June 25, 1996

Uri Geller: I healed Vice President Gore’s son – with a teddy bear

Super psychic Uri Geller reveals he used his amazing powers to heal Vice President Al Gore’s son after the youngster was hit by a car and critically injured.
Geller psychically energised his own son’s teddy bear and sent it to 6 yearold Albert Gore – and the boy made a stunningly quick recovery!
“You can put good vibrations into things and the energies I implanted into the teddy boosted the child’s own healing powers,” declared Geller. In a heartfelt letter, Gore and his wife Tipper expressed their gratitude to the psychic. The Gores wrote “Thank you very much for your thoughtful note and your son’s thoughtful gift of his teddy bear for Albert . . . We are extremely relieved and grateful to report that Albert is at home now and is improving dramatically.”
Geller sent the cuddly stuffed animal after reading that young Albert suffered a broken thigh, broken ribs and ruptured spleen in the 1989 accident.
“Albert needed traction and was put into a full body cast,” said Geller. “For a while, they thought he would die. I knew I could help, so I sent him a psychically energised teddy bear.”
“It worked! After Albert began hugging his new teddy, he improved fast. Within just a few weeks, I received a photograph of Albert hugging the bear.
‘Thanks, Uri!’ the Gores wrote.”
“I knew he’d get better – because I’d energised the teddy before.”
“When my son Daniel was a small boy, he fell from a window and needed 68 stitches in his lip and chin. I took his favorite bear and concentrated my mental energy into it.”
“Then I simply put the teddy in my son’s bed and let the healing energies do their work. The doctors couldn’t believe how fast he got better!”
Now Geller plans to send psychically energised teddy bears to hospitals around the world to help heal sick children.
“A teddy bear’s mission is to bring love, happiness and comfort,” he said.
“But children who hug these bears will get a bonus-their healing powers will be boosted, too!”

URI GELLER holds giant teddy bear. He plans to energise smaller bears and send them to hospitals to help heal sick children.

BEAR HUG: Photo of a recovering Albert that the Gores sent to Geller.

11 Sept 1996


Uri Geller’s zapping teddy bears with healing powers to help sick children get well.

Spoonbending psychic Uri Geller is now using his powers on teddy bears to help sick children get well.
He plans to send ‘psychically charged’ teddies to hospitals and orphanages all over the world so children can be helped on the road to recovery by the ‘locked in’ energy and healing power.
‘You can put good vibrations into things and the energies that I put into the teddy bears will boost the children’s own healing powers,’ says Uri.
Each handmade bear will carry its own world-wide Peace Passport and an agate stone which Uri will touch and energise.
‘When the children hold and hug these bears they will feel the energy,’ says Uri. ‘No-one can prove it, of course. But then no-one can scientifically prove how I bend spoons!
‘And even doctors agree that the power of a psychological boost can help immune systems. The children will know the bears are special and sent with love and it will help them.’
The idea of energising teddy bears with healing powers first came to Uri when his own son Daniel had a terrible accident when he was 6 years old.
‘Daniel fell two floors on to a hard marble hall floor and cut his face open,’ recalls Uri. ‘It was horrific. He almost died and needed 68 stitches in his lip and chin.
‘It was one of the worst moments of my life. I decided to concentrate all my mental energies into his favourite bear -Matsko.
‘I thought lots of positive and healing thoughts, then placed the teddy in my son’s bed and let the healing energies do their work. The doctors couldn’t believe how fast he got better.’
Matsko came to the rescue again 2 years later, in 1989, when Uri learnt that Albert Gore the 6-year-old son of his friend US vice President Al Gore, was critically ill after being hit by a car.
‘I knew I could help,’ says Uri. ‘So I sent him Matsko. We all poured our love and positive feelings into it.
‘And after Albert started hugging the teddy he got better.’
His parents wrote to Uri: ‘We’re relieved and grateful to report that Albert’s at home now. Thank you for your teddy bear.’
Uri’s always had a special relationship with teddies because he’s convinced his own teddy bear saved his life when he was just 6 weeks old.
We lived in Tel Aviv, Israel,’ says Uri, ‘and my parents had left me in my pram near a window.
‘Suddenly two gunshots rang out and shattered the glass into my pram. My mother ran in from the next room to rescue me and found that my teddy bear was covering my face. He’d shielded me from harm.’
Recently, Uri added to his collection of bears when he bought a famous Steiff bear at Sothebys.
‘It cost me £12,000;’ says Uri, ‘but I didn’t mind because I knew the money was going to a Bosnian orphanage.’
Now he hopes many of his special healing bears will go there, too.
‘A teddy bear’s mission is to bring love, happiness and comfort,’ he says.
‘But children who hug these bears will get an added bonus… their healing powers will be boosted too!’

The bear and the Passport

‘When the children hold the bears they will feel energy’


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