Join Uri and help England trounce Tunisia

June 14th 1998



Join Uri and help England trounce Tunisia

At 1.25 pm tomorrow, place your hand on Uri’s palm and help England SCORE

By Geoff sweet

PUT your hand on Uri Geller’s palm and help England win the World Cup.

wcup2Together millions of News of the World readers can create the force field of a lifetime simply by willing Glenn Hoddle and the boys to victory.

Keep this picture and follow the mystic maestro’s instructions carefully as England go for glory in tomorrow’s opening match against Tunisia in Marseille.

At 1.25pm, five minutes before kick-off, place your palm on the Uri’s cross of St George to rev up the team for the best 90 minutes of their lives.

“Help England win the World Cup,” he says.

“Use me as the starter, the man to ignite everyone’s psychic energy, and we can send our power surge to France faster than the speed of light,” he promises.

“Lay your hand on mine and concentrate for a full minute on the match to come. Shut your eyes, build up your own force field and visualise Alan Shearer scoring a goal.

“The surge of energy will be much stronger if we all do it together.”wcup1

“But still concentrate during the game itself. Be positive and assertive.”

The world famous spoon-bender even suggests a little prayer.

“We can’t expect God to blow the ball in the net, but we can pray for a good performance,” he says.

“Such massive support can only be beneficial. Never under estimate the power of positive thought. The players are the most important people, but we are all united behind them and are an added bonus. An extra force field willing them to succeed.”

Uri remarkably spread his magic across the nation two years ago during Euro 96.

First he took to the skies in a News of the World helicopter and was an influential force behind Shearer scoring for England against the Scots. The paranormal mystic held England memorabilia, including George Cohen’s 1966 World Cup cap, out of the window as he flew over Wembley and as he clung on to the prized memento he uttered the words: “Score, score, score.”

Amazingly, a minute later, the pilot turned around excitedly to report that Shearer had, in fact, found the net for England – another victory for Uri.

And Uri, an England fanatic, said: “It can happen again in France.”

“With injury troubles in the build-up and the Gazza question still hovering, England need all the help they can get.”

“There is bound to be a surprise team, perhaps Nigeria this time, so anything all the fans can combine with to urge on England can only be beneficial.”

“Starting with the first game tomorrow let’s send all our power, energy and good luck to England. We are all passionate about them winning. And I say: Be cool, be focused, be powerful, be assertive and don’t be afraid to score. Go for it. Score, score, score.”

wcup3So remember. As the teams line up for the kick-off, pick up your picture of Uri and think of England. Go for it!


  • Uri Geller’s Little Book of Mindpower (Robson Books, £2.50) reveals the hidden strengths each of us possesses and is in the shops this week.



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