In Norway 4 decades Later – and this time no black-outs!

I am in Lillestrøm, Norway this weekend, to give a lecture at Alternativ Messen Lillestrom, the largest alternative fair in Europe, and also to give an interview on the “late night with Thomas and Harald” talk show.

At the beginning of my trip, I received an email from a Norwegian television executive Lasse Espelid with whom I worked back in 1974 when I spent some time in Norway, and many other parts of the world, displaying my abilities which were at the time new to the world,  extremely controversial and very much in demand globally.

If you have been a reader of my website for some time, or if you have read any of my books (many which you can read free on my website, here ) , you will be aware of some of the incredible and often bizarre events & happenings that I have experienced, and that people around me such as friends, family & those I have worked with have also experienced.

If you’re new to my website & my articles, then here is an example for you of just one of the many weird & amazing things that have occurred to me, as told by a person I worked with for a few days in Norway 36 years previously.

Here is the email I received from Lasse:

“Hello Uri !

I worked for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. ( NRK ), and we invited you to our special evening

talkshow “Kveldsforum” in 1974. The appearance was a huge success in all respects, and lots of awkward things happened.


Uri with Lasse Espelid in 1974.


On behalf of NRK, I was your personal host and liaison for 4 days while you were here. You visited in the month of February.

The most spectacular event, apart from your meeting with the Minister of Defense, happened on a late afternoon: We were four people in a room at The Continental Hotel: You, myself and two well known TV-personalities whom I worked with: Frantz Saksvik and Frank Dehli. You were about to tell about experiences that you had had, and said: I once think I caused a “closed circuit”. As you said these words you put a finger on each hand together, in a type of “cross”. That same instant came a “bang”.

All went dark: the hotel, the streets, the National Theater across the street. We checked this strange incident with the electricity works of Oslo. They said: Unexplainable power failure, that cut one fourth of the electricity supply in Oslo – for totally unexplainable reasons. It was absolutely a major power failure, that had never happened before.

This story was reported in one of our leading Magazines, and I may have a copy of that ( or I can get hold of it from the Magazine which is still up and running.

I can certainly tell other strange stories as well. We  had a very good time, and also had some private gatherings, where things happened. The people involved are still around, and I am in touch with them.

Best regards,

Lasse Espelid”


It always astounds me when I hear stories like this from almost 40 years ago, and I can understand how implausible events like this sound, they sound absurd and farfetched to me also, even though I know these things happened.

I’ve not been responsible for any black-out’s during this visit to Norway as far as I am aware.


In Norway in 1974, when I met Lasse. Check out my shirt!


One thing Norway is known for, is extremely cold weather & snow. It’s been between around minus 3C to minus 12C while we have been here and is set to drop to minus 25C! So I came well equipped for hiking, with my Uggs!




White Norway. I’m glad I’m wearing my Uggs!



Trade Fair in  Oslo where I will be lecturing



This place is Mammoth! The indoor halls are over 39,000 square metres, and the outside exhibition area is over 30 acres!



Harald and Thomas, nice guys. I’m on their talk show later.



Gro Hammerseng Norway’s famous handball Olympic champion



Sturla Berg Johansen famous Norwegian comedian.


Norway is such a beautiful country the people are great friendly and warm I love it here though I miss the sun



Its so flattering that after 40 years in my field I still get to be on front covers of magazines!


Terje and son Troll Toftenes film makers, creating an amazing documentary called THE CONCEPT soon to be released!



Jan Crosby the most famous magician of Norway


Another cold night in Olso


Full House over 1500 people turned up and they were amazing, fantastic atmosphere. The kids were brilliant.



During my 2 hour long lecture – without a single break. Great audience!


So it’s the end of the trip – I have refrained from causing any black outs, but hopefully I have made an impression on the 1500 people who attended my lecture, and the people who watched my interview on the Thomas & Harald talk show, and from the emails that have already started coming in thick and fast, I’m happy to say that it seems I have.  And who knows – in another 36 years from now, perhaps I will be writing another article about how I’ve received a letter from someone at the lecture in Norway back in 2010.


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