Mexico – North Carolina Water-energy-, cancer-, healing- and ELF-research

By August 25, 1978, Andrija. Rebecca and Belina (Rebecca’s seven year old daughter), had made their way to Tepoztlan, where they were given sanctuary by a Mexican family Andrija had befriended on his previous visit.

Andrija buried himself in the rewrite of TMT, and arranged to have the untyped manuscript delivered to his secretary in New York for the final typing and delivery to Chris Kuppig by September 20, 1978.

In his journal he writes: “My first goal is accomplished: to stay alive and finish the book, but mostly to thwart the CIA. Next some kind of resolution of all this complexity is needed.

First, after years of carrying a group of people, I feel I need a sabbatical. Therefore, I will live for myself, Rebecca, Belina and (Solomon?) for a year.

Secondly, because of the CIA pressure, I should set up an eyrie here in Tepoztlan until things clarify with respect to safety.

Thirdly, I need some work priorities. These should be:

    1. Contact Hoova, Ogatta, Altea, c.c.c. text. slowly, build cultural survival center
    2. Pachita project,

– Water research,

– Plants, people.

– TD studies, resume.

  1. Write a book.


  1. Locate eyrie in Tepoztlan
  2. Pachita – clinic
  3. Revise: Time No Longer
  4. Plant research
  5. The Iceland Papers

His first project, to find an eyrie was soon accomplished.

The place was not only beautiful, as Andrija writes, but also serene, and secure – surrounded by stone walls, ranging in height from 10 feet to 20 feet in places. With Hilario, the caretaker patrolling the place at night, they felt protected and safe.

Meanwhile the news from New York was not very encouraging. It seemed that the FBI was interviewing some of Andrija’s friends, and Andrija was afraid that the FBI had joined the CIA, and that they were trying to concoct a plot to discredit him completely.

The worst news, however, was, that before Chris Kuppig had even read the manuscript, he again (without consulting Andrija) put off publication for another year – to October 1979.

Between September 18 to the 27th, 1978, Andrija worked continuously to get a full understanding of the text, of what he called “The Cosmic Clock Code” (C.C.C.), something he had worked on since 1975. He was elated when he believed to have the first complete clear text that he had ever had. The final key apparently came when he was reading Suarès’ Sephen Yetsire, (the Book of Creation), and reaised that he had to shift all the numbers c.c.w. for one unit. After that the numbers began to make sense.

When in 1975 his watch, a manual universal (Geneva) chronometer had again stopped at strange periods of time, he began making charts and summary sheets of the time of stoppage and restart, resulting in many volumes with numbers and letters. It puzzled him that the watch would always stop with the second hand, as well as the minute hand, pointing at 45 (nine). The hour hand would stop at any of 12-hour places. After the three clock hands had remained stopped for time periods ranging from approximately 9 seconds to 24 hours, or longer, they would begin to move for a precise and patterned time interval. This could be either one or two hours, or multiples of one hour. Then the clock would stop again at 45, and the whole sequence would be repeated. Andrija believed that there was a hidden meaning behind the odd behavior of his watch, and that he should look for the answer in the numerical values of the Hebrew alphabet. Having studied Hebrew, and the Kabbalah – the book of Jewish mystical thought – he built up an intricate system of Hebrew letters, and numbers, employing the three methods of interpretation from the Kabbalah: Gematria, Notarikon and Temura.

In order for the reader to understand what Andrija was doing, I will quote from the Kabballah by Charles Poncé:

Gematria is the science by which the letters of a word are converted into their numerical equivalent. Once one knows the numerical value of the word, one may then find a correspondence between the original word and another with the same numerical value. In this way one number can become representative of several ideas, all of which are thought of as being interpretative of each other.

Notarikon is employed in two ways, both aimed at abbreviation. The first way involves the forming of one word by taking the initial and final letters of another word or words. The second way involves taking the letters of one name as being the initial or final letters of each word in a sentence.

Temura is a much more complicated procedure involving the interchanging of upwards of twenty-five letters according to certain rules. Even the simpler rules yield interesting possibilities.

Writing one half of the Hebrew alphabet in a reverse order and placing it on top of the remaining half, we arrive at the following figure:

k l th ch z v h d g b a

l m n s o p th q r sh t

With the system he devised, Andrija allegedly received the following forewarning of impending doom:

The Season of Harvest and of Labour Pains begins for the Earth, as it is written.

