By Andrew Michrowski

This is an account of the personal life of Andrija Puharich. It is a compassionate and frank chronicle of a “keeper of the fires of learning.” consistent with the evidence. We can be grateful that the authoress is perceptive and that Andrija was meticulous in his record keeping.

Andrija was an independent agent working in the field of science, essentially self-financed. His situation fostered a freedom of spirit and an attitude (coupled with high standards) that made him a “maverick.”

He appeared irreparably “unruly” when compared to those run-of-the-mill, “paid-off’, slaving colleagues he laughingly brushed off as “robotniks.” His hard-won freedom generated and nurtured a conscientiously self-developed pro-humanity, pro-planetary environment political posture. His politics were unshackled, free from the contemporary technocratic policies based on institutional convenience or rationale. It was a most natural thing for him, when he felt it necessary, to go straight to a world leader with the facts as he knew them. With the same esprit, he could undergo no end of physical misery in inhospitable human or natural environments just to get to the gist of a scientific question. The goal was the same: help others to the greatest extent possible.

Andrija’s – life was creative. The unending quest for answers sprouted novel thrusts in many supposedly unrelated frontiers, ranging from his core capabilities in medical arts and physics to breathtaking opportunities and vistas in biology, botany, electro-chemistry, parapsychology, astrophysical sciences, electrical and electronic engineering, and sub-atomic physics.

This febrile work has led to traceable progress by dozens of experts who were inspired by his warm, unselfish encouragement and patient explanation that is enriching the lives of hundreds of millions worldwide, from the hearing-impaired, the environmentally-sensitive to users of advanced high-gain electronic equipment. Unsatisfied with his gifts, he persisted in trying to ensure an abundance of clean, inexpensive energy for everyone, breakthroughs in health-for-everyone and devoted intensive personal efforts to enhance political peace in trouble spots. None of this helped to make friends. The focused goodwork brought upheavals in his personal and family life.

He only appeared to “break the rules” by being able to be ahead of the mainstream. Those who knew his research knew how rigorously careful and well equipped he was in experimental design and execution, spearheading paths for dozens of other researchers to follow. Among his unknown achievements are:

  • A comprehensive theory of the state of well-being based on a central frequency of near -8Hz for the homeostatic control of cell division;
  • Scope for further research with dolphins involving novel electromagnetic mechanisms (including scalars) – followed up by top researchers worldwide;
  • An advanced theory of subatomc physics;
  • Reversal of tumors with superoxide anions and ozone;
  • Discovery that human blood contains magnetite which can carry magnetic properties throughout the body;
  • Novel hydrolysis system which allows the use of water-as-fuel.

Andrija risked derision and “excommunication” from academic, professional and scientific peers in order to uncover, peel away and secure for the sake of all of us some new aspect of scientific and repeatable evidence. Perhaps too often he appears to thread where even “angels” would not dare! Andrija faced the consequences: vengeance from capricious intelligence communities of several countries and from paragovernmental conspiracies.

Here is the story that needs to be told of a man who helped bring to us a better future, with love.

The sticks and stones that mark the mind

The heart to heart that tries to bind

The soul to life on earth.

None of this seems to work for me

As I look beyond what the eye can see.


February 16, 1974

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