I always wanted to own an island and in 2009 I got the chance. Now you can be part of it too. 

Lamb, in the Scottish Firth of Forth, is a very special place – possibly the most mystical island in the world. Something drew me to it and my instincts were confirmed by the incredible connections of the island to the ancient world, the Bible, and many extraordinary legends. It also harbours mysterious powers, sitting on leylines of energy linking it directly with historical sites of great intrigue and significance. I felt those leylines myself when I camped overnight on the island (planting there a crystal sphere that belonged to Einstein!). One such line runs right through Lamb from the Isle of May – said to be the burial place of none other than King Arthur – at one end, and the Hill of Tara – coronation site of Irish kings and gateway to the fabled Otherworld – at the other. Indeed Scotland’s famed coronation stone – the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny – is said to have been brought to Tara from Jerusalem via Egypt by the Biblical prophet Jeremiah and the daughter of the last king of Judah.

The sacred relic - said to have been the very stone upon which Jacob rested his head and later kept in the holiest sanctuary of Solomon's temple - was taken from Tara to Scone in Scotland before being seized and moved to Westminster Abbey on 8 August 1296 - the day I chose for Lamb to mark its own independence in recognition of Scotland's proud history.

According to the 15th Century Scottish chronicle the Scotichronicon, Scotland was founded by Princess Scota, the exiled daughter of the pharaoh who oppressed the Israelites in the Bible (Sigmund Freud – my relative – wrote a controversial book about Moses and the pharaoh!). Scota’s boat is even said to have anchored off Lamb, where folklore says she buried treasure!  Moreover the link to ancient Egypt does not end there – incredibly an historical investigator discovered that Lamb and two islands on either side precisely mirror the layout of the pyramids at Giza, built by the pharaohs 4,500 years ago!

It is a well-known theory that the pyramids’ inexplicably perfect alignment was the result of help from extraterrestrials, and North Berwick, where Lamb lies, has long been a hotspot for UFO sightings!  Besides its tantalising mysteries, Lamb is also a place of outstanding natural beauty and special scientific interest. As its owner I am technically landlord to thousands of magnificent puffins, guillemots, cormorants and other varieties of seabirds. They are Lamb’s only permanent residents! For the first time though I am opening my island to all of mankind and inviting anyone to become a citizen! It is a gesture of peace, harmony and brotherhood where everyone can become a member of this micronation regardless of beliefs, religion, politics or any differences which separate people. I want it to become the micronation with the biggest citizenship in the world! The more people who send positive thoughts to the island, the more Lamb will thrive and its positive energy grow.

Every land needs its own identity – a constitution, a flag and an anthem – and Lamb is no exception. The anthem - My Island - is a beautiful, ethereal, Scottish piece of music originally composed by James Russell, the great-grandfather of my dear friend and Scottish mentalist Drew McAdam, exactly 100 years before I bought Lamb (watch the music video here). It was never recorded in James' lifetime and I hope he would be proud of the amazing way it has been adopted. The flag of Lamb is a design I created in the 1970s, with some help from my friend and mentor Salvador Dali. It is called Life and represents the mysteries of the universe. Lamb also has a special constitution, based on the universal principles of peace and harmony.

Lamb Island's Constitution

The island is friendly to all countries, peoples and micronations around the world.

The island declares special friendship towards Scotland.

The island declares special friendship towards witches, of whom many suspects were subjected to cruel trials for alleged practices in North Berwick in the 16th Century and murdered, and offers eternal sanctuary for the victims’ troubled souls.

The island declares special friendship towards peaceful extraterrestrials, who may land upon or pass over the territory unhindered, or use it to communicate with humankind.

The official flag of the island is Uri Geller’s “LIFE” logo, symbolising nature, mysticism and the powers of the universe.

The official language of the island is all the languages of the world and beyond.

The official anthem of the island is My Island, composed in 1909 and specially adapted to become the signature song of Lamb.

The island’s laws are the laws and bylaws applied to it by the neighbouring country of Scotland and council of East Lothian before and after the date of the declaration.

Citizenship is a symbolic status which does not allow for any territorial claims or unauthorised activity on Lamb Island.

I invite you to become part of a community like nowhere else on Earth, where for just $1 you will receive an official downloadable citizenship certificate endorsed with my signature, with all proceeds going to Save A Child’s Heart, an incredible charity dedicated to treating children with heart conditions across the world, no matter where they come from.

Click here to obtain your citizenship (or to give to someone as a fantastically original gift!)

Sending you all much energy and love


The Anthem