A GREAT many people felt that when Nature published the results of the Stanford Research Institute tests the controversy would ease off, and more interest would develop among scientists in getting deeper into the subject. I was really excited when I learned that Nature was going to publish the SRI paper in its October 1974 issue, even though it had been in the works for a long time. While the reaction in the general press didn’t quiet the controversy, it did seem to show that new scientific interest would develop in a field that had been ridiculed or ignored for a long time.
Even the New York Times, which doesn’t usually give much attention to paranormal matters, came out with an editorial which said: “The scientific community has been put on notice ‘that there is something worthy of their attention and scrutiny’ in the possibilities of extra-sensory perception. With these words, the respected journal Nature called on scientists to join – or refute – millions of non-scientists who believe human consciousness has more capabilities for real perception beyond the five senses…. The editors of Nature have taken an important step to stimulate scientific discourse, openly posing the issue ‘whether science has yet developed the competence to confront claims of the paranormal.'”
Nature printed its own editorial saying the SRI paper was bound to create a stir in the scientific community, and it did. The New Scientist, which had access to the SRI paper before publication, ran a cover story the same month Nature published its article. The New Scientist was highly critical, as a magazine has every right to be. But its article spent page after page criticizing the SRI paper not in any scientific way, but using interviews with magicians and speculations that had nothing to do with the scientific method the writer thought so much of. In other words, the New Scientist writer himself broke every rule he claimed was necessary for a scientific experiment. The most flattering thing he said about me was that Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff “are no match for Uri Geller.” Since both these men are laser physicists, and have been for many years, I’d be proud if that were true – which it isn’t.
The wildest charge that the New Scientist made in its article was its suggestion that I have a miniature radio implanted in my teeth, based on a design Andrija Puharich had developed to help deaf people hear. Since the magazine used over a page to create this untrue story, I think it’s important to say that John K. Lind, a New York dentist, examined me in his office in December 1974. His report said “I can attest to the fact that clinical and radiographic examination of his mouth, teeth, and jaws reveal no foreign objects implanted such as transistors, metal objects, etc.” Time continued to try to discredit the SRI tests in its November 4, 1974, issue by talking about the New Scientist article.
But the most important thing was that the portion of the SRI tests that appeared in Nature was only the tip of the iceberg, leaving alone such other phenomena as metal bending. The tests at the University of London had not been completed at the time the first Nature article came out, and the important part about these, as I have mentioned earlier, is that they include confirmed tests on other people who were triggered by my television appearances. In other words, I wasn’t even in England when those tests were concluded on other people, so there is no chance of connecting those tests to mine. Yet they are showing similar results and point toward the conclusion that these energies and forces seem to be coming into play as something new in the universe.
John Hasted wrote me and said the disappearance of an object from one place and its reappearance in another – a phenomenon he had observed several times – made him “suppose that on its journey it did not have normal existence in our space…. Did it cease to exist on the journey, or did it continue to exist in some other way?” He mentioned his “hunch that the disappearance-appearance events are fundamental, and suggest that they might be at the bottom of the metal-softening and also the electrical phenomenon.” And, incredibly, he told me that after I visited with him at his home, he has been able, repeatedly and seemingly at will, to induce a clock in his house to strike.
John learned early in 1975 that Nature was to publish the paper he and David Bohm had collaborated on after their experiments with me. It appeared certain that other papers on the “Geller Effect” would be accepted by leading scientific journals, and the direct physical effects of these forces would be presented formally to the world of science for the first time, fully documented and verified. The new studies would now complete the picture. Further, an international conference of many leading scientists was scheduled in Tarrytown, New York, for February 1975, to analyze the effect of these newly discovered forces and what their impact would be on science. These were signs of new interest in the mysteries of these energies, which are still waiting for a scientific explanation.
Personally, I continued to run into more and more unexplainable happenings in the beginning of the New Year. One of these was described in a letter from Robert Stigwood. He had burned himself before a flight to New York and had an uncomfortable blister on his hand. “About an hour out of London,” his letter said, “I opened the Daily Mail and started to read a serialization about you.” Robert said he then “carefully folded the page from the newspaper with the photograph showing in front and placed it in my jacket pocket” and for the rest of the flight “placed my blistered finger against the photograph.” He fell asleep and forgot the blister until he was walking in the airport in New York. “I looked at my finger and the blister had disappeared. I was obviously very surprised and could find no logical explanation for this phenomenon.”
