Psychic power ‘put station off air’.

Tuesday March 17th

Reading Evening Post

Friday the 13th: Uri Geller asked listeners to channel energy