforward techniques that have enabled Uri Geller to become world famous.


As Uri says, crystals are not New Age mumbo-jumbo, but powerful generators of energy that are useful tools in ulitilizng and generatinh energy.
As Uri says, crystals are not New Age mumbo-jumbo, but powerful generators of energy that are useful tools in ulitilizng and generatinh energy.

Stress smothers your intuition, dampens your creativity and even invades your dreams. If you’re fighting back with alcohol or over-eating, your body simply faces extre abuse. To turn your life around, you have to be able to relax. But don’t get stressed about it – relaxation is the best feeling in the world.

Here is an easy exercise to achieve relaxation in a hurry. Let your head droop, so your chin ests on your chest. Take a long, deep breath, an as you inhale raise your head. When your lungs are filled to bursting, you will be looking straight ahead. Now breathe out, expelling every scrap of air, and keep on raising your face. When your lungs are empty you will be facing the sky. You can have your eyes open or shut. Drop your chin to your chest again and repeat the exercise eight times.

Allowing seven or eight seconds for each cycle, you’ll achieve real relaxation in a minute.

Teach your Body Telepathy

The first step to reading minds is learning to sense someone’s physical presence.

Close your eyes, hold out your palm and ask your partner to trace a square, a cross or a circle with their fingertip, half an inch from your open hand. Focus on what you feel in your palm. A tingle, warm and electric, will begin in the sensitive skin. The tingle will quickly take shape… as a square, a cross or a circle.

As you become more experienced, try to sense the shape when your partner is just thinking about it, instead of tracing it. And if your partner is also your lover, this game can really become fun – take off your clothes, close your eyes and sense where the shape is being tra on your body.

Naked telepathy – now that could make a great tv game show!

Tune In To Crystals

Crystals are energy amplifiers. This is not New Age mumbo-jumbo – take a look in your computer, your mobile phone, your watch and you’ll see vibrating crystals. They store energy, they boost it, they direct its, flow. Crystals are the batteries of the earth. For more on crystals see page 44.

When you first plug into power, rock quartz is a great choice – clear and beautiful, also plentiful. To meditate with a crystal, cup it in your hand and gaze on its facets until it is only thing in your mind. Hold a crystal to your heart and visualise your capacity for love as it grows two, three, 10 times greater. Move a crystal over a part of the body, such as a strain muscle, and picture the pain pouring into the crystal and spraying into the atmosphere as fragments of light.

When negative energy is expelled by your crystal, visualise how it will be purified in the atmosphere and come down as a blessing with the rain. When you buy your crystal, or choose a gift, trust your instincts. Every stone has been around a long time been handled by a lot of people. Get one that makes you feel good.

Start Dowsing

If you are in touch with the bounty of the earth and learn to appreciate it, then it will in turn work for you.

Take 24 inches of cotton and thread onto a key. Knot the cotton. Now you have a pendulum – a very sensitive dowsing tool. Seat yourself comfortably. Hold up one hand to chin height.

Keep 3 fingers together and loop the cotton over your first two fingers. Adjust the length until the key hangs before your stomach. Ask the pendulum simple questions out loud but start by asking it to “Show me Yes” is a good point to begin. Relax and do not try to swing the pendulum – don’t concentrate on keeping your arm rigid either. Watch they key, not your fingers. The pendulum will start to swing. If it joosn’t happen immediately don’t eorry. Unless you are willing the experiment to fail, the key will soon start to move.

When the pendulum is moving, you will feel alert, focused relaxed. Your brainwaves will have settled into the optimal alpha pattern, where thoughts are clear and the mind is uncluttered.

Observe how the pendulum swings for Yes – usually, it will describe a circle. Ask it to show No – does it reverse the circle or switch to swinging back and forth ? Questions must be posed so they can be answered Yes or No.

Uri's home is full of light and positive energy which comes from the many crystals he has surrounding him. He uses them as amulets and positive directors of energy
Uri’s home is full of light and positive energy which comes from the many crystals he has surrounding him. He uses them as amulets and positive directors of energy

if the pendulum doesn’t know an answer it will usually stop swinging, and simply tremble. Ask ‘Is my name Jack? Am I a horse, Are you a crystal pendulum ?’

Many first-time dowsers are alarmed and shocked when the pendulum seems to acquire life and intelligence. Don’t be concerned. You are not summoning spirits or meddling in the occult – you are simply tapping into a natural human ability which is as normal as sight or hearing. This is dowsing. Don’t start asking about your future or the afterlife if the answers might unsettle you. Most dowsers find the best questions ate the banal ones such as ‘is now a good time to ring Auntie Mary? Did I leave my wallet in my coat?” Try dowsing for lost objects. Without leaving your chair, ask ‘Is my missing brooch in this house? In the kitchen? On a shelf?’ and so on.

Attract Wealth

What your body does for you can only be as good as the fuel you give it. So make sure you, like Uri, have a good diet with as many live, energizing, raw foods as possible.
What your body does for you can only be as good as the fuel you give it. So make sure you, like Uri, have a good diet with as many live, energizing, raw foods as possible.

All thoughts are prayers. Every daydream, every fantasy, every worry creates a world in your mind which is controlled by thought-power. If you think of holidays under a hot sun, you are gently praying for pleasure. If you imagine yorself beside a rural brook, you arepraying for peace. But if you worry about the bills, and visualise bailiffs and bankruptcy, you are praying for failure.

When money is tight, pray for success. Daydream about having money, enjoying security, feeling affluent. Start regarding yourself as a successful person, a money-maker. Banish ideas of disaster from your mind, and act like a winner. The effect can be instant – when you behave like a winner, people begin treating you that way. Answer your own prayers, and enjoy your success.

NEVER FORGET you can be a winner too if you use these special tips to the secrets of Uri Geller’s success which have come ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ – so to speak!



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