18th January 1977

For Years Doctors Couldn’t Help Her, Then . . .

Diplomat’s Crippled Wife Watches Psychic Uri Geller Perform on TV And Cries Out: `It’s a Miracle! I Can Walk Again!’

“It’s a miracle! I can walk again, and it’s all because of Uri -Geller!” heal3
Virginia Leitao was ecstatic. The wife of Brazilian diplomat Vasco Leitao, former ambassador to the U.S., was describing her dramatic recovery from a crippling disease.
It occurred suddenly – while she watched Geller perform on TV.
The Israeli psychic was displaying his ability to bend metal with thought waves on – a public television station in Rio de Janeiro.
“I was watching the show with my husband and some friends at our home and was very impressed,” said Mrs. Leitao, a victim of arthrosis, a crippling disease of the joints.
“I thought I would try to catch his mind, and I kept repeating to myself, ‘Please help me to walk, please help me to walk!'”
“I’ve been to doctors all over this country seeking help for my condition. I have suffered terrible pains and have been unable to walk.”
“But as I was watching Mr. Geller, I had a sudden sensation of well-being. I thought to myself, ‘I can walk- and I will walk!'”
“I closed my eyes, put my hands on the arms of-the chair, and eased myself into a standing position.”
“I was standing on my feet for the first time in three years without help! I was amazed, and. crying and happy – all at the same time.”
“I took a few tentative steps and had to wave away my friends who rushed over to help me.”
” ‘I don’t think I’m going to need any help,’ I said proudly.”
Mrs. Leitao has been walking without aid ever since her July 16 recovery.
“For three years I had been under the care of specialists, and taking drugs to relieve pain – but I’ve never felt better,” she declared.
Said Ambassador Leitao: “My wife suffered arthrosis for three years and was in agony much of the time. We know without a doubt that Uri Geller’s mysterious powers have enabled her to walk again. I can’t explain how. All we know is that when she saw him on television she was able to get up and walk. We have tried many doctors to help my wife – but none have been able to help her.”
One physician who treated Mrs. Leitao, Sao Paulo neurologist Guilherme Coutinho, told The ENQUIRER:
“I am astonished at her recovery. I diagnosed that she had arthrosis. She was unable to walk for long periods of time. And she required assistance when she did walk.”
“I am at a loss to explain how she can walk freely now. I cannot speculate on Mr. Geller’s powers – but I cannot deny that Mrs. Leitao is walking freely now.”

MIRACLE CURE: A grateful Mrs. Virginia Leitao tells psychic Uri Geller how she was able to get up and walk after watching him on TV.


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