Keep Cruelty History

By Yvonne Swann

Mystifyer, writer and designer, Uri Geller, 63, famous for his spoon-bending, lives in Berkshire with his wife, Hanna. They have two grown-up children – Daniel, a criminal lawyer, and Natalie, an actress – who live in California.

I have a very strong belief that animal cruelty is wrong. Which is why I have been vegetarian now for over 30 years. So, when League Against Cruel Sports asked me to get involved along with other entertainers & TV presenters, to help highlight their “Keep Cruelty History” campaign, I was only too pleased to help.

I have to admit though, I was not quite prepared for just how deepy shocking & disturbing the footage was that myself and the other volunteers were agreeing to sit through!

It made me feel sick,  disgusted, disturbed – and very angry! So much so that I had to tell the producers to stop the video!


Click the video to watch – but be warned, there are sights & audio which you may find disturbing.

My comments when watching this footage, were :

“Absolutely horrible….





Don’t they know that these animals feal pain, anxiety, fear….”

That’s all I got to – it was to much for me, I could watch no more.

I have witnessed death, I have fought in a war, so I am not a person who has never experienced horror – so if this had such a profound influence on me, someone who has been in the thick of the horrors of war – then, what does this say about the kind of people who enjoy this so called sport?

I am at a loss when I try to understand the mentality of someone who enjoys to inflict such cruelty to a living & breathing animal, it is evil, barbaric, as far as I am concerned it should certainly remain banned – but more than that, as far as I am concerned no sane human being should enjoy such a disgusting activity. 

Click to see the reactions of Bill Oddy, Gemma Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tamara Ecclestone, Colin Baker, Peter Tatchell, Annette Crosbie and myself, shocked by  this horrifying footage of fox, stag and hare hunting

As you know, the hunting act means that these blood-sports are banned – so we can put this barbaric activity behind us as one of the evil & horrible parts of our past, along with public hangings and other terrible things that most of the population can hardly believe was once a common activity.

However some people are trying their very best to over-turn the ban, including some politicians, who for some strange reason want to keep this blood-sport going!

So look, if you like me agree that treating living animals in such a despicable way, is wrong & should be stoped…

If you agree that defenseless animals cannot protect themselves against mobs of humans & dogs, and that  it is up to us human beings who do posess humanity & respect for other life, to protect them….

If you believe as I do and as many others do, that we should keep such cruelty history, then please – join us in helping to keep “sports” like this something that people will read about in the history books in years to come, and say “people really used to do that??” !

To help, go to and register your support.



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