Metal Bending research around the world.

UK:- Professor John B. Hasted at Birkbeck College London University Dr Julian Isaacs, University of Aston, Birmingham (“Some aspects of performance at a psychokinetic task.” Phd. Thesis on the psychological significance of the timing of bending signals)

USA:- Dr Targ and Dr Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute. (Telepathic transmission of information. Mind-Reach, Delacorte, New York, 1977 (A film of their amazing experiments with Uri Geller is available.) Dr Ronald Hawke at Livermore. (Ultrasonic emissions from grain boundary fractures and the paranormal wiping of magnetic tapes.) The late Dr Wilbur Franklin at Kent State University. (Fracture examination by em. in New Horizons 2 (1), 1975, 9. The late Dr Andrija Puharich. Professor Elizabeth Rauscher (Theoretical Physicist) at Berkeley (Inorganic crystal fracture). Eldon Byrd at the Office of Naval Research Laboratories, Washington. (Nitinol wire memory loss.)

France:- Dr Wolkowski (Bending inside sealed glass tubes; Picture P48 of Hasted’s book) Dr Ducrocq, Dr Wolkowski, Dr Crussard, Dr Bouvaist and the Pechiney Aluminium Company.

Germany:- The late Professor Doctor Hans Bender, (Paranormal Bending of Porcelain) Dr Karger of the Max Planck institute in Munich.

Switzerland:- Dr Walti (X-rays).

Belgium:- Professor Dierkens, University of Mons (EEG during metal bending).

Copenhagen:- Dr Mattuck & Scott Hill (Localisation of action on a specimen).

Italy:- Professor Ferdinando Bersani & Dr Aldo Martelli.

Australia:- Dr Charles Osborne (Screen designs against the use of force).

Canada:- Dr Bob Cantor (Memory metals).

Japan:- Professor Sasaki Shigimi, Tokyo (investigating Masuaki Kiyota who was on one occasion reported to have materialized a sealed bottle of fizzy drink in stages!)


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