Pet telepathy

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Pet telepathy
2002-07-19 11:00

All my life I have owned dogs, and I know the unconditional love I receive from them is like a healing energy. Being with my waggy friends fills me with vitality and high spirits.

This bond is often so close it becomes telepathic. Once, as a teenager in Cyprus, I was exploring some hillside caves when I realised I was lost in the labyrinth. My matches ran out and I thought I would starve there. I desperately wished my little dog Joker was with me – and suddenly he was How he found me I’ll never know. But he led me to safety and, ever since, I’ve never been without a dog called Joker.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake, a former Cambridge don and internationally respected biologist, has studied the connection between human and pet, and discovered some extraordinary animals like a psychic African Gray parrot called N’Kisi who lives with her trainer, Aimee Morgana, in Manhattan. Sheldrake recorded tests in rigorous scientific conditions where Aimee turned over a photo, saw two people cuddling … and in another room N’Kisi squawked: “Can I give you a hug?” Then Aimee picked up a picture of a man with a receiver to his ear – “Watcha doin’ on the phone?” demanded N’Kisi.

Another Sheldrake star is JayTee, a terrier who knows when his owner Pamela Smart is coming home, even if she tries to fool the dog by turning up at odd hours. The scientist’s videotapes prove Jaytee spends an average four per cent of his day at the window – but he’s there more than half the time when Pamela’s on her way home.

Have you got a psychic pet? Use a video camera and a notebook to keep track of occasions when your faithful friend seems to be reacting to your unspoken thoughts – and be sure to send the proof to me here at the Mirror.


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