There will soon be 1369 shakings (of the earth).

This will be followed by earth quakes and cataclysms for ninety months. Land and mountains will melt, shake, and sink in the following eighty months. There will be cold and flooding, mysterious storms, draughts explosions and eruptions.

The anguish will be powerful! Purify yourself.

The New Age begins in 4668 days (09-18-98).

Prepare to sustain yourself from 1989 to 1999 in a mountain stronghold fortified against all destructive effects – a fortress! You have until 1989 to prepare it.

Ensure that the mountain stronghold is kept secret and secure for the Heh and the Vav, the archetypes of Universal life, gathered as the ‘Root Stock’ from the 135 Principals, the ‘Seeds’ for future Humanity.

New Life (plant, animal, human) will burst out of the hostile conditions as the Earth warms up after the devastation, by mid 1999. This new life will need special nurture. Prepare yourself.

I can now understand why Andrija became so angry when Andy tried to get him out of his “stronghold” in Dobson in September 1994. He always said that he had to be there at the close of the century, that he was going to be needed to help mankind, to aid in the transformation of personal and social life toward a glorious new beginning.

Poor guy, it cost him his life. Or had he fulfilled his destiny?

On October 27, 1978, Andrija finished a new draft of Time No Longer incorporating the cosmic clock code data, and had it sent through his secretary in New York to Doubleday. However, Doubleday did not feel that they could publish it. It was another blow for Andrija.

A friend of his, who had read the book, wrote: “I know that you know that you’re going to have an immense amount of shit thrown at you now. In one direction from those ‘orthodox’ scientists who will simply write you off as a nut, on another side from the nuts who will dehumanize you by trying to make you fit their conception of a prophet. And possibly from the most hurtful direction, from old friends, who will reject you because you’re ‘too far out'”

I wonder why it was so difficult for us to believe that Andrija might have received the gift of prophecy? Or, even if he hadn’t, believe that all he was doing was try to raise our levels of consciousness, and warn us of impending disaster. In 1932 Edgar Cayce predicted that the Earth’s axis would start tilting in 1936. This would lead to great Earth changes, to begin in 1958 and stretch to 1998. Vesuvius, according to Cayce would erupt, and two months later California would suffer severe earthquakes, though this would still not be the final world-shaking cataclysm.

Other psychics of our time have also stated that there will be tremendous and cataclysmic changes, not only for California, but also for the whole planet.

And what to think of the predictions by Nostradamus? His account is one of the most frightening. He foresees the coming year 2000 as the climax of a seven-thousand year cycle of history. He predicts that our current civilization will meet its turbulent end through a seismic crescendo of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions after 1975 up to the end of the century. The sharp and continuing rise in seismic activity since 1975 shows us that not only this, but also other terrifying predictions of an axis-shift are expected for the millennium end. Nostradamus called it “Mother Nature’s ultimate revenge for the human abuse of her world.” He also believed that good thoughts create harmony and health, while bad thoughts produce “disease” in us and the world around us. He is supposed to have once said, “Hatred can kill the hated and the hater as well.”

The Hopi medicine men of North America say that the world’s balance depends on man’s mental and spiritual balance. His repressed unconscious thoughts, if left unchanged by any loving awareness, can disturb the world enough actually to produce earthquakes, or worse, create imbalance and disharmony all over the planet, and effect a shift of the Earth’s polar axis.

And isn’t this exactly what Andrija tried to warn mankind of, for by disturbing man’s mental balance through ELF, the world’s balance would be disturbed?

On the last page of TMT, he writes: “Once man takes over the true ecological management of the planet by regulating the energy exchange between sun and earth, his days of irresponsibility must end. He is now the earth’s gardener who will determine what plants and what fish and animals will flourish, and where. With proper distribution of water, fertiiser, and power, hunger will vanish as a negative social force. With an ever-full food granary due to superb transport from north to south, and vice versa on the planet, man can decide what the optimum tenancy should be for earth. With earth and sun in balance, and man in harmony with earth and all living things, he can finally turn to his real reason for existence: Whence come I? What am I to do on earth? Whither do I go from earth? And how can I communicate with all of those other intelligences on other planets out there in space? All these questions Tesla asked, and all the answers are our quest in life. May this great crisis in humanity today spur us on toward a solution of that hypothetical velocity toward which all life moves.”

