How to Stop Smoking!

Uri Geller Smoking. How Stop Smoking.

Hi my friends!

Yes! That’s stupid me doing a cigarette ad in my early twenties. Although I did not smoke, I did the photo shoot for the money and I do feel ashamed for doing it.


Many smokers have no idea of the damage that cigarettes cause to their bodies. Are you the same?

You might read alarming articles in newspapers and see tv ads, but after feeling worried for a while you tell yourself to dismiss the stories, or try to think of someone you know who has smoked all their lives and doesn’t show any ill effects.It’s easy to give yourself excuses for not stopping.

Well I have never smoked but I have helped thousands of smokers to beat the dangerous and awful habit, and in my experience the best way to do that is to show them the evidence of what cigarettes do to our bodies. I have stopped tens of thousands with my TV demonstrations showing them what happens to a white handkerchief when I blow ONE puff of smoke into it, visible brown patch of nicotine and tar is seen on the White cloth.

Beside the negative health effects on your own body smoking causes think about the effects your cigarette smoke has on the people around you! By now its well established that passive smoke is dangerous. Whether you like it or not I believe that smokers are losers. 

Here are some tips for stopping smoking:

  1. Blow forcefully your cigarette smoke into a clean white handkerchief and tell yourself that your lungs are coated with that tar and nicotine. You will actually be shocked by the dark patch you will see and this is just from one blow!!
  2. Throw away any cigarettes you have lying around the house.
  3.  I WILL STOP SMOKING TODAY!! Repeat your mantra several times a day, speak it out loud!
  4. Tell yourself that you want to be a winner not a loser.
  5. Sniff an ashtray full of cigarette butts. Ask yourself if you want your breath, hair and cloths to smell like that any longer.
  6. Realise that you are harming your loved one’s health, particularly your children, by smoking around them.
  7. Visualise yourself no longer wanting to smoke. Imagine refusing a cigarette when one is offered to you. Practice this everyday, especially before you go to a party or a pub where you know you will be tempted.
  8. Visualise how healthy and energetic you will feel when your body has rid itself of the toxins and nicotine introduced by smoking. Please share my message to anyone you know who smokes or to educators that could spread this message.

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