National Enquirer article.

6th Feb. 1996.

In ENQUIRER’s worldwide psychic experiment…


The amazing powers of famed psychic Uri Geller have stretched around the world – thanks to The ENQUIRER.

Our mail has been full of success stories since millions of readers took part in our exclusive experiment in which Geller offered to change their lives.
People have won the lottery, improved their health, found the home of their dreams and gotten money they desperately needed.
“This proves once again that my power can act as a trigger to release the dormant energy in people’s minds,” said Geller.
We published a photo of Geller’s hand three months ago and asked each reader to place their hand on that photo at precisely 2 p.m., October 14. We also told readers to stare into a picture of his eyes on the same page while declaring, “Power! Power! I am receiving power!
At the same time, Geller projected his energy from England.
“I felt millions of thoughts penetrating my mind. There was a collective energy emanating from everyone.”
Pauline Mc Donough, of Liverpool, England, followed the directions – and won $12,000 car in a local newspaper contest.
“I’ve never won anything like this before,” she told The ENQUIRER. “Thanks a million, Uri!”
Brian Michaels also placed his hand over the photo, “just as a joke,” he said.
Within three minutes, his fingers began to tingle and the sensation spread up his arm.
“The feeling lasted all day,” said Brian of Hanover, Pa. Then he heard good news from a company that had interviewed him months earlier. They gave him a new job – with a salary that nearly doubled his old one!
And that wasn’t his only good news. A cavity suddenly disappeared from a tooth he was scheduled to have filled. He hit the Pennsylvania State Lottery twice, winning more than $1,200. The money will be put to good use – he recently learned he’ll soon become a dad.
He plans to name the child Matthew Uri Michaels.
“I was an extreme skeptic about psychic power, Brian admitted. “But now I’m firm believer.”
Christopher Keenan of Los Angeles said Uri’s power turned his life around. Within hours after Christopher participated in the experiment he purchased two winning lottery tickets.
“My chances of winning were one in 340,000,” he said.
“Since then I’ve also dropped 12 pounds I hadn’t been able to lose, my relationships at work have dramatically improved and my personal life has never been better.”
And Uri has never been happier.
“It gives me the most incredible satisfaction to help people,” the psychic declared. “Even if you gave me $1 million, it wouldn’t feel any better.”



You can develop your ESP by practising a few simple exercises, reveals a top expert, who trained psychics for the CIA.

The ENQUIRER recently disclose exclusive details of incredible feats performed by American psychics who used ESP to spy on the Soviets for over 20 years.
And physicist Russell Targ, who directed the project for the CIA, said it’s easy to develop your own psychic abilities.
“There is no secret, just a few pointers – and anyone can do it,” he declared. Here’s how:
PLAY MENTAL GAMES to tune your intuition. Guess who’s calling when the phone rings. Flip a coin and choose heads or tails. Rifle through a deck of cards, trying to pick out red or black. Soon you’ll develop an inner sense to help you get the right answers.
BE ALERT to hunches. Sometimes you’ll want to take an unlikely object along with you for no apparent reason, said Targ. “You could find the object is invaluable later. When that happens, try to recall the inner feeling you had when you thought of taking the object -that’s your ESP at work.” With time, you’ll become more tuned into these ESP signals.
IMPROVE YOUR awareness of your surroundings. Be aware of sounds, smells, sights, tastes and feelings,” said the expert. “How cool is the air around your forehead? Can you hear a clock ticking? This will boost your ESP abilities.
GET A FRIEND TO help with this experiment: Ask the friend to pick a location, unknown to you, and spend 15 minutes there observing the surroundings.
“While your pal is there, sit in a quiet, dimly lit place and relax. Try to describe the location where your friend is. What do you see? What colors or shapes come to mind?
“You can sketch what you see, or tape-record your feelings or have a second friend write them down.
“After the 15 minutes are up, visit the target location as soon as possible, while your ESP images are still fresh in your mind. Compare them to what you actually find at the site.
“You’ll be amazed at your own psychic ability. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get!”
Once you develop your ESP, you can put it to good use, said Targ.
“You can find a missing friend, a misplaced object or even a parking space in a crowded city. One friend used it to find a slot machine that was about to pay off.
Possessing even a small amount of psychic ability can make a big difference!” – PAUL BANNISTER


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