Lamb Island

Back in 2008,  Uri Geller became the owner of the mysterious Lamb Island, a small volcanic island in the Firth of Forth, north of Edinburgh. 

The Lamb, or “Lamb Island” is a rocky outcrop with some amazing connections which fascinate Uri, including links to the pyramids, to King Arthur, King Robert the Bruce and to the ancient Kings of Ireland. 

The Lamb is included in the fifteenth century manuscript called the Scotichronichon, by the Abbot of Inchcolm, Walter Bower, who claimed that the Scottish people were descendants of the ancient Egyptians, their ancestry tracing back to Tutankhamen’s half-sister, Scota, or Scotia – who, legend has it, visited the lamb, and may have even buried treasure there!

For more on this story see Scota: Mother of Scotland and Daughter of a Pharaoh

Updates about The Lamb

The Sacred Alignment; North Berwick Law and the 4 Volcanic Islands of Doggerland

By Shosei Roy Mulholland.

Yesterday I went to the Coast Community museum and came across a fascinating chart with the underwater contours of the mouth of the Forth. It demonstrated that all the 4 islands lying off North Berwick; Fidra, Lamb, Craigleith and Bass Rock plus North Berwick Law (on land) are volcanic, extrusions made of hard igneous magma rocks. They have their own personalities with Craigleith, opposite North berwick, being a laccolith, a mushroom shaped lava dome made of essexite. The smooth stone is ideal for making curling stones.

Bass Rock island and Berwick Law, a cone shaped hill overlooking North Berwick, are volcanic plugs made of phonolite. When struck with a hammer they ring metallically which is why they are called ‘sounding stones’. One imagines winter storm waves crashing onto Bass Rock and tolling the Bass Rock like a bell. I wonder if whales can hear it being rung?

Whereas three islands have volcanic roots like teeth, Fidra is joined at the hip to Lamb island by a sheet of basalt rock called a sill.

The dyke intrusion of Yellow Craig Rock juts up like ship’s keel from the beach and the nearby Parten Craig is a green-grey layer cake composed of volcanic ash.

The 3 islands that we see from the shore are sea stacks. They arise from the sea floor with vertical sides like skyscrapers. There is another volcanic island 5 miles out to sea called May which might be described as the tail to a weather vane. It is an island of seals and seagulls. It is said to have been used by the Maeatae as a royal burial site.

At one time this was a landscape – before it was drowned by Lake Agassiz in 6,400BC emptying 163 trillion gallons in a tsunami that drowned Doggerland and created the English Channel and broke through the Bosphorus Sill creating the Black Sea. Can you imagine walking through Doggerland by East Lothian with these towering edifices like the Butes and canyons of the U.S.A? The tribesmen of ancient Doggerland would see these rocks from far, far away over the low rolling hills of Doggerland which is now covered by the North Sea. What a wild, exotic and powerful landscape. The layers of magma could cause strong magnetic orientations and anomalies. It is an ancient Sacred Place with 3 Sacred Hills (volcanic plugs) on an East West alignment from Cairnpapple through Arthur’s Seat to Troprain Law, forming a diamond shape in line with the equinoxes. Rosslyn Chapel, the Church of the Templars, is on this line. There is also the North/South Rose line which also runs through Rosslyn chapel This area has strong links to King Arthur Pendragon and his deputy King Loth who became King of Norway and the Vikings. The Pentagram of the 5 volcanic plugs at North Berwick would lay down energies as at a Masonic church or temple with double positives (possibly found on Lamb Island as implied in its name) and double negatives as might be found on Bass Island. The ancient rivalry between the Lion and the Unicorn is to be found here. The Covenanters were imprisoned on Bass Island. ‘In February 1638, a new National Covenant was drawn up and thousands crowded into Greyfriar’s Churchyard in Edinburgh to sign it. Later hundreds of Covenanters were to be imprisoned in Greyfriars. This document drew on an earlier “King’s Confession” in 1581, in which a covenant had been drawn up, to which both the king and the people swore to maintain the Presbyterian system of church government. While the new document swore loyalty to the monarch, it nevertheless firmly restated the direct relationship between the people and God, with no interference from the king Within months, over 300,000 people had “covenanted” in what a writer of the day described as “the glorious marriage day of the Kingdom [of Scotland] with God”. Within years the last Covenanter was executed. To sum up there are powerful polarized energies to be found in North Berwick. The volcanoes might be dormant but the underlying energy is still vibrant and creative. The soil is rich and the crops are abundant and fertile. It would seem that the energy of North Berwick is awakening. It may be that we can tap into the Lung Mei, dragon paths, telluric energies, to re-enchant and to reconnect with those energies that have been anciently hinted at.


