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August 27th 1997


Psychic supremo Uri Geller wants your help to give Carl good luck


YOUR No 1 MCN has drafted in world-famous psychic phenomenon Uri Geller to help Carl Fogarty win his third np4World Superbike crown.

And Geller is calling on the King’s patriotic army of British fans to boost his chances of victory at Assen, Holland, on Sunday.

In an amazing experiment, unprecedented in the sport, Geller- with YOUR help – will throw his massive mental energy behind the Blackburn Bullet.

MCN has recruited the spoon-bending psychic guru to try and get Foggy’s title challenge back on track after a run of bad luck.

He is lying second in the series after two disastrous crashes, in the last two rounds at Brands Hatch and the A1-Ring.

Foggy knows he needs a dramatic change in fortune if he is to win this year’s championship.

Geller said: “Bike racers need to be fully focused, and if they lose even a tiny bit of concentration it can be bad for them.”

“They can crash, or finish way back from the winner. We need to make sure Carl is on perfect form.”

Bike racers are a superstitious lot, and Foggy is no exception.

For the last few years the works Ducati star has worn a lucky green sleeveless T-shirt under his leathers.

The double WSB champ said: “Once or twice I’ve left it at home. So I’ve had to rush out, buy any green T-shirt and cut the arms off! I never want to start a race without one.”

“Luck is very important in bike racing. Of course it matters how you ride the bike, but luck plays a big part.”

“I had a lot of luck in ’94,when I won my first title. Then in ’95, when I won the second, I had a massive crash at Sugo, Japan, in the first race. I walked away, but I could have broken both legs.

“In ’93, when Scott Russell won the series, he had tons of luck – I won more than twice as many races, but he still beat me for the title.”

“But I’ve never known anyone as lucky as John Kocinski! From the first race of the season, whenever he’s looked set for a bad result, something happens to give him a few extra points.”

“He won the first race, in the rain, but in the next dry race, he was seventh. He would have come seventh in the first if it was dry, and it has been like that all year.

“Let’s be fair to the guy, he is riding the bike really well, especially in the wet. But he gets that extra piece of luck you need. Now I’d like some!”

The WSB circus heads to Assen this weekend, and there is no better track for Foggy’s fast cornering style.

The British legend has not been beaten there in four years, with an amazing eight-race winning streak. Now he aims to make it 10 out of 10 on Sunday.

Thousands of British fans will be at the track to support their hero – and Geller wants everyone to take MCN with them to really get the psychic juices flowing!

DUTCH WSB 1996 RESULTS Pole position: J Kocinski, USA (Ducati) 2m 04.41s – 109 39mph. Race one: 1 C Fogarty,GB (Honda), 2 P-F Chili, Ita!y (Ducati), 3 A Slight, NZ (Honda) Fastest lap: Fogarty 2m 04.89s – 103 27mph. Race two: 1 Fogarty, 2 T Corser, Aus (Ducati), 3 Kocinski. Fastest lap: Kocinski 2m 04.62s – 109.20mph.


URI GELLER was born in Israel in1946 and became aware of his amazing powers when he was five – a spoon he was using curled and snapped.

As he grew up, Geller began to develop his powers so he could entertain audiences and baffle scientists.

Soon his fame had spread far beyond Israel and today he is a world famous phenomenon.

Governments and industry chiefs now seek his advice. He has helped dozens of sportsmen and women, including the legendary Muhammad Ali.

More recently he has helped footballers and Formula One car drivers.

And only days before the British GP at Donington Park last week, he helped an unnamed Australian motor cycle racer!

You can read more about the amazing world of the paranormal in the monthly magazine Encounters, which is available at good newsagents.

He is also writing a novel, due for release next year, called Ella.


THERE will be four critical times on Sunday when your willpower could give Foggy victory.

Geller will focus his powers during qualifying on Friday and Saturday, both at 2.30pm British time, and during the two races on Sunday, at 11am and 2.30pm British time.

