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Saturday 15 June 2002
Jacko’s Devon thriller

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made an impassioned speech for the world to live in peace and harmony during ad1an extraordinary visit to Devon.
Exeter City Football Club provided the stage for the world-famous singer when he appeared at a charity fund-raising event on Friday evening.
Jackson was visiting Devon as a special favour to his close friend, Uri Geller, who was recently appointed joint chairman of the Division Three club.
Fans waving banners gathered early to catch a glimpse of the star as he arrived in Exeter.
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Jackson arrived in a stretch limousine, having travelled from London on board a specially chartered train.
Dedicated fans waiting to meet their idol
Also travelling on the train for an away-day with the star were 100 die-hard Jackson fans, each excitedly clutching a £100 “ticket to ride.”
One excited teenager in Exeter said: “I love his music, I love him, I have read his books, I just enjoy everything about him.”
Some 10,000 tickets were sold for the event at the club’s St James’ Park ground. Die-hard Exeter City fans said the stadium had not been as full for 10 or 20 years.

Dedicated fans waiting to meet their idol
Dedicated fans waiting to meet their idol

Dressed in black, sheltering under a black umbrella and arriving in the ground in a vintage car which was soon mobbed by the media and fans, Michael Jackson had to make his way through the crowd and run to the stage where he was introduced by club chairman Geller.
As a gesture of thanks, the club announced that he had been made an honorary director of Exeter City – to which Jackson replied, “Wow, thank you so much”.
But the star behind record sales of 200 million albums did not actually perform any of his hits. Instead, he made a short address during the charity event.
“Hello to you wonderful people of Exeter, to you great supporters of Exeter City Football Club. I am very happy to be with you today,” he said.

“Today we come here to support children with Aids, we share our love for the children. We will help them to build a good future, a future without prejudice.
“We are here to support the people of Africa to fight the spread of HIV and malaria through education and awareness.”
Jackson was mobbed when he entered and left the ground in a vintage car
He added: “We are here to support you, the supporters and players of this great football club.”
Jackson then went on to call for an end to prejudice and hatred in an extraordinary speech to his adoring fans.
“Sadly we live in a state of fear – everyday we hear of war on the radio and television, in the newspapers, we hear of nations hurting each other.
“We must learn to live and love each other before it is too late. We have to stop the prejudice, we have to stop the hating, we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbours.
Jackson then asked the gathered crowd to take the hand of the person next to them in a spontaneous gesture of goodwill.
“Go ahead don’t be shy,” he said. “Now tell the person next to you that you care for them . Tell them that you love them. This is what makes the difference. It is our only hope and without hope we are lost.”
As a parting gesture to the crowd Jackson quipped: “One last thing – England is going to win! “

Michael leaves the stage and is mobbed by fans and press!
Michael leaves the stage and is mobbed by fans and press!

Jackson on stage with magician David Blaine (far left) and Exeter City chairman Uri Geller (far right)
Security guards fought a loosing battle to stop fans surging onto the pitch as Jackson went on a second attempted drive around the football ground in the vintage car.
Although Jackson did not sing at the concert, a number of bands and dance troupes were lined up to perform.
Earlier in the day, bedlam erupted as Jackson and his entourage arrived at London’s Paddington station to board the train to Exeter, as a screaming mob of fans from all corners of the globe tried to get close to their idol.
The American superstar, jostled and pushed in the melee, was lucky to escape injury as mass hysteria gripped his die-hard admirers.
The scene at the station was pure chaos, recalling Beatlemania back in the 1960s. Scuffles erupted and extra police were called as the fans surged forward on the platform.
“It was just horrifying. He was knocked to the ground,” said spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller.
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“I honestly thought we wouldn’t make it and we would end up in hospital,” Geller told reporters after battling to get aboard the ‘Jackson Express.’
Geller, who is hoping to raise money for a children’s charity and the soccer club, said he had never before experienced anything like the screaming mob.


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