Sick Children’s Skeletons Unearthed on Holy Healing Isle

Sick Childrens Skeletons Unearthed.


The lost history of a sacred Scottish “healing island” has revealed its holy secrets in the skeletal dna of sick children, archaeologists in Edinburgh have announced.

This string of majestical islands in Scotland’s Firth of Forth have been in habited since the Bronze Age and have a rich tradition of “healing,” incorporating “plague-carrying bodies” on Inchkeith. But now, the Benedictine monastery on the Isle of May has been explored by archaeologist Marlo Willows of the University of Edinburgh, who “discovered syphilitic children suggesting the island was a medieval center of medicine and healing,” according to an article in the Herald.

The new findings suggest people sailed here from all over Scotland “seeking wisdom from the monks who called it home and also the hope of divine intervention – either in this life or the next” said the archaeologist. For over a millennium, the monastery on the Isle of May was associated with an early Christian evangelist “Ethernan,” who was believed to have been buried there “while ministering to the Picts who once called Fife their home,” said Willows.

Click Here to read the full article.

UFO’s Spotted Over Lamb Island!


Something unidentified, flying over Lamb at breakneck speeds!



Sperm Whales Visit The Lamb!

sperm whales lamb
Image: BBC News

The largest group of whales thought to have been seen travelling together in or near the Firth of Forth has been recorded from the air.

The pod of 14 sperm whales was seen on Thursday heading from the island of Fidra to the Lamb, just a mile offshore at North Berwick in East Lothian.

The whales then changed direction, heading towards Crail in Fife.

They were reported to the Scottish Seabird Centre by microlight pilots who saw them from a height of 500ft.

The whales were also spotted by Scottish Natural Heritage staff and other researchers on the Isle of May who were able to identify the whales’ tail flukes, dorsal fins and plumes of spray.

Erich Hoyt, North Berwick-based marine conservationist and author, said: “Sperm whales are rarely seen in the Firth of Forth, and to see 14 of them travelling together is very special.

“The previous close sighting of sperm whales in North Berwick was exactly 10 years ago this month when a large sperm whale landed on the beach at Canty Bay, but this is certainly the largest group of living whales we’ve seen travelling together in or near the Firth of Forth.

“Sperm whales are usually residents of deeper waters off the north and west of Scotland where they hunt squid.”

Click Here to read the full article.


Uri Geller wants to excavate an entire Scottish island in search of Egyptian treasure

Uri Geller The Lamb

Uri Geller wants to excavate a Scottish island in search of treasure which he says was buried by an exiled Egyptian princess.

The illusionist and psychic is planning an archeological dig in the uninhabited Lamb Island, in the Firth of Forth, off Scotland’s southeast coast. Geller, 70, bought the land for £30,000 in 2009.

He says he has felt the presence of metal, diamonds, sapphires and gold in the southern part of the island, which he claims was once visited by the ancient Egyptians.

Geller says he has “absolutely no doubt” he will find treasure there, hidden by Scota, the half-sister of pharaoh Tutankhamen 3,500 years ago, and he plans to locate it by divining.

The TV star said: “There are things there that I know are precious and are priceless. When I was on the island, I felt it.

“Obviously, I will not keep what I find – I’ll donate it to the Scottish museums. It will shatter the idea of Scottish historians that the Egyptians never came to Scotland.”

Geller has only been on the island once, camping overnight in March 2010 and exploring the terrain with divining rods.

The magician says that Lamb, which is just 100 by 50 yards, is one of the most significant sites in the UK, with links to King Arthur, Robert the Bruce and ancient kings of Ireland.

Along with neighbouring Craigleith and Fidra, Lamb forms a chain of three small islands off the southeast coast of Scotland which are said to mirror the layout of the pyramids at Giza, in Egypt.

