No seeds of doubt for me

By Mike Hallowell

FAITH IN URI JUST GROWS … Geller appeared to make seeds burst into life.

LAST week I told Bizarre readers about my encounter with the incredible Uri Geller.seeds

I watched Uri read people’s minds, bend spoons and fix watches but even I was unprepared for his most spectacular demonstration of psychic power.
Believe it or not, it involved nothing more grandiose than a packet of radish seeds.
The audience watched, curiously, as a young volunteer was invited on stage to help.
At Uri’s instruction, the lad tore open the foil packet and poured some into the palm of Geller’s hand.
For those who might think there was something a bit dodgy about them, let me assure you they were just plain old radish seeds from Homebase.
With the index finger of his other hand, Uri gently stroked the seeds for several seconds.
To avoid allegations of sleight of hand, a camera sent close-up visual images to a giant screen hanging overhead.
So what happened?
There were gasps as one of the seeds suddenly darkened and burst open.

Within 10 seconds or so, the shoot which emerged had grown to a length of approximately four centimetres.
I realised at this point that I was watching something truly extraordinary here.
This charismatic Israeli actually had the ability to speed up the cellular growth of plant material solely with the power of his mind and he has carried out such feats under laboratory conditions.
Of course, I could have been hoodwinked.
But readers shouldn’t assume just because I’m firmly supportive of Uri that I have lost my powers of critical observation.
I know how conjurers and stage magicians do what they do and they’re good at it.
I’ve been in this game for years.
But let me tell you, this guy is on another level altogether. Uri Geller is the real deal.
But Uri doesn’t see spoon-bending as the grand finale of his act.
These demonstrations of his psychic ability are, one suspects, simply devices for making the audience listen to his real message.
And that message is simple: “Believe and you will achieve. Think positive.
“Activate the extraordinary powers which lie dormant in each of us but only ever use them for good.”
According to Uri, we all possess the ability to do extraordinary things – it’s just that most of us don’t.
Uri doesn’t want us all to be spoon-benders – he just wants us to realise that the same force which bends spoons can be harnessed and used for a much more constructive purpose.
By bending spoons, Uri Geller demonstrates how it is possible to change hearts and minds.
And it is this, I would venture, which is this extraordinary man’s greatest gift.
He really can motivate people to grasp the untouchable and attain the impossible.
In short, he aims to make the world a better place by getting us to believe that we really can achieve it.
I caught up with Uri after the show, and, as we shook hands, you could almost feel his extraordinary energy surging through his fingers.
Believe me, he has a personal aura strong enough to stop a charging bull rhino.
If you get the chance to see the Geller Experience, please don’t pass it up.


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“There is no spoon!”

The Matrix

“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

Tannens Magic Blog

“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

Clint Eastwood

“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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