Pictures from My Story

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My father and mother,
not long after their wedding
My mother and I when I
was about four years old.
A school picture taken in
Nicosia, 1963, at Terra Santa
College. I’m the boy in the
checked shirt.
Joker and I in Nicosia.
My father and I in 1967.
My father in the British Army.

Me in the Israeli Army at
the same age as my father.

Iris Davidesco and I in 1972.
My friend Shipi Shtrang.
At a party with Abba Eban in 1971.
Visiting an Israeli friend
wounded near me during
the Six-Day War.
After the war. The poster
at my shoulder announces one
of my lecture-demonstrations.
Before a night jump.
The instructor is checking
my reserve parachute.
Concentrating on stopping the
escalator in Munich in 1971.
The cable car that stopped in Germany.
An engineer and I in front of
the console where the switch
for the cable car flipped.
Barbara Scheid and her
silverware, which bent during
a telecast in Germany.
Two photographs taken during
a lecture-demonstration
before 4,000 people in
an indoor arena in Geneva
Trying to influence a
Geiger counter at the
Lawrence Livermore laboratory
in California.
The experimenters are setting
up cameras to film an experiment
at Livermore. Ron Hawke is
at my side and Ron Robertson
is in the background.
An experiment to test
brain waves, conducted at
Stanford Research Institute in 1973
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
and I in Palo Alto.
Dr. Harold Puthoff of SRI
watching as I try to influence
a little weight under a bell jar.
I succeeded.
Professor David Bohm (on the left)
and Professor John Hasted
of Birkbeck College,
University of London.
Dr. Hasted is holding a
spoon, which started melting
in my hand and continued
to melt and bend in his.
It finally broke in half.
David Bohm holding a
thick metal cylinder that I
am trying to bend.
On my right is the Geiger
counter I influenced.
Professor John Taylor of
Kings College, University of London,
observing as I concentrate on
bending a strip of metal
that is attached to an
extremely sensitive scale.
A sequence of frames from
a Super 8 movie film taken
by James Bolen, editor and
publisher of Psychic magazine.
The fork, which Bolen personally
verified as being intact
before the demonstration, gradually
became pliable at its
mid-section as I rolled
my thumb and index finger
over it. It finally broke apart.
This “No Left Turn” sign
bent as we were recording
the album in a studio nearby.
I wonder …
“… so I said to this guy
Uri back there, ‘Okay
, Smarty-pants, what else can
you do, apart from bend spoons?'”
Byron Janis, the world-famous
pianist who also composed the
music for my album,
with his wife, Maria,
Gary Cooper’s daughter, and me.
John Lennon and I talking
about UFOs.
Muhammad Ali and I.
On the Merv Griffin Show,
July 19th, 1973.
Painting in my studio for
an exhibition in Europe.
Trying to photograph myself
through a sealed lens cap.
The two frames
that actually came out.
The screened porch at
Andrija Puharich’s home in
Ossining, New York, after the
screen had been fixed.
I went through the upper
section above the sash.The two frames
that actually came out.
The photograph I took through
the window of the Lufthansa
jet after my camera had
levitated in front of me.
As I was shooting the
picture I saw nothing outside.
Uri Geller performing in Israel in 1971.
A sample of the results
of the telepathy experiments
conducted under controlled
conditions at Stanford
Research Institute, Palo Alto,
California, and published in
Nature magazine.

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