Reading this brings to my mind the young Andrija who in high school was so inspired by Lincoln that he quoted him in his essay entitled “If Lincoln could speak today”: “Let us hope that by the best cultivation of the physical world beneath and around us, and the moral and intellectual world within us we shall secure an individual, social and political prosperity whose course shall be onward and upward.”

Undoubtedly the reader will remember that also during his highschool years Andrija won second prize in an oratorical contest. He spoke about Washington, and his opening lines were: “When a man belongs to posterity, he is all alien to his contemporaries since the effects of his work are too far reaching to be appreciated by his own generation.”

How true!

In addition to earthquakes – a major one on November 30. 1978 in Mexico (6.5 on the Richter scale), followed by a lighter one (5.7) on December 11, and abnormal weather conditions all over the world – a meter and a half of snow, with temperatures several degrees below zero in Mexico, there were many reports of UFO sightings. On January 2, 1979, The News came with the startling headline, NEW YEAR’S GREETINGS FROM SPACE. Apparently a rash of UFO sightings was reported over Britain, New Zealand and Australia

With the day of Rebecca’s confinement getting closer. Andrija and Rebecca decided to get married. They did so in Edinburg, Texas on January 12, 1979. On Sunday March 18, 1979, a baby girl, Athena, was born at Tochtlicalle, Mexico.

But for the fear of being tracked down by the CIA and FBI, they were very happy. Andrija persisted in his conviction that they were out to get him, until in May 1979 Curtin Winsor Jr. (later the U.S Ambassador to Costa Rica) came to Tepoztlan. He vehemently disagreed with Andrija, and opined that the CIA would never stoop so low against an American citizen in the U.S. He promised to go directly to the CIA to find out.

But more cogent to Andrija was that Curtin Winsor had a deep interest in psychic phenomena. He proposed that Andrija meet Don Rickard in Canada and that he formulates a proposal with a view toward having the Donner Foundation (founded by Winsor’s grandfather) endow a center for psychical research. Andrija was to line up several assistants, to help with his present work. Winsor would raise the funding. In short, as Andrija said, he was proposing that he would become Andrija’s patron, and that the Donner Foundation Board should be sold on supporting Andrija. He felt this process would take two years. Andrija was overwhelmed with this display of friendship and philanthropy, and the prospect of engaging in psychical research again.

A few days after his return to the United States, Curtin Winsor called. He had met with Warren Couch, the then director of Domestic Surveillance for the CIA, who denied any CIA pursuit of Andrija. However, there apparently was a deep interest by the CIA in Soviet parapsychology, but no knowledge of magnetic mind control. Couch also denied knowledge of Andrija’s book TMT or harassment of Dell publishers. Curtin Winsor offered to intercede for Andrija, to secure justice from the CIA, and would arrange a meeting with Warren Couch.

He also got a positive response from the Donner Foundation and wanted Andrija to come to Canada for a conference.

Except for keeping track of events that coincided with the stopping of his watch, looking for UFO’s, finishing TMT, revising Time No Longer, and editing The Iceland Papers, Andrija felt that he was not doing enough. He was ready to get back to civilization, and serious research.

Letters from Andy tell me that Andrija had succeeded in another project from his “priority list”, the building of a cultural survival center.

“We are with a group of 25 people, who are here to await the terrible things that are going to happen to planet earth. Don’t worry, mama, because nothing is going to happen to us. We will all be hiding in a cave and be saved. We do yoga exercises, and meditate five hours each day.

Everybody is a vegetarian, and cola, beer, coffee, eggs, drugs, etc. are strictly forbidden (sigh!). I am getting bored silly.

El papa looks terrific. He is fit and healthy, enjoying the rugged outdoor life. He hopes to be able to return to good old U.S. of A. to work on his ‘water-energy’ invention. I cannot explain it, because I don’t understand it. Papa says that if he succeeds, energy problems will be of the past, and… we’ll be rich! Keep your fingers crossed.”

With the reassurance from Curtin Winsor that neither the CIA nor the FBI was going to hurt him, Andrija left for Montreal on June 12, 1979.

During his short stay in Canada, nothing definitive was decided with the Donner Foundation, but he laid the groundwork for future research with Dr. Andrew Michrowski and the Planetary Association for Clean Energy in Ottawa.

