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He cures reporter’s wife by telephone

URI GELLER, who makes headlines wherever he goes, is now acclaimed in Italy after triumphant demonstrations in Genoa.
His latest achievement is a dramatic, instantaneous absent healing over the telephone. It happened to the wife of a journalist. He testifies to the results in a nine-page, illustrated leading feature in the August issue of a glossy monthly psychic magazine, “II Giornale dci Misteri” (Journal of Mysteries).
Uri Geller passed through my life like a meteor,” says Piero Cassoli. “I feared I would die ~~rithout witnessing physical phenomena. Un gave me the opportunity.”
He found these “as natural as daylight, repeatable, controllable,” and more important than materialization seances.
Cassoli has “waited 25 years to see such phenomena.” His equally eager wife could not jom him when he went to report the Israeli’s visit.
She was in bed with agomsing migraine, which usually lasted several days.
He told Uri, who said he wanted to speak to her on the telephone. “When she is as ill as this she can hardly speak Italian,” replied Cassoli, “let alone English.”
“Call her,” insisted Uri. “But are you also a healer?” asked the reporter.
Uri said, “No,” but finally persuaded Cassoli to do as he asked. When he spoke to his wife her voice was faint and slurred. Reluctantly, with scepticism, she agreed to talk to Un.
He told her to do certain exercises and apply pressure to her upper arms.
The migraine vanished within ten minutes. She got up, “like an automaton. I felt like Lazarus rising and walking.”
She took a taxi and joined her husband at the home of the Marchesa Lola Doria, Un’s hostess during his Italian visit.
Earlier, soon after Un’s arrival there, spontaneous key-bending and similar phenomena took place.
The most amazing involved an alabaster egg standing on an antique silver plate on the mantelpiece.
Suddenly the egg fell to the floor. No one in the room was near it. In a few minutes, as the witnesses, sitting four yards away at the other side of the fireplace, were discussing the incident, the egg vanished.
Un picked up the silver plate and held it. “I feel the egg is above this,” he said. “Where and how I don’t know.”
As he spoke the plate’s rim began bending. The marchesa quickly wrenched her precious antique from Un’s hands.
While waiting for Cassoli’s wife’s arrival the journalist was discomfited when Un gazed at him with a strange expression.
Then he heard a noise – and watched the alabaster egg fall, apparently from the ceiling, behind tjri’s back.
“It hit me here,” said the Israeli, tapping his left shoulder.
The astonished journalist found himself thinking a good conjurer could have simulated this. “But where could Un have possibly concealed the egg? He was wearing a short-sleeved, close fitting shirt and trousers that would need contortions to put on.”
Uri obviously picked up his thoughts. Raising his arms and turning round he asked, “Where couldI have put the egg?”
Later, as the party left for the dining room, a gold jewel case, the size of a tangerine, out of
the air, says Cassoli.
The marchesa confirmed it always stood on a piece of furniture which Un had not been near.

Supernormal is fact

Cassoli testifies that white he was with Uri, at about half-hour intervals, parts of broken cutlery and pieces of metal “arrived, from who knows where, usually behind our backs. We all saw them fall.”
He now accepts the reality of physical phenomena. “Man’s action on material without application of a known mechanical force is a fact.”
Uri’s Genoa visit was the result of an invitation from Alberto Zucconi, Florentine parapsychologist and founder of the Bioenergetic Research Centre.
He had heard of Un’s “strange” gift from leading US psychic research colleagues. Un agreed to demonstrate at their sixth international convention in Genoa.
Cassoli reports what happened before 25 people, including leading biologists, doctors, lawyers, physicists and psychologists.
The demonstration was arranged by the Parapsychological Centre of Bologna’s research and experimental group.
Un succeeded in making a broken watch go and bending metal objects. He seemed irritated when handed forks, knives and keys, says Cassoli, but cooperated.
Then came a new experiment. The reporter watched carefully as a quartz crystal was wrapped in cotton wool and put in a securely-sealed plastic box.
The researchers wondered if Un could influence or modify the crystal’s molecular structure. The Israeli sprinkled water on his hands, which he held over the box, letting some drops fall on it.

He did not touch the box. And he stood well away from it as the scientists opened the box. To everyone’s astonishment, including Uri’s, they found the crystal split in half.
Cassoli asked Uri to autograph his copy of Dr Andrija Puhanch’s biography of him.
Uri wrote on the fly leaf, “Thank you for this fantastic trip and especially for having met you.”
Cassoli says he does not care if some sneer at these words. “It is truly a fantastic story, a fantastic
trip. For me it was a unique experience, so extraordinary I think it should be told.”


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