Click Here to read the full article.


I’m going to live on my island…..

Saturday 6th March, 2010 – I am heading off to North Berwick, Scotland, to my little island, the Lamb. It’s been described as one of the most dangerous places to try to land a boat, and one of the most uncomfortable places to sleep…I’m looking forward to it!

OK, it’s only for one day and one night – but I thought it would be ridiculous to buy an island, and then never set foot on it! So, this Saturday the 6th of March, I will be going to Lamb island, with Shipi, and “Island Man” Andy Strangeway, a UK Adventurer who’s ambition it is to spend a night on every island in the UK.

Shipi & I are leaving London at the crack of dawn, and heading towards North Berwick, where we will arrive some hours later in the early afternoon. We’re going to spend some time visiting the area, including a visit to the Scottish Seabird Centre. So if you are in the area, come and say hi!

We’re then going to jump on a boat, and go on a tour of the islands near to Lamb, including Bass Rock & Craigleith – before landing on Lamb, and treasure hunting!

The first thing I want to do, after having a good walk around the island, is to use my dowsing abilities to see if there is any truth to the ancient legend which points to exiled Egyptian princess Scota having hidden Egyptian treasure on the island. The archaeological myth & legend surround Lamb, are huge in comparison to the size of the tiny island, and I can’t wait to find out if there is any truth to it. I have helped countries to find their gold & oil deposits searching thousands of square miles of possible locations – so if there is treasure on my little Island – I will find it!

If I do find it – no, it will NOT be going on Ebay! It will be split jointly between the Museum Of Scotland and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Landing on the island is NOT going to be fun, I’m led to believe – nor is sleeping on it.

Some years ago, some brave souls decided to spend a night on the island, who reported that it is very dangerous & difficult to land on – and even more difficult to sleep on, with their being very little flat land to pitch tents & to sleep on. They recommend that anyone else wanting to sleep on the island, take some very comfy pillows with them – so I’m very thankful for their previous trip to the island & their useful tip!

Mentalist Drew McAdam who grew up playing on the beaches of North Berwick will help us by supplying thermal underwear and a soft inflatable mattress and some positive mental thoughts!

Lamb Island. My new home – well, for a day at least.

As well as checking out my little piece of ancient history, and searching for hidden Egyptian treasure – something else I will be keeping my eyes open for, is the airborne visitors that have often been sighted in this area. No, I’m not talking about the feathered kind…

North Berwick in Scotland, is a UFO hotspot! Photos :

North Berwick is a beautiful coastal town, on the East coast of Edinburgh, many people visit the area because of the natural beauty & fantastic coastal views – many also visit the area for a chance to spot UFO’s.

So, myself Shipi & Andy Strangeway the Island man, will be isolated on the island all night, in a known UFO hotspot, on what has been described to me as the most uncomfortable place to spend a night – with no way of leaving the island unless we fancy a very refreshing swim to the mainland…. but I’m still really looking forward to it!

Click here for more information about Lamb Island

Live Updates (in reverse order)

My web team are following our progress during the day, and will update this page with any interesting pictures & stories. So come back again shortly to see what’s happening – will we find the treasure, will we see any UFO’s, will we turn into blocks of ice later this evening??

The updates will make more sense if you scroll to the bottom and then work your way up the page.


Back in London!



My legs ache, my arms ache, my back aches, muscles are aching that I didn’t even know I had! Mainly this is from the effort we had to put into getting on to the Lamb & up to the summit, and back down again the next morning – with tents, sleeping bags, water….. In fact we had to make a human chain to get everything up to the top – and the same on the way down. Alas, we lost a crew member on the way down…. the cooler box!

There was no stopping it once it started cascading down the rocks towards the water, throwing it’s contents all over the place as it went. Don’t worry we didn’t cause any pollution, it was only food that we couldn’t retrieve. I’m sure the crabs will enjoy anything the seabirds don’t approve of. I think we were all just thankful it wasn’t one of us!

There were three factors that made this trip difficult.

1: Getting there. It’s known by some as “Suicide Island” due to the fact that it’s so difficult to land. We had a great skipper, who planned it around the tide so that we reached the island at the perfect tide height. It was still no fun landing, I dread to think what it would be like trying to land on the island without such an experienced skipper!