Geller wants YOU to help him by training your Mindpower on Foggy at these moments.

He said: “Wherever I am in the world, I will have a picture of Carl with me. This will help me pick up his aura, and will focus my mind on him at the crucial times.”

“I want MCN readers to put their hand on top of the imprint of my hand above, and look into Carl’s eyes in the main picture. The orange spheres will boost your psychic powers.”

“Clear your mind and concentrate – focus your power into his eyes, and wish him to be the best.”

“Make him be powerful, make him fast, and make him win!”

Geller says that as part of this amazing experiment, readers should place broken watches – that have been wound up – or spoons on the dot, and see what happens!

If you experience anything unusual while taking part, write to MCN – we want to know!

MCN Motor Cycle News
3rd September 1997

The Result


SPOON-BENDING psychic guru Uri Geller claims he felt the power of “half a million” MCN readers willing Foggy on to his race-two win on Sunday.

The mind marvel focused his amazing powers on the Ducati ace for practice and tuned into the action for each of the races.

As the mystic maverick held Foggy’s favourite baseball cap in his hand and focused on the racer’s huge picture in last week’s MCN, he claims he tapped into the mind-power of race fans willing on Foggy. Although Foggy’s unbeaten record in Holland was broken with a second place in race one, Geller claims the experiment was a huge success:

“Fogarty could have fallen off but he didn’t. He even got championship points back on John Kocinski,” said Geller.

“People put their hands on the orange dot printed in MCN and I could feel all that power from them.”


THE guys at MCN told me that the thing about Uri Geller trying to bring me good luck had gone mad back in the UK, so I am glad I wasn’t there!

Loads of radio stations were ringing the MCN of office asking to speak about it, and he was on SKY and breakfast TV doing stuff on it, holding up a copy of MCN.

I don’t know much about Geller, but I’ll take all the luck I can get at the moment!

I had a visit from an FIM official the other day. I was in my motorhome when this guy who I had never met before walked straight in and started saying I had better be careful out on the track.

He seemed to think that my two crashes at Austria and Brands Hatch might have been deliberate, and warned me about “ungentlemanly conduct”. What a cheek! Does he think I want to throw points away?

It wasn’t official or anything, so it left me wondering what on earth was going on. Anyway, I’m glad to have finished Assen without any crashes or anything, so maybe it all worked.

Jamie Whitham was taking the piss out of me about Geller, saying my handlebars would start bending!

I thought I’d seen a low-flying-jet or something at the start of race two, because just as the lights were about to change to green, this blue and white thing went flashing past. I saw it rocket by and thought ‘Bugger me it’s Whit!’ He’d got one of his “special” starts. It was special – he jumped it!

I really wanted to get a win here today. I’m not really bothered about how many races I’ve won at Assen in the past, I just want to win all the time for me and the fans that come over.

I’m absolutely amazed at how many made the trip. I reckon if none of the Brits came, there’d only be about 300 fans here!

It’s a really weird feeling to be abroad and have all the Union Jacks every where, but I wouldn ‘t change it for anything. I love you all!


1 C Fogarty GB (Ducati)

2 P Chili Italy (Ducati)

3 J Kocinski USA (Honda)

4 A Slight New Zealand (Honda)

5 N Hodgson GB (Ducati)

6 Crafar New Zealand (Kawasaki)

7 A Yanagawa Japan (Kawasaki)

8 S Russell USA (Yamaha)

9 C Walker GB (Yamaha)

10 P Bontempi Italy (Kawasaki)

11 J Whitham GB (SuzUki)

12 J Schmid Germany (Kawasaki)

13 U Mark Germany (Suzuki)

14 I Jerman Slovakia (Kawasaki)

15 P Riba Cabana Spain (Honda)

16 R Janisch, Germany (Suzuki)

17 E Korfiaho, Finland (Kawasaki)

18 M Rudroff, Germany (Suzuki).



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