Geller gets vibes going for England game

06 June, 2002 10:57 BSTrut

LONDON (Reuters) – Spoonbender Uri Geller is planning to send positive vibes over the airwaves to the England soccer team to boost them on the eve of their World Cup match against fancied Argentina.

The world-famous psychic will be broadcasting a last-minute prayer session on Cyprus’s Radio Napa, a domestic radio station at a clubbing resort particularly favoured by young Britons.

He hopes the signals will wing their way across the Middle East and Asia to inspire the squad 30 minutes before kickoff at 1130 GMT on Friday.

“Listeners are supposed to touch the radio as Uri talks and say ‘Win, England win’ and channel all that positive energy to Japan,” Napa presenter Nathan Morley told Reuters.

Geller, an Israeli famed for bending spoons apparently by willpower alone, said on Thursday that all people were connected by “an invisible spiritual thread”.

“I am being interviewed all the time by newspapers, radio stations and television asking me to unite England, to send positive vibrations to the English team, because the 1-1 draw (against Sweden) was not satisfactory,” he told Reuters.

England need all the help they can get. Argentina are among the favourites to lift the World Cup and have proved England’s undoing more than once.

At the last World Cup in France in 1998, David Beckham was sent off for kicking Diego Simeone and England were beaten in a penalty shoot-out.


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