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1 The Physical Aspects of Higher Consciousness

What should be the characteristics of one who has attained to a higher state of consciousness?

What about physical demonstrations, such as slowing one’s heart or breathing?

If there is an evolutionary process at work in the body, how can it be located and understood?

Can kundalini be demonstrated for scientists?

What is meant by such terms as Cosmic Consciousness, Superconsciousness?

Can there be empirical confirmation of the state of Cosmic Consciousness?

2 The Nature of Mystical Experience

What are the essential characteristics of the mystical experience and how do they differ from experiences brought on by drugs?

Why is there such a diversity of religious belief and such conflict about the real meaning of religious experience?

What is the most effective way to induce altered states of consciousness?

How can we distinguish the delusive states of mind from the higher states brought about by kundalini?

3 Religion and Evolution

Do you believe in God?

Why does not mystical experience represent union with God or the Creator?

Can a Guru raise the kundalini in one of his chosen disciples?

Is it advantageous to have many different faiths, each catering to the different mental aptitudes of their adherents?

Would scientific investigation into kundalini clear up the confusion about basic issues of faith?

Are visions of prophets, Gurus, superhuman beings all part and parcel of Superconsciousness?

Are high states of consciousness always accompanied by visions and hallucinations?

Why do your views depart somewhat from those expressed by the greatest spiritual teachers of the past?

Are the many spiritual cults and creeds and different systems of spiritual discipline a help or a hindrance on the path?

Do Russia and China provide examples of the success of a materialistic ideology?

What happens when the laws of kundalini are not understood and are ignored?

4 Yoga and Higher Consciousness

Why is there a general impression that there are secret methods by which one can attain to higher states of consciousness?

What is your opinion about mantras?

Will anyone who undertakes to follow the various disciplines of Yoga attain to expanded states of consciousness?

Do Enlightened beings also obtain physical and mental health, inner peace and happiness?

What is the harm if some spiritual teachers prescribe methods to achieve mental peace, creativeness, and other tangible benefits?

Why is it so important that one understand the true spiritual destination before embarking on a program of self-unfoldment?

What is your opinion about saintliness? Do saints serve as an ornament to society?

Why are there so many different esoteric practices, such as Jnana-, Karma-, Raja-, Hatha-Yoga, and so forth?

Is it practicable to prescribe one uniform discipline for all aspirants to higher states of consciousness?

5 The Problem of Miracles and the Paranormal

Why do people associate miraculous powers and paranormal faculties with Enlightenment?

What about the extraordinary psychic exhibitions of mediums, sensitives, occultists, and others?

Why are so many people attracted to miracles and magical formulas?

How can we distinguish the Enlightened individual from the average run of mortals?

If ordinary sensitives and mediums can display extraordinary psychic powers, why can’t the Enlightened individual do the same?

What about the research into psychic phenomena?

Why hasn’t the scientific community begun investigating kundalini?

When will the concept of kundalini be accepted by scientists and scholars?

6 Science and Kundalini

How can investigation into Kundalini lead to an understanding of mystical experience and genius?

What is the difference between the altered states of consciousness experienced through drugs and the genuine mystical state?

What will be the effect of the investigation into kundalini on modern science?

Is the spontaneous awakening of kundalini a danger to a person who has no knowledge of the phenomenon?

Despite its enormous achievements, hasn’t science become destructive?

How can present-day irrational beliefs and practices in the spiritual realm be eradicated?

Since so many educated individuals have divergent views concerning the facts of science, how can they be expected to hold the same views in regard to man’s evolutionary goals?

7 Kundalini in the Evolution of Mankind

How would kundalini affect the present social and political structure of mankind?

Is kundalini as important as other vital parts of the human body, such as the heart, liver, lungs?

Is our knowledge of ourselves the least bit accurate?

Were the prophets and sages of the past simply biologically gifted in a way that made their achievements possible?

Does the inner Self possess the power to materialize itself in the form of apparitions or lifelike visions?

What is the final target of the evolutionary processes in man?

What is your view about the future of mankind?

How can the average person achieve higher consciousness and help in the evolution of the race? The possibilities implicit in kundalini.


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