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I was standing beside my wife in the bank, thinking about the funeral of the Queen Mother which takes place tomorrow.


The relentless focus on death and destruction provided by news cameras could drive the greatest optimist into fits of despair, and it is important for us to turn off the coverage frequently and direct our thoughts onto positive targets. Helpless worrying does nobody any good, especially the worrier!

Thankfully, we heard wonderful tidings from Israel when we learned this week that Arab friends have received the gift they had long prayed for – a baby boy. His name is Hassan, and he is a brother to three angelic little girls. This family are peace-loving, and abhor the violence every bit as much as I do.

Miracles like this happen literally every moment. According to the US Bureau of the Census, more than 250 babies are born worldwide every minute. That’s 15,000 an hour, 360,000 a day. Every one of them filled with limitless hope and potential.

Baby Hassan is a naturally psychic being – for nine months his eyes have been closed, and his only sensations have been the warmth and sounds of the mother’s body. Telepathy has been his sole means of communication and, as many mothers will confirm, an unborn child’s telepathic ability can be uncanny.

We all retain that power, but lack of use makes it weak Renew your contact with your own telepathic power right now by tackling the Psychic Challenge above, and rediscover your inner baby!


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