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“It is in man’s nature to seek answers to unsolved questions; indeed, it is vital to our survival as a race that we should uempursue this quest for knowledge.
But knowledge needs to be attended by a sense of wonder, of uncertainty about the answers to all our questions. We need to be reminded how small and fragile is all life on Earth in the vastness of the universe. Too much knowledge can make us arrogant; so overconfidence needs to be tempered by humility.
This sense of wonder is certainly reflected in many of the strange mysteries featured this picture card series. Some are truly exciting and all can stimulate our imagination. Take the Yeti, for instance, of which I have found clear evidence on a number of my journeys in the Himalayas. It is worth remembering that the mountain gorilla, the giant panda and other creatures were only rumoured to exist until about 100 years ago. So it may be with the Loch Ness Monster, for there have been a number of reports of similar creatures, as you will see in this collection.
I hope that you will enjoy this mixture of curious facts and feel intrigued by the questions they raise. We would all like to know the answers but I rather hope, at the end of the day, some mysteries will still remain, as much as for our sake as for the conservation of nature itself. I am thankful that, in man’s journey into space, there will always be countless millions of stars he will never reach.”

THE LORD HUNT of Llanfair Waterdine, KG, CBE DSO, is most famous for leading the successful British Everest lhExpedition which conquered Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, in June 1953. This followed a distinguished military career and linked up with his love of mountaineering and skiing.

Lord Hunt has many varied achievements to his credit including being the inspiration and founder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and its Director for ten years (1956-66) serving as President of the Council for Volunteers Overseas (1968-74) and as Chief Executive of the National Association of Youth Clubs from 1975 until June 1986.
Lord Hunt has himself encountered ‘the unexplained’ on several occasions – he first found evidence of the Yeti in the Himalayas in 1937 and again in 1978 when he found and photographed fresh Yeti tracks at dusk on the slopes of Everest. Shortly After, whilst sheltering for the night in a Sherpa’s hut, he heard the Yeti’s strange cry.

keyFascinating glimpses into the Unknown, at the frontiers of knowledge and experience.
Written by Robert J. M. Rickard
Devised and produced by David Leon
ROBERT RICKARD, freelance writer, editor and researcher, has been interested in unexplained mysteries ever since he avidly read science fiction as a boy. After attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Higher Diploma in Design, Robert Rickard became founder/editor of Fortean Times, a quarterly international journal of strange phenomena and which he still edits after 13 years. He is co-author of three popular books covering the spectrum of mysteries: Phenomena (1977), Photographs of the Unknown (1980) and Living Wonders (1982). He is also founder of the Archives for Fortean Research, which aims to preserve and record unexplained data for future scholars.



36. Mind over Matter

Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic who claims to bend metal objects with an undiscovered mental power, became an scrunchovernight celebrity on British TV in 1973 after softening and breaking a fork simply by stroking it.
Before this, a Russian housewife named Ninel Kulagina could influence objects to move. Many of the powerful spiritualist mediums of the past could levitate objects during seances. Since Geller, many children have demonstrated partial control of the mind-over-matter force that parapsychologists call psychokinesis, but only a few have proved it in a laboratory.

Following the example of Uri Geller, many British school children tried to bend metal objects by their mindpower. One boy managed to create this tangled mass of paperclips, while they were sealed in a glass sphere, in an experiment for Professor John Hasted, of University College, London.


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“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

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