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All my life I’ve dreamed of having my own island hideaway. That dream has come true, and I am the master of Lamb Island, a craggy seabird sanctuary off the coast of Scotland.

Even though it’s almost impossible to land a boat there, I was determined to set foot on my magical, mythical territory and even spend the night there. The great day came, thanks to my friends at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick who arranged the trip, and my chum Andy Strangeway, the famous ‘Island man’ who has camped out on more than 150 remote islands around Britain. Andy promised to join me to share his expertise.

For my Mind power Flash Mob experiment, I don’t expect my readers to take their tents and sleeping bags to uninhabited resorts in the middle of the ocean… though if you are lucky enough to be holidaying in Majorca or the Canaries, the combination of sunshine and relaxation will certainly increase your mental energy.

I want everyone to join me in focusing on the mysterious force of 11:11 this month, because my Lamb adventure brought me vivid reminders of the power inherent in the double eleven.

The instances of 11 11 began on the train journey to Edinburgh.

First of all – I just happened to take a picture of Durham Cathedral through the train window, and my web master who was following the entire trip & creating an online real-time cronical of the weekend, replied straight away to ask did I know that the Cathedral was built in the 11th century!

The second 11, came shortly thereafter, when we arrived in Edinburgh – on platform 11!

As we left the train, I noticed to my amazement that the time on the platform clock, was 11:11 – so I quickly took a snap with my blackberry – and amazingly the photo was taken at exactly eleven seconds past eleven minutes past eleven o’clock. – i could not have done that purposely even if I tried!


I have always regarded this number as a cosmic signal, both a reminder of the power of our human brains and a signpost to a gateway in the higher paths of the mind. It’s a wake-up call, a reminder of the importance of synchronicity in our lives. 

As we boarded the boat to cross the Firth of Forth, near Edinburgh, I felt certain that another 11:11 signal was coming. I couldn’t risk looking at my watch as we scrambled off the boat and up the cliff-face though, because I needed every handhold. Very few people have ever landed on Lamb, which is the middle one of three islands that jut out of the water in exactly the same pattern as the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the three stars of Orion’s belt.

The reason it’s so hard to explore is that there is barely a flat patch of ground on the whole island. I inched my way across it, dowsing for leylines and looking for signs that the Egyptian queen Scota landed here when she was first exiled to Scotland, many millennia ago. 

That night was bitterly cold, and the sky was incredibly clear. I watched in wonder as the constellation of Orion rose. Andy’s teddy bear,  Clyde, watched with me. It was the 168th island he had visited. When we were safely back on the mainland, I checked the astronomy charts and confirmed what my watch had told me in the small hours of the night – when the last star of Orion’s belt appeared over the horizon, the time was exactly 1:11… a message from the heavens.

URI’S MINDPOWER FLASH MOB Every time you see 11:11 – on a clock, in a phone number, on television or anywhere else – I want you to feel connected to all my other readers. We are linked by the cosmic force of that number. Share your energy, and take strength and comfort from the knowledge that all of us are tuned in to the power of synchronicity.

 It’s written in the stars…



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