Health – Mind-bending Medicine – East Anglican Daily Times – November 20, 1999

East Anglican Daily Times

November 20, 1999

Health – Mind-bending Medicine

By Hannah Stephenson

He made his name as a celebrity spoon-bender and psychic in the 1970s, but Uri Geller has cast aside his metal-twisting powers in favour of a more useful pursuit – healing.

During his lifetime, Israeli-bom Geller, 53, has made millions using his psychic powers not only to entertain the masses, but to detect oil and precious metals and help such organisations as the FBI and the CIA wipe KGB computer files and track serial killers.

But for some time he has been keen to use his ‘Mindpower’ to, help the sick and stresses that he has given away a lot of his wealth and is in the process of selling his £5.5 million Thames-side mansion in Sonning, Berkshire, where he lives with his wife Hanna, teenage children Daniel and Natalie, and five dogs. His latest plan is to move to a more modest, solar-powered revolving house.

A lot of the royalties from his many books have gone to children’s hospitals and Geller is honorary vice-president of the Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol and the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

During his curious career, Geller claims to have helped many sick people use their own Mindpower to defeat illnesses that have baffled and beaten conventional medicine. He believes it is literally mind over matter.

He has seen the sick suffering from every ailment from war injuries to brain tumours and leukaemia and reckons to have an 80% success rate, although he stresses that conventional medicine is extremely important and remains the number one method of curing illness. When he visits the sick he tells them that for Mindpower to start working, they have to erase any feelings of scepticism they may have and tell themselves that they can heal themselves.

“I teach children how to visualise their cancer and draw it on a piece of paper, then every morning take a marker pen and scribble frantically through the drawmg and tell themselves they are killing the cancer.

“To my amazement, many children have got well. I’m not a miracle worker or some kind of prophet with healing powers, but what I can do is simply sit by their beds and talk to them – and the results are astounding. “We are naturally all programmed to heal ourselves. Parallel to that, there must be certain forces that you can’t measure scientifically today that we have that work positively for us. Those are the powers that I teach people how to trigger.”

In his latest book, Mind Medicine, he claims that we all have the power to heal ourselves and offers tips on how to trigger the willpower and determination to do it. “You don’t have to be Uri Geller to make it work – anyone has the power. We all have some type of domiant energy within our brain,” he insists.

“It’s not a pill that I can give you that you can swallow and suddenly you have spirituality and peace of mind’

The most common cause of illness today is stress, Geller believes.

It brings on cancer, heart-disease, anxiety and panic attacks and unfortunately most people out there are struggling because there’s no money, they don’t like their jobs, they have bad relationships, their children are away and they are lonely. It’s all stress. “Then comes pollution, then comes the mystery of our body and why some people cope with illnesses better than others.”

Mind Medicine, by Uri Geller with Lulu Appleton, is published by Element, priced £20.



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