Baird T. Spalding, whose name became legend in metaphysical and truth circles during the first half of the 20th latcentury, played an important part in introducing to the Western world the knowledge that there are Masters, or Elder Brothers, who are assisting and guiding the destiny of mankind. The countless numbers of letters that have come in through the years, from all over the world, bear testimony of the tremendous help received from the message in these books.

Partial listing of the contents of the five volumes:

Volume I:

Publisher’s note and Foreword.

Introduction of the Master Emil

Visit to the “Temple of Silence”

Astral projection

Walking on Water

Visit to the Healing Temple

Emil talks about America

The Snowmen of the Himalayas

New Light on the teachings of Jesus.

Volume II:

Visit to the Temple of the Great Tau Cross

Visit with the Master Jesus

Jesus discusses the nature of hell;

The nature of God

The Mystery of thought vibrations

Jesus feeds the multitude

An account of a healing experience

Jesus, and Buddha visit the group.

Volume III:

One of the masters speaks of the Christ consciousness

The nature of cosmic energy

The creation of the planets and the worlds

The trip to Lhasa

Visit at the Temple Pora-tat-sanga

Explaining the mystery of levitation

A doubter becomes convinced of the existence of Jesus.

Volume IV:

This material was first presented as “The India Tour Lessons.”

Each chapter has text for study, as well as guides to teachers for developing and interpreting the material. Among subjects covered:

The White Brotherhood

The One Mind

Basis of coming social reorganization


Volume V:

Material taken from lectures given by Mr. Spalding in California during the last two years of his life. There is also a brief biographical sketch. Partial contents:

Camera of past events

Is there a God

The divine pattern

The reality

Mastety over death

The law of supply.


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