2: Getting to the summit. It’s a really steep & slippery journey up to the top, which would be hard enough without anything to carry – but even more difficult when you’ve got tents, sleeping bags & supplies to get on the island.

3: Camping & sleeping. From Google Earth the island looks like it has plenty of flat grass to pitch tents, but in reality there is very little level ground, and it’s full of potholes, made by the sea birds which call lamb island home. Also the grass is very long, sometimes up to your knees! Maybe next time we’ll bring a lawn mower!

However, I am not complaining – yes it was hard, it was freezing, it was uncomfortable – but I enjoyed every minute of it, and it was well worth all of the aches & pains that we’re now experiencing.

Here’s an idea for ITV – instead of filming the next I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, in the Australian bush – host it on Lamb island instead. They’ll be shouting “Get me out of here!!” before they’ve even reached the summit.

Everything about the Lamb is mesmerizing & mystical – even it’s very existence is a mystery! It materialized one day millions of years ago from an erupting underground volcano. Molten lava spewed up from the sea bed, cooled on the way up & formed Lamb island. This means that it would have been formed in a matter of a few hours. So the lamb island we know is just the tip of the iceberg, or the tip of the volcano. Then, over millions of years, the harsh winds have blown sand onto the island, which is created a bed on which grass could gow.

Being on Lamb island at night was an incredible experience, the serenity & peaceful energy on the island is almost tangible, so thick that I thought I might be able scoop it up in my Buxton water bottle & bring some back with me! Sitting on this amazing island, with no light other than the passing ships – and the mysterious light in the sky we saw hovering (picture coming soon), was an experience I cannot quite explain in words, and one which I will never forget.

This experience took me right back to my paratrooper days, the physical effort & exhaustion, the team work & sense of team spirit & camaraderie, only thankfully we didn’t need to worry about being shot at!

Is there treasure on the island?

To be honest, I really don’t care if there is or there isn’t – to me the island IS treasure. No artifacts, regardless of how ancient & amazing, could be as amazing and interesting as this small seemingly uninviting island.

I did some dowsing – I picked up a ley line, and I did pick up an area on the island that was emitting a particularly high amount of energy, so I’m convinced there is something there. We’ve made a note of where it was for future reference, but I really have taken something incredibly valuable away from Lamb island, it’s nothing that can be taken to a museum or photographed, but it’s something I will always treasure, as I’m sure Shipi & Andy will too.

There’s no doubt I will be back to the island, hopefully next time it will be slightly warmer.

Is there a link to UFO’s?

Well, this area is certainly a hotspot for sightings of strange flying objects – and we did see very strange lights in the sky, it was nothing we could identify, it certainly wasn’t a plane, a Chinese lantern or any of the other common objects that can trigger UFO reports, a member of the press did take a picture – and we’re hoping to be able to get a copy of it to put on the website.

What’s even more peculiar though is the image you can see above my head at the bottom of Lamb island. It’s some kind of a moss formation, but why would it just coincidentally look like a head with facial features?

Many people have commented that it either looks like an alien – or it looks like a religious figure with a halo. What do you think it looks like? If you have any thoughts please let me know.

Instances of 11

As you will know if you frequent my website, I believe there is something about the number 11, and particularly 11:11. Who knows what it is & what it symbolizes, but I strongly believe it is a positive sign.

On the way to the island, I experienced a bombardment of 11:11 experiences….

We arrived to Edinburgh on platform 11, and the temperature was 11 degrees….

The time on the clock in the platform (see the pictures below) when we arrived, was 11:11:11….

On the way, I photographed Durham Cathedral, which I was then informed was built in the 11th century….

I was informed that Orions belt stars were fully risen to the east horizen while we were on the island, at 1:11pm….

On the way back – the train left from platform 11….

Even those reading this of a skeptical disposition, you have to admit this is pretty strange!

Rosslyn Chapel

My mentalist friend Drew McAdam insisted that we just had to see Rosslyn chapel before we left – so we decided to miss the train we were supposed to be getting, and catch a later one so that we could experience this place, and I’m very glad we did!