About the meeting with Warren Couch in Washington D.C. on July 6, 1979, Andrija writes: “One of the most interesting aspects of our talk was that there was a studious avoidance of any discussion of my main allegation, namely that the CIA was behind the incidents against me. I did not bring it up, because I followed Curtis’ lead in the discussion.”

The outcome of it all was that Andrija returned to the United States with his family. They lived on the farm of Curtin Winsor at Delaplane, Va. under his protection until they moved to Devotion, the estate of Josh Reynolds. Andrija was furnished with buildings for a home and research, and most of his research was conducted there. Josh Reynolds, a kind benefactor to many innovative and creative scientists funded much of the work.

In 1980 Andrija organized and directed a weeklong symposium on Extended Human Capacities for the Young Presidents Organization. This was held in Madrid, Spain during the week of April 21-27. Unfortunately he had no time to visit us.

In 1981 he wrote:

“The past three years have been tough, but we made it. Our daughter Athena is over two years old now. She is an absolute amazing and beautiful person. In spite of hard times Rebecca and I are happy and deeply in love. In the eyes of the U.S government I am still a “leper”. Doubleday dropped my 3 books; they even cancelled a book contract. Dell has held up publication of my book on the Soviet super-weapon (ELF) for three years now. Stein & Day cancelled my other book contract. In short, three publishers have put a boycott on my publications. Our phone is always tapped. But one gets used to these things -and life goes on.

Andrija was by then sixty-three years of age. He was tired of fighting, of waiting for governments to wake up. He had curtailed his public efforts. But he was not beat, and quietly he set up a research program to further his studies of ELF, to develop countermeasures against the genetic damage of ELF signals.

A year later he told us:

“I seem to be over a terrible four year period. The CIA now recognizes what I did was right, and have asked me to work for them. I declined the offer (He told them that he didn’t want to work for liars, thieves and murderers.) I have made two big scientific discoveries 1) How to create living cells, 2) How to cure cancer I will be making an announcement on these two findings at an International Congress in Washington D.C. next year. I was given the Achievement of the Year Award for this work last July. Must be doing something right!”

I have been told that during the last years of his life, Andrija’s restless mind performed mostly research in conventional science, some of Nobel quality.

Although I am not qualified by far to explain Andrija’s scientific work, I will try to give an idea of what this brilliant man worked on.

For the researcher, there are Andrija’s books and the archival resources of his various presentations (see “Publications and Patents by Henry K. Puharich M.D. ” on page 182).

The major projects Andrija was engaged in during the 1980’s were:

ESP and PK research

Meditation and mind-link research

Medical Electronics research

Healing research

ELF research

Cancer research

Origin of Life Research

Water-energy research

Plant growth research

In 1977 Andrija had heard of an invention to magnetize water. It allegedly stimulated garden vegetables and tree fruits to grow to ten time’s normal size. Chickens doubled in size in six generations and eggs increased by 2.5 inch. It was also believed to be good for biological health in humans. Andrija did a literature search and found that a medium, Erika Meyer, was the original source-channel of this device. Then Christopher Bird (author of The Secret Life of Plants) showed him that Albert Roy Davis of Florida had developed such a device 30 years ago. It was enough for Andrija to start investigating this phenomenon. He learned that a man in California, Armin Becked could also stimulate trees and plants to grow larger. However, he did not use a magnetic stimulus to water but a signal generator exactly like the TD system (Transdermal Hearing System), AM AC – same frequency range.

With the financial backing of Josh Reynolds, Andrija was at last able to continue this research into the “inner-related nature of water, the origin of life and the cause of cancer.”

Christopher Bird was so impressed with Andrija’s research that he wrote a letter to the Right Livelihood Foundation in London, England, in nomination for the “alternate Nobel Prize” for Andrija in 1983. I will quote from this letter:

“In 1980, Puharich resumed studies on properties of water, beginning with the problem of how to devise a more efficient method of converting water into fuel that could produce energy and power.

The method was awarded a U.S. patent in 1983. No. 4,394,230.

(METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SPLITTING WATERMOLECULES) In the course of treating water with electromagnetic radiation to effect the conversion, Puharich noted a scum in the solution, which still formed even when he repeated his experiments under sterile conditions.

