Life in the fast Lane

Look at this phone – it receives faxes, emails, texts and pages. Oh, and phone calls. I can use it on mountaintops, on moors, on remote beaches … it reaches everywhere.


The hyperactive go-getters of this city cram a whole week into every day, and count any moment when they are doing less than three things simultaneously as a waste of time.At the gym, they are all watching TV as they pound the treadmills and jabber into their phones. In the car, they yell at their radios as they chew on their breakfasts. In meetings, they monitor their stock-holdings via their palm-sized computers and the ballgame on their wristwatch TVs.Hardly surprising, then, that it takes forever to get anything done in LA. Movies wallow in development limbo for decades. Legal cases drag on for lifetimes. Even their car chases happen in slow motion – remember the OJ Simpson farce?I believe strongly that the only efficient way to get anything done is to apply total focus. Whatever you are doing, do it as if your life depends on it. When it’s done, put it out of your mind – and focus on the next task, 100 per cent.Whether you are watching TV or pressing the boss for a pay rise, cooking a meal or enjoying a work-out, be focused. By trying to do two things at once, you’ll slow both tasks down by far more than 50 per cent. And if you try to do more than two … you might as well be doing nothing at all.Fwant to live in the fast lane, think about this metaphor:When he drives a Ferrari, Michael Schumacher wins races. But if he tried to switch constantly between two Ferraris, would he win two first places? Or finish a dismal last?


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