Power of crystals

All my life I have owned dogs, and I know the unconditional love I receive from them is like a healing energy. Being with my waggy friends fills me with vitality and high spirits.


Here’s one answer – a crystal saved my son’s life.In the hall of my home we have a mountainous rock crystal which once belonged to Salvador Dali. During the early Seventies I was a guest of this strange man and his wife, Gala. He was fascinated by my powers – all his life he had been painting liquid spoons and molten clocks. I believe Dali thought he had conjured me from his own imagination. Long after Dali’s death, I saw his beautiful crystal was being sold at auction. I had to buy it. No price was too great. And I believe the stone repaid my extravagance.During my 40th birthday party my son, Daniel, who was then five years old, fell head-first from the first floor, over a balustrade to the marble hall floor. I think he had been listening to the laughter, and he leaned out too far. We heard a scream and a sickening thump as his little body hit the hard floor. I ran to him, instantly fearing the worst. He was not moving. But when I picked him up, he was alive – badly cut, but not feeling any pain. Daniel, who went on to make a full recovery, had landed close to the crystal.On the day after my birthday, I walked into the hallway and bursts of light exploded from the stone. I ran to the door, to see if a laser beam had been aimed, for some insane reason, into my hallway.But there was nothing. The light came from within the stone itself.I knew then the crystal had become a well of energy protecting my family.


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The Matrix

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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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