Handcuff key bends and breaks

Gothenburg the 18th February, 1974
Hello Uri.

cuffs3Through the Swedish newspapers we have had the possibility to follow your appearances in the different countries. We got the opinion that they receive you with the same great wonder and admiration as it has been here in Sweden. Attached herewith we’re sending you articles from the newspaper “Expresser” dated 15th Jan. 1974. The reporter who has been interviewing you at the hotel writes that he aimed to prove that you were a nut but he finally was convinced that you are a holder of an unexplainable intern power. We are even sending you an article from a magazine. It’s Karin and Ake Falk who are telling about their meeting with you.

Furthermore we want to tell you about the strange thing which happened short after your departure from Gothenburg. As you may recall you borrowed our handcuffs on our way to the airport. You looked at them and then cuffs2gave them back to us undamaged with the key hanging on its ring. We placed the handcuffs with the key in its place in the car and put a lock over it. A couple of hours later when we returned to the police headquarters we found the key broken into pieces laying on the floor in front of the front seat of the car. The handcuffs were still on their place. We cannot find any explanation concerning the removal of the key from the drawer-box to the floor. Can you? It is not a question of the key, we have got a new one and we saved the broken one at the headquarters as a souvenir to remember you. We have taken a picture of the key and we are sending you a few of them.

The reason why our letter is a little bit late is that we waited to look at your TV-program. We hope you will excuse us for that. We are sending even the articles from the newspapers comments about your recent program. We hope you can find someone who can translate the articles for you. Your program was a great success. The Swedish Radio and TV got more than 7,000 telephone calls from the Swedish people. Peoples who had their spoons and forks bent and so on.

Finally we want to tell you that you are very welcome back to Sweden and we hope that you will be kind enough to get in touch with us.cuffs1


Sven, Allan, Anders and Roland
Mr Roland Satradphl, Goteborgs Polisdistrict,
Box 429, Rum 6104, S-40126, Goteborg 1


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