If you’ve read the Da Vinci code, or watched the movie you will be aware of the significance of Rosslyn Chapel. Of course the Da Vinci code is fiction, however a lot of the references in the book & the subsequent movie are derived from theories which many people believe to be fact.

Rosslyn chapel is an amazingly interesting place, and I’d recommend you visit if you get the chance. But one of the things that really amazed me, was the confirmation from one of the guides, that ley line from Lamb to the where the Holy Grain is thought to be inside Rosslyn Chapel, has been established! Earlier on that day, I picked up a ley line while dowsing on the island, and it appears that this ley line continues directly to Rosslyn chapel!

Scottish Seabird Centre

I gave a talk at the Scottish seabird centre in North Berwick, and spent some time there before we took the boat to the Lamb. What a fantastic place! If you’re considering a UK holiday, and you want something a bit different than the norm – I’d recommend a trip to this beautiful part of Scotland. North Berwick is just 30 minutes from Edinburgh, and Edinburgh is a only a train journey away, wherever in the UK you’re based.

The seabird centre has won a number of awards, an I’m not surprised, it’s such a great attraction with plenty to interest kids and adults alike. You can even take one of the regular boat trips, and see Lamb island for yourself.

Thank you

Thank you very much, to…

Lynda Dalgleish and the Scottish seabird centre, for helping this trip to happen, for giving us such a warm welcome, and for the fantastic cappuccino this morning, which was such a luxury after such a freezing cold night & morning.

Island man Andy Strangeway, this was his (and his teddy bear Clyde’s) 168th Island trip, and we couldn’t have done this without him!

Mentalist Drew McAdam who spent his childhood playing on the beaches of north Berwick, and who helped us to plan the trip, who literally saved our lives with the thermal underwear he provided!

Dr JE Roulston, and Rosslyn Chapel – for giving us such a great guided tour, and giving us permission to take photographs for the website.

Apologies if I have missed anyone off!


We are nearly back in London now. What a trip this was! Both myself and Shipi are physically exhausted – but believe me, it was worth it! I’m amazed by the media coverage of this trip – but I’m really happy about it, as it’s resulted in a nice amount of money being raised for the Scottish Seabird Centre.


Some strange images we captured – what do you make of them?

This one was taken inside Rosslyn Chapel, do you see something in the left stained glass window?

Rosslyn Chapel  Window



My web / IT consultant Kev Lewis spotted this figure shape in moss on Lamb Island behind me in the pic we uploaded yesterday of us landing on the Lamb. What does it look like to you?

figure in Moss, on Lamb Island.

Back to London – platform 11 again!!

back to london.

I was born exactly 500 years later!



This is the energy hotspot, in the foundations of Rosslyn Chapel – the founding stone! An amazing revelation I’ve just had from one of the guides, that a direct ley line from Lamb to the where the Holy Grain is thought to be inside Rosslyn Chapel, has been established!



With Dr JE Roulston. Lecturer at The University Of Edinburgh and Priest-in-Charge The Rosslyn Chapel.



Pendulum dowsing, I sensed a lot of energy at this spot – which is where the head of John the Baptist is thought to be!

holy grain marker?


1070 – when it all started.





The Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel, under which 6 Templar Knights in full armour are said to be buried and may be the head of John The Baptist!!

The Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel.


We’ve had our cappuccino’s & scones, thank you very much again to all at the Scottish seabird centre!

I’m in the car with mentalist Drew McAdam, we’re going to Rosslyn Chapel, the historic chapel that featured in the Da Vinci Code!

Driving into Rosslyn Chapel



I think those are my feet, hard to tell as I can’t feel them!




On the boat on the way back to the Scottish Seabird Centre. My hands are frozen, finding it difficult to get my fingers to press the buttons!

back on the boat



Time to make the descent back down to the awaiting boat. I’m sad to be leaving Lamb island – but I’m also very much looking forward to my cappuccino back at the Scottish Seabird Centre!

climbing down



I’ve also left this quartz heart.




There is something here. I can feel the ley lines, and I have dowsed a spot on the island where I felt a lot of energy. We’ve marked where this spot is, but we haven’t the time nor the energy to start digging for it now.