Another amazing event took place in the apartment of the mother of a friend of mine in Italy. I visited her during January of 1975, and we had a long talk about the paranormal. While we were talking, a small ashtray levitated from a table and dropped on the floor. But some minutes later, an even stranger thing happened.
We heard a faint crash that seemed to come from a glass cabinet in the room that contained shelves of porcelain dishes she had collected. We went over to the cabinet and saw a small blue statuette lying on the shelf. It was a miniature Egyptian statuette, made of a light blue ceramic material, small enough to lie in the palm of the hand. My hostess was shocked, because the cabinet was locked, and this object had never been in the cabinet before. She had never seen it, anywhere.
She unlocked the cabinet and took it out. As she did, the object suddenly cracked in half. She was so surprised that she dropped it, and I was able to catch the two pieces as they fell. The inside was made of a crumbly, plaster type of material. The statuette was that of a male Egyptian, and it looked very much like an inexpensive souvenir of the kind made in Hong Kong or Taiwan. It had an unusual stale odor about it.
My hostess was a little frightened by the experience. She urged me to take the object with me, which I did. I wrapped it carefully and put it in my suitcase back at the hotel. As I did, I couldn’t help remembering the old stories I had read about King Tutankhamen, and the curse that had followed the scientists who had unearthed his tomb. However, I didn’t think much more about it until I went to New York, where I showed it to Solveig Clark and told her the story.
She was fascinated by the piece and seemed to think it was of far more interest than a souvenir trinket. When she asked if she could take it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to have them examine it, I of course agreed, but I didn’t expect anything to come of it.
She went to both the Metropolitan and the Brooklyn Museum, where there are several Egyptian experts. Both museums not only certified it as dating from 1200 B.C. to 700 B.C. and named the possible dynasties it was from, but also said that the figure was in an extremely fresh state of preservation. Again, a mystery remains: How could this rare, ancient object get into a locked glass cabinet of a woman in Italy who had never seen it before? So the puzzles are continuing, with still no clear answer except they are becoming more clearly verified and documented to the point where they can no longer be doubted, even by skeptics.
When everything is added up, I don’t really know what the intelligences want. If I know one thing, it is that these intelligences are working and communicating, no matter how hard that is for anyone to believe. My theory is that the energies are coming through me from a higher source. I am not talking about God here. I’m talking about things under God. Still, I really don’t understand all the things that are happening with me, or through me.
What I’m trying to achieve is this: I think it’s important for the world to know about these intelligences, because they are real and they are going to prove out, even if it takes time. Another approach would be to hide everything, keep it confidential. I don’t believe in that. I want to put everything out on the table. I know that these forces will work only for the good of mankind and that nothing sinister is going to arise from the situation. Everything will then be working as a positive force.
I’m working hard now for that reason, and for the security I’ve never really had in the past. Like everybody else, I want to be free of worries about telephone bills, monthly payments, getting behind in the budget, and that kind of thing. If I can get a reasonable amount of security, I can sit down for a month or more and think about what I really want to do. Shall I work solely with science? Shall I continue roaming around the world? Shall I explore myself? Or what? I’m not sure yet. That’s why I’m giving lecture-demonstrations all over the world, recording an album, doing TV shows and a motion picture. I have written this book for people who want to be aware of and share the incredible events that I have experienced and continue to experience.
The big thing is to try to understand why these things happen. Why does a piece of metal lose weight under these forces? Why did the tapes come on with those low, mechanical voices? Why have I been able to take those UFO pictures? I don’t even like to use the term “UFO,” because to many people it’s never been credible. They think you’re crazy. But even though I don’t know what they are, I know they exist. It might be that big cosmic clown I’ve mentioned before, playing with us. He might be dropping a lot of clues, but he seems not to be communicating with us as fully as he could.
I keep thinking there must be a reason. There must be a reason for all the controversy that has boiled up, for critics to strain so hard against this, even in the face of solid evidence. There must be a reason for these intricate, complex experiences.
I feel that so much of everything goes back to that Arabian garden in Tel Aviv so many years ago, when I was so young. It is a scene that comes back to me often.
And some things – at the base of everything – come clearly to my mind and my heart.
I believe that God exists. There is no question about that.
I feel that under God are endless intelligences, many of them greater than ours.
I am convinced that there are people here on earth with incredible power, and many of them are not aware of it.
I think that everyone has a message of some kind. What has happened and is happening with me can happen to you.


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