My Dream Movie’s Reality

The Mirror
My Dream Movie’s Reality
2002-07-17 17:00

ll my life I’ve had a dream to make a movie. There’s a screen inside my head when I can telepathically project images from other people’s minds.

I use it when I tried to visualise good things for myself and my family, and trying to picture places far away. This is called remote viewing and I will talk about this in a future column. When I published my novel Ella three years ago I was determined to turn it into a film. I flew to LA and smoozed every film producer on Sunset Boulevard. I must have bent 500 spoons as I excited people about the story about a teenage girl who develops the power to heal through the TV. But I flew home dejected. To film Ella was a wonderful dream why did I keep waking up? My wife Hanna looked at me and said “you must step from hoping o believing”! Hanna was right she always Is. My eagerness was probably setting off warning bells in some producer’s minds. The answer was to forget the dream and focus on reality. For weeks I repeated to myself Ella will be filmed. The book will become a film. This is called affirmation, by stating something positive over and over again you instill confidence and banish doubt. Try this if you are studying for exams. I will revise hard. I will answer the questions is well. I will pass exams. Don’t sound desperate as you say it sound sure. Sound confident and repeat it a thousand times a day. Affirmations and a gentle form of hypnosis. They work slowly and then make you feel great. And they work. The proof? I’ve just signed a contract with Bernard Rose. The highly regarded director of cinema smashes such as the Candyman and Anna Karenina to produce Ella. Hollywood here I come.


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