So I’m taking nothing from the island today, but I am leaving something – this crystal sphere that belonged to one of the greatest minds ever to have blessed this planet, Albert Einstein.

chrystal sphere



Well, no Egyptian treasure yet – but I have found a Tree Mallow, the only bush (eco system) that grow in this hemisphere.

tree mallow



Good morning from Lamb island. I’m about to dowse for treasure. I’ve lost one of my dowsing rods, so I’m dowsing without rods. I can do that, but it’s more difficult to do that when searching a small area.

good morning



It’s absolutely freezing, I’m struggling to use my fingers. I’m waking up half an hour, I want to absorb every second of this amazing experience. We saw a UFO earlier! A photo was taken, we will try to get that later & put it on this page.




I was correct this morning when I said we may turn into blocks of ice tonight! It really is freezing! This is Crazy, but I love it! Come back tomorrow, I’m going to dowse for Egyptian treasure – the story of princess Scota burying treasure here – is it just myth or is it true? We will find out tomorrow. Goodnight all.



Lamb Island is the 168th island this is the cute teddy, Clyde, has slept on!



The sun is setting, fantastic views from the island. The temperature is dropping with the sun, I have a feeling we’re in for a cold night!




We’ve reached the summit of Lamb Island!



On our way up, Very steep very slippery!

steep and slippy



Andy Strangeway, “Island man” making his way off the boat to join Shipi & myself on the Lamb.

landing on lamb



I’m on Lamb Island! The rest of the crew are just getting off the boat now. This is NOT easy! Check out the image on the rock just above my head! Further up this page there’s a close up. What does it look like to you?

on lamb island



As we get close to Lamb island, I can sum up the feeling in one word. “Wow!”



We’re on the way to Lamb, everything looks nice & calm so far. Hoping for a nice safe landing on the island, although I’ve been assured that it’s unlikely to be easy.



We’re on the boat now – and will be on Lamb island soon (I hope!). Wish us luck, landing on the island is apparently very tricky & dangerous. We’re with a very experienced local skipper though, who knows how to make the best of the tides, so I’m sure we’ll land safely.

on the biat



The press who’re coming to photograph us landing on Lamb – they’re probably hoping for a funny shot of me falling off a boat – I’ll be very careful not to give them that!

the press



A quick bite to eat before we head off. I’ve just been informed that the Lamb is sometimes known as “suicide island” because it so perilous to get on it and get off! No wonder so few people have ever slept on Lamb!



Wiith Rear Admiral Neil Rankin CB CBE, chairman of The Scottish Seabird Center.

The award winning Scottish Seabird Centre is in the harbour at North Berwick, overlooking the sea. Just a 30 minute train journey from Edinburgh it’s a fantastic place to come for a family day out, with live camera’s, the discovery centre & regular boat trips.

Scottish Seabird Centre



Getting ready.

Getting Ready



We are at the top of North Berwick Law! Can you see Lamb island behind me in the background?

At the top of Berwick Law.



We’re about to climb up North Berwick Law. At the top we will be able to see Lamb island

About to climb North Berwick law



North Berwick Law. A volcanic plug of basalt rock which survived the ice age. There are ancient ruins here, including buildings used by lookouts in the Napoleonic wars.



Archie castle – from Balamory! It’s 170 miles away from Tobermory where the rest of balamory is filmed.

Archie Castle from Balamory.



Yes – we arrived at 11:11:11 – on platfom 11 – and, guess what the temperature is here?…… You guessed it. 11 degrees!

platform 11



Can you believe what time we arrived in Edinburgh?? This is a good sign! Look above, at what platform we arrived on!



Drawing to keep myself occupied.

Uri Geller Drawing



Yes, we’re certainly going the right way. Here’s Durham Cathedral. Built in the 11th century!

Durham Cathedral



The Angel of the North, in Gateshead. Phew, we got on the right train then, obviously going in the right direction! Quite a sight to see, at 20 metres high, and with a 54 metre wing span! Apparently it weighs around 200 tons.

The Angel of The North



On the train – got my coffee. Off we go!

on the train



Nearly time to leave.

time to leave



We’re at Kings Cross train station. Some very tired looking people drinking strong coffee to wake up. It’s very quiet now, in the morning peak rush around 70,000 people per hour pass through this station!

in kings cross

Start here & read upwards, for live updates in the correct order, of my trip to Lamb Island.



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