Paranormal Effects and Speculations

Anyone who has looked at the enormous amount of information available in the history of Psychical Research soon finds that the phenomena there seen fall into a number of broad areas. The implication may then be drawn that they are related at a deeper level.

Physical paranormal effects

Objects often appear and disappear, around psychics, without normal cause. During this process they are frequently seen to behave as if they have little or no mass. It is interesting that some of the many observations of UFOs seem to behave in this way. Any object that does disappear is unlikely to leave it’s mass behind so it is perhaps not surprising that objects subject to these forces may behave as though they have lost some of their mass before actually disappearing. To understand more about mass requires the full development of the theory of the Higgs field.

There is often a ping sound when an object materializes (or a crackling when an apparition leaves). This may represent the change in energy when it arrives. What is strange is that the energies associated with these events seem to be so small.

The metal bending effect seems to vary from person to person. With some there is a movement of atoms inside the specimen and a softening, or melting, representing the reduction of energy barriers. The processes at work seem to be the same as those responsible for the teleportation of objects. Others appear to bend without softening. Brittle objects will tend to snap. There may be a different ratio of PK acting at microscopic to macroscopic sizes for each individual.

Paranormal electrical conduction path effects are usually associated with the metal-bending effect. This may be essentially the same action at work on the air. Interestingly Crawford found that there was a rod-like structure involved in the table tilting seance sessions popular in the last century (W.J. Crawford; The Psychic Structures at the Goligher Circle, Watkins London & Dutton, New York; 1921.). This could move powder from the floor to the medium. Charged electroscopes were observed to discharge when a medium started work. More recently, it has often been observed that batteries mysteriously lose their charge when in the presence of a Poltergeist.

Another phenomenon observed among those who produce physical paranormal effects is the apparent overlap of different spatial regions. Some report that they can place their hands over the abdomen and feel what is inside. Uri Geller for years demonstrated an act where a person took a pin and jabbed the air in front of them. He tried to project the part of his body there that they requested. The result was a small spot of blood on the part of his body that he was trying to project. Thought photography reported in Mind over Matter could involve photons getting from a distant region to the inside of the camera. Perhaps the concept of space-time actually folding back on itself in some higher dimension is not as far fetched as it at first seems. It is even possible that it may intersect with itself. What the psychic would then be doing is to align the intersecting regions enough over a spherical surface for some sort of an exchange (or teleportation) to occur. What remains unexplained is why teleported objects are never mirror reversed into antimatter.

Recently there has been speculation that this folding or overlap may be responsible for ‘dark matter’ in the universe. According to the theory, the gravitational interaction passes from one layer of space to the one folded back but adjacent to it.

The rapid germination of seeds by psychics is a little more difficult to explain but has been witnessed on many occasions. Although a reduction of mass of the atoms would increase reaction rates and thus speed the germination, some of the psychic phenomena with plants appear to cause changes that are more complex. For example the one in Uri Geller’s garden. The changes in genetic structure from one plant type to another or one element to another tend to imply that the object is reduced to an entirely abstract conceptual existence which can be manipulated before returning to become a physical object again. Andrija Puharich claimed to have seen transmutation of elements without any significant radioactivity.

See the section on teleportation for a description of matter materializing in another object.

Information effects

Telepathy is the most common phenomenon. Occasionally siblings find that they are able to transmit telepathic messages with complete reliability for ten trials or so. Uri Geller has performed many spectacular feats involving remote perception at SRI.

Information is obviously required to determine where an object will vanish and arrive. Often this information produces an astonishing synchronicity. For example the materialization of objects lost several years before without the psychic being present.

Remote viewing has provided a good example of such information effects at work. One of the best books to read on this is Remote Viewers.

Dreams often use images taken from the next day’s events. To explain how this occurs, as I believe it does, needs one to realize that information is more primary than matter. It often appears that the reason for this precognition is to trigger the memory of the dream.
What is the ‘subconscious’ doing when a person dreams of the events involved in their own death and the person then fails to avoid it?

These information effects imply that science is missing much of structure within the physical world. One may conclude that there could be the equivalent of neural layers that occur naturally within brains. Some quantum physicists have proposed information fields associated with matter. A speculation that could explain the former is that there are many fields similar to electromagnetism, but such that there are no naturally occurring charge carriers. If these fields were to interact with each other over small regions with positive and negative sensitivity, but in such a way that on average they are usually unobserved, then it would be possible to transform information (as energy) to different orthonormal representations. A brain effectively transforms information to many alternative representations and then selects amongst competing alternatives, picking the one that has greatest excitation. This would have to be a kind of wave function collapse. Such a system would transport energy through the layers from physical systems adapted to interact effectively with it, to affect other parts of the world. The uncertainty principle could be an indication that these fluctuations are from a real source of this nature. Obviously there is a long way to go theoretically before being able to formally propose how such a system operates.

There is an example of such an unobserved field in electromagnetism where the magnetic vector potential or A field can carry longitudinal waves. In an antenna these waves are radiated along its axis, however, the distant electric field is produced by contributions from both the A field and the electric potential gradient. These two exactly cancel along the antenna axis and so nothing is observed. (They combine in the orthogonal plane to produce transverse radio waves.)

However, consider the zero-point fluctuations in the A field. It is worth considering how a longditudinal A field would behave and interact with matter. Dipoles would probably convert this form of energy back and forth to waves of electric potential. Such a wave would, presumably, excite a dipole and lose energy through dipole radiation or absorption. It would be interesing to investigate if this is so, and if the process could be reversible.

The possible role of other intelligent beings.

There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth.
It has recently been proposed (New Scientist) that – life should be very common in the universe and that it will only take a million years to colonize the galaxy. The problem is then that such colonists should be here. Only if there is a way of organizing and communicating at superluminal speeds would it be likely that a “non interference policy” would have developed among advanced civilizations.
The flaw with this train of thought is that it assumes that we are the peak of technical and mental evolution; or at least that the way we are likely to behave extends to more advanced beings and they share our limited physics.
It may be that the ‘paranormal’ effects that the mind can produce are the basis of such communication and travel. The gap in our understanding of reality could easily conceal the answer.
We can now consider why those youngsters who produce paranormal effects often report seeing UFOs. What they see may be self contained life forms or projections of mental or physical objects, rather than craft. They may be interested in certain individuals. In the book by the Uphoffs there is an example of a more direct contact. What is said seems plausible, that most life forms would eventually prefer to replace physical bodies with a nonmaterial one if it is found possible to do so. It may be that these beings are able to observe us and our life history as they wish – the popular idea of Angels. Andrija Puharich thought that he was in contact with some such beings. The texts are included on this website for general interest.


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