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Thursday, June 1, 2000

Uri Geller

The spoonbender and paranormalist sees the web as a “volcano of ideas” and believes we are living through “the most explosively creative period of mankind’s evolution for 500 years”. His site is at


The internet will obliterate secrecy, but also governments.

Here, the Balkan spywatcher Mario Profaca maintains a searching focus on the world’s intelligence organisations at his mprofaca website.

A similar watch on the proliferation of cults and doomsday churches that have sprung up at the millennium is carried out by sociology professor Jeffrey Madden and his University of Virginia students at his religious movements website.

This is the first-ever “click to donate” site. Visit the hungersite and two cups of rice or wheat will be aded to a United nations shipload of staple food bound for a starving country.

A child under five dies of hunger somewhere on earth every five seconds or less – but here somethging can be done because the web gives you the power to change this.

The tireless Michael Lindeman has set up the best-ever global sky-watch for UFOs at the cninews site.

You may not believe in visitors from other planets, but a few minutes spent scanning his concise reports on strange sightings from highly credible witnesses on every continent is worth it.

It will convince any fair-minded person that – while an explanation has yet to be found – something keeps showing itself in the stratosphere.

If you feel inclined to say a prayer, but you are worried that God won’t be listening, then go to the newprayer site.

They’ve tracked God to his last known address – that point in the sky where the Big Bang occurred – and they’ve made the bold assumption that the Supreme Deity hasn’t moved in the past 12 billion years.

Type in your prayer and it will be broadcast through the ether by radio telescope, free of charge, to God’s home.

For more fun with outer space, have a play with stars and planets – especially at this planet – at the fascinating and beautiful fourmilab site.

For the most exciting and intriguing interpretations of the stars and their movements as they influence us on this planet, visit one of the best astrologers on Earth, Jonathan Cainer, at his website.

Every aspect of jewish culture, but especially Jewish current affairs and news, is covered at the absorbing and comprehensive maven site.



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“There is no spoon!”

The Matrix

“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

Tannens Magic Blog

“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

Clint Eastwood

“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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