An incredible prediction by Uri Geller: Brazil to win the world cup!

An astonishing and incredible prediction by Uri Geller:

On 15th April 2002 Uri managed to sneak into the Yokohama Stadium and buried 3 small crystals which originate from Brazil.

One crystal was actually inserted into the turf half an inch behind the touchline. Uri placed these crystals in order tobrazil amplify his accuracy at predicting the outcome of the World Cup. He then walked out of the stadium to the countdown clock which showed 75 days to go until the final match. All this was filmed. He then looked into the camera and said that Brazil will win the World Cup. Please view this astonishing footage by clicking below. The footage was handed over to Reuters who distributed it to 900 TV stations worldwide and CNN televised the prediction to hundreds of millions of people.

On the day of the Final (30th June 2002) Uri’s gigantic crystal from Brazil was featured in the News of the World (read by 11 million). The article is self-explanatory and once again his attempts at empowerment succeeded. Please read the story. Indeed, Ronaldo scored the goals, as Uri wished to happen.

To view the video of Uri’s prediction and visit to the famous station click below: –

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