This anomaly led him to consult with a brilliant French researcher, living in Canada, Gaston Naessens, who, having developed in the 1950s a microscope that allowed for much greater magnification and resolution than any microscopes then extant, discovered ultra microscopic, sub-cellular, living particles in the blood (as well as in the sap of plants) which he christened “somatides”. In an organism susceptible to disease, whether through a weakening of the immune defense system or other cause, the somatides were found, over years of research, to develop an abnormal life cycle comprising some two dozen successive forms. Depending upon how they inter-related with other blood figures, such as red cells, Naessens was able to diagnose various degenerative diseases, including cancer, in the bodies of animals and humans, long before any clinical signs of the same appeared. Naessens went on to develop, first a serum, then a preparation based on the camphor molecule which, injected intralymphatically, has cured many forms of cancer, as well as lupus, shingles, multiple sclerosis and other afflictions.

By consulting with Naessens, Puharich was led to the idea that primitive life forms were being synthesized in his water-born scum from a starting mix of six atomic elements: Na, Cl, H2, O2, with Cu and Fe serving as catalysts. Naessens observed that Puharich’ synthesized forms looked something like somatides. Alerted to the connection, Puharich went on to study the metabolism of his mitochondria-like tiny organisms. One result of his study has been his finding that he could reverse the electron flow in the terminal respiratory chain. When the synthesized forms are fed nitrogen, the electron flow is in the same direction as in the normal terminal respiratory chain in animal mitochondria. When fed D-glucose 6-phosphate, the flow is reversed and appears like that found in plants leading to chlorophyll production.

The flow reversal, in turn, seemed to be caused by “weak energy transmutation” as postulated by the French scientist C. Louis Kervran, and Professor Olivier Costa de Beauregard.

Most recently, Puharich has teamed with Migdalia Arnan M.D. who has independently discovered greenish chlorophyll-like bodies in the cytoplasm of human cancer cells, the presence of which relate to Puharich’ experimental and theoretical work. Puharich predicted that cancer cells could be eradicated with powerful oxidizing agents, ozone being the one of choice. Dr. Arnan has treated cancerous mice (CH3 mammary cancer type) with ozone injected directly into the cancer tumors, all of which dissolved and left the mice in a healthy state as compared with controls.

These results were announced by Arnan and Puharich at the Sixth World Congress of the International Ozone Association in Washington, D.C. on May 25, 1983. Since then, research on human cancer has been initiated at the American Biologic Hospital in Mexico and the treatment of human cancer with ozone proven effective (see “Publications and Patents by Henry K. Puharich M.D. ” on page 194).

It thus appears that: 1) the research on somatides in mammalian blood by Naessens and his successful treatment of neoplastic and other degenerative diseases with a camphor-derived product 2) Dr. Arnan’s successful treatment of cancers in mice with ozone, and 3) Dr. Puharich’ research on water and the origin of life – are all inter-related. They may well open exciting new vistas on problems concerning the ecology of the earth and of human physiology.

Furthermore, Puharich’ work with electromagnetic radiation, specifically at extremely low frequencies, connects back to his previous work to explain the nature and the quality of mind in the physical universe.

It is hoped that the above discussion may foster your consideration of Dr. Puharich for the Right Livelihood Foundation Prize.”

Another research project during the 1980’s, called “Delphinus Research Project, was based on Andrija’s Transdermal Hearing System.

He believed that this TD system could also be applied to dolphins. The goal of his research program was to open up total communication between dolphin and man. If such communication could be achieved, he surmised, it would become a major milestone in the evolution of two major species on earth.

It is interesting to note that he utilised his “Dynamics Theory” – how the nervous system works – which he formulated while he was in medical school, and was the basis of his life-long work. The reader may recall that he postulated that “if dynamics can be transferred from one organism to another, why cannot that other function of the mind – thought, also be transferred from one mind to another?”

He also applied another aspect of his earlier research – enhancing telepathy through the Faraday Cage Technique.

As we have seen, Andrija had proven that the Transdermal Hearing System could send radio signals through the skin of both normals, and the deaf, and deliver high quality sound sensation. He assumed that there was a hearing system parallel to the classical ear portal based on the existence of a lateral line “hearing” system in fish and in the dolphin, which also existed in a vestigial form in humans. Radio waves were used to reach this vestigial system in humans, for which a patent was awarded in 1961 (‘Means for aiding hearing’, patent number 2,995,633). He believed that the same TD system should be able to deliver high quality sound to dolphins either through their normal hearing channels, or through the lateral line system.

I will quote from the overview of the research program:

The TD system is capable of being modified to deliver sound through the entire human frequency range (20-20,000 Hz), as well as the hearing range of the dolphin (20-300,000 Hz).

In the experimental plan, the dolphin, and man, respectively, will wear the TD systems under water. Both systems will be connected by a radio link and both the dolphin and man will operate within the protective shield of a Faraday Cage in order to eliminate all stray electromagnetic signals that might confound the dolphin language decoding. The TD system will form one channel of voice/hearing communication between dolphin and man. A second channel of communication will be set up between dolphin and man using the psyche of each species as the main mode of information transfer. Preliminary experiments have already shown that this is feasible. The purpose of this psyche mode of communication is to intercept the flow of real information at the wave level, the particle level, the neural encoding level, as well as the semantic level.

Cross-correlation will be made continuously between channel one and channel two in order to decode the dolphin information system into the language of man. The other possibility is to find a new common mode code between dolphin and man.

The basic type of Faraday Cage environment that will be used will be adapted for the marine environment where the dolphin will be in one tank separated from the other tank containing the man. A suitable Faraday Cage apparatus will enclose both tanks.

Another possibility is to use an electronic device (invented by Andrija) which not only blocks out external electromagnetic waves, but also has the effect of placing the person in an Alpha brain wave state as long as the device is worn. It has been established that placing a person’s brain waves at the Alpha frequency range of 7 to 9 Hz. it enhances his potential for ESP communication. The device is adaptable to the dolphin.

In order to carry out the experimental design, several types of laboratories will have to be maintained. 1) A main technological research base at Reynolds Park in Devotion, North Carolina. There will be housed the main electronic research laboratory, the main computer facility, and a Faraday Cage building. 2) A main dolphin research center. For this we will try to rent facilities on the island off the coast of Georgia, called Sapelo. 3) Ship laboratory. This will be needed for open sea trials – to carry out communication research under more natural conditions. An electronics laboratory will be on a research vessel, and trained dolphins will be in the open sea. 4) A special truck will be built to carry dolphins back and forth in sea water.”

The reason I elaborate on this subject is because I find it fascinating, and I hope that some of my readers will agree. Having had the privilege of swimming and diving with dolphins, and having watched people work with mentally retarded children and dolphins, I whole-heartedly agree with Andrija that research in this field is of great importance. Dolphins are noble creatures. They radiate pure love, and we all know that love is the most powerful energy of all. To watch the children respond to the dolphins and vice versa was a wonderful experience for me. Not only children, but also adults have experienced true communication with dolphins. I have spoken with, and read of people whose lives have changed drastically after an encounter with dolphins. They said that it was as if they could hear them talk, and they were overwhelmed by the love they felt. I wasn’t that fortunate. Maybe my brain waves weren’t at the right frequency at the time.

I have not found any further reference to this research project; hence I do not know whether Andrija was able to continue with it. An aspect of this research is, however, still being conducted by a number of scientists in Mexico and the United States, including Dr. Eldon Byrd, formerly of the U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Before I go on, I must expatiate a little on the device that Andrija invented – the electronic device that places a person in an Alpha brain wave state of 7 to 9 Hz. He would be delighted to learn that his skeptical former wife listens almost every evening to a CD called ‘Brainsessions’, composed by the Dutch musician Ad Visser, which, as he claims, places her brains right into that Alpha brain wave state of about 8 Hz. Thousands of people besides me have discovered the soothing comfort of his music. Why this specific frequency?

I will again quote from a paper, prepared by Andrija in 1984. It is called CHANGES IN GLOBAL WEATHER AND BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, WITH A REVIEW OF THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ELF RADIATION FROM TESLA TO THE PRESENT (see “Publications and Patents by Henry K. Puharich M.D.” on page 195): “A frequency of 7.82 Hz is present on the planet all the time. It is the frequency that has a powerful effect on all living things.

We know that if the power spectrum of the magnetic waves in the human body peaks at a center frequency (measured by, nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, by EEG, and the magnetoencephalogram) of 8 Hz, spreading out around that center frequency up to about 200 to 300 Hz on each side band, that body will be a normally operating physiological system. Why is this so? Because this 8 Hz frequency is the spin-spin coupling constant of the hydrogen atom, especially in resonant hydrogen bonding of DNA. It is the hydrogen bond that resonates at this frequency; this is what keeps the hydrogen bond stable. But if it deviates the least bit from 8 Hz. toward, say, 6 Hz, or goes over 11 Hz, there will be a triggering of DNA replication. And that can have many different effects:

1) In mice, irradiation with 20 to 25 Hz magnetic waves for two months produces cancer. This form of cancer induction can appear in any organ of the body. The most sensitive organ is the hemopoetic system.

2) In humans, 6 Hz ELF irradiation for 1 to 3 days continuously. produces the following effects: a) cardiac palpitation, b) tension headaches, c) bradycardia, d) psychological depression, and c) memory disturbance. These effects are due to suppression of norepinephrine production affecting particularly the brain stem. The overall effect is that of cholinergia.

3) In humans, 11 to 15 Hz ELF irradiation for one to three days produces in susceptible individuals manic behavior which in a crowd situation can spill over into riotous behavior. The signs are: a) increase in the heart rate and in metabolism usually connected with stimulation of the adrenal cortex, and brain stem, triggered by an overproduction of norepinephrine. The overall condition is that of adrenergia.

To give an example: When I was deeply immersed in this research with a group of scientists, we found out that artificially stimulating human beings with 18 Hz is the equivalent of taking about 20 mg of Dexedrine. After about 2 hr, it began to take effect; that is, the subjects began to “speed.” This “speeding” is not due to the mechanism that produces these effects after taking Dexedrine; it is the result of increased cell division, due to this stimulation of the DNA mechanism at frequencies of between 16 Hz and 18 Hz.

The exact mechanism of the cancer effect may be of interest here. The DNA starts to divide and sends out a signal to the messenger RNA. One of the forms of the RNA goes to the ribosome, which is part of the nuclear mechanism that determines the sequence in which amino acids are put together to produce peptides. Peptides are the enzymes that control most of the body’s biochemical mechanisms. It has been found in mice that this is the mechanism that rearranges the order in which amino acids are supposed to be strung together, thus producing unnatural peptides and enzymes. These in turn lead to a mutagenic or carcinogenic action.

Irradiation with an 8 Hz ELF magnetic wave does not produce any abnormalities, and in fact has a tendency to show a healing effect.”

“Is there anything that human beings can do, individually or collectively, to the disturbed ELF resonance of the earth’s magnetic field?” Andrija wondered.

“The answer to this basic question,” he said, “is yes.”

What he thought should be done is to take the following steps: 1. Human beings being what they are, there would have to be a charismatic political leader who took up the torch, someone around whom all of humanity could rally, so as to initiate cooperation among all governments.

2. There would also have to be a charismatic scientific leader, who would be able to persuade most scientists that there is a viable technological solution.

3. The fact that we have tremendous global communication capability through TV and satellites means that we would have to find a cinematographic genius to produce a motion picture equivalent in impact to the recent film The Day After (which describes the aftermath of nuclear devastation). This would have the effect of alerting and educating most of the inhabitants of the Earth.

4. Once some cooperation had begun (and, of course, it is Mission Impossible to think of getting such cooperation underway!), concrete programs could be initiated in the technological area.

Some of these programs are summarized below.

  1. All ELF transmitters on the earth should be stopped from using the frequency they now transmit, because they are all bad frequencies for plants, animals and man. They should all be tuned to the 8 Hz frequency, so as to support plants, plankton, fish, animals, and human beings, in order to stimulate growth, and in order to start reducing the CO2, or “greenhouse” cycle. The only way to stop the CO2, cycle is to bring onto the earth billions and billions of trees and plants, which can take in CO2, from the atmosphere and return more oxygen to the air, in order to lower the present concentration of CO2,
  2. Billions of trees must be kept healthy and growing vigorously in order to take CO2, out of the atmosphere by storing it in wood.

3. The entire earth should be covered with a dusting of montmorillonite, a chalky powder that contains most of 72 trace minerals that are required for healthy plant, animal, and healthy human growth. It would help to revive dying forests and would also bring hope to those parts of the planet that have not seen forests for centuries.

4. All use of synthetic fertiisers should be stopped; man should return to labor-intensive organic agricultural methods.

5. Man must somehow cut down all noxious gases and CO2, emissions from industry, automotive vehicles, aircraft, and ships as soon as possible.

6. The ozone shield in the stratosphere should be restored, in order to protect us from the harmful effects of ultraviolet. The same ELF transmitters now in use can be used to create ozone layers in atmosphere.

7. Purify and clean all water supplies for man, animals, and plants. There are different ways of purifying water, but the first thing that one must do is to clean up the aquifer. There is a method of changing water by running it through magnetic fields. I have been one of those working on an experiment in Mexico, in which water in irrigation tubes is run through a magnetic field, and when the water comes out, its properties are changed. Such magnetized water can be fed to trees, sugar cane, and various vegetable products; it has been found that within 6 months there was a doubling of the crop yield without any additional input of fertiiser, nitrogen, phosphates, or other substances.”

Such were Andrija’s goals for mankind, and in spite of the opposition to his work, he continued his life long quest to help humanity.

In addition to working on a “personal shield” that would block out ELF waves, he travelled all over the United States, Canada and Europe to give lectures, in order to warn people of the dangers of ELF emissions (see “Publications and Patents by Henry K. Puharich M.D. ” on page 194). He worked on the ozone cancer treatment, and set up a healing program with healers. He had discovered that when a healer, with the intent to heal, brings his hands close to, but not touching the healee, the brain waves of the healee and the healer come into resonance within seconds, showing a peak power spectrum at 8 HZ.

Whether Andrija’s heavy workload was the reason for Rebecca’s discontent, I do not now, but she became unhappy enough to leave him. When Andrija was in Los Angeles in July 1984, she telephoned him to say that she was leaving, taking the children with her. Andrija took the next plane to Greensboro, North Carolina, but on arrival home, she and the children were gone.

Already scarred by similar and other personal tragedies, this must have been a devastating blow for Andrija.

When I met him a year later for the wedding of Maritza in Massachusetts, he looked frail and forlorn. We stood in the church holding hands, and I saw tears streaming down his face. Again when I wanted to comfort him, he wouldn’t let me. He did ask me though why I, and his other wives had left him.

In 1986 Andrija became quite ill. He lost 35 pounds, and showed the first signs of diabetes. He had a loss of sensation in both feet, and both hands, and had motor paralysis in both legs, with extremely painful joints. Being still sound of mind he was able to treat himself. As we have seen, a few years later he unfortunately could no longer do so, and should have gone to a nursing home.

In 1988 he stayed with my new husband and me in Holland. Still a wonderful conversationalist. Andrija regaled us with fantastic stories of all his endeavors. How he had made Peter Hurkos work on President Reagan to negotiate a “cease-fire” with President Gorbachov. (Remember that Peter had become a personal friend of the Reagans). In December 1987, Andrija told us, he had arranged a private audience with Pope John Paul II in Rome to brief him on the dangers of the genetic damage done to all creatures on earth. The Pope had agreed to use his influence wherever and whenever he could. Glowing with happiness and pride Andrija told us that when Reagan and Gorbachov had met in Washington on June the first of that year, they signed a secret agreement (not to be released to the public), to terminate, and cease ELF warfare between their countries. But the damage had already been done, he said, and although not used for warfare any longer, ELF emissions were still detrimental to one’s health. In the United States the cancer rate had risen in certain older populations by about 40% as a result of the so-called “normal” emissions from TV sets and VDT’s.

Andrija presented me with his invention, which he called the “Teslar” watch. As long as I wore it, he said, it would block out all negative ELF waves, and put my brain in a pleasant, healthful 8 Hz Alpha state. Like the rest of the world, we had not taken Andrija seriously.

It was the last time I saw Andrija until September 1994.

I have been told that it left him with nothing, that the defeat took the last fight out of him, and that he withdrew from the world. The latter is hard to understand of a man, who loved having people around. We rather believe that it was Susan Mandell who kept him from most of his friends and his family. He never even answered our letters. When I asked him in September why he hadn’t, he said that he had never received any. Susan may have believed that it was in Andrija’s best interest to isolate him, but I feel that, besides disillusionment and disappointment, it was loneliness that eventually killed Andrija.

I would like to end this biography of Andrija Puharich with the words of his friend Tom Bearden: “The warrior is gone, but the impact of the battles he fought has changed us, and that change will ever remain. He was one of a kind, and there will never be another”

I know that the impact of what I learned while writing this book will ever remain. Even after death Andrija was my teacher, and I know also that on another level of reality, Andrija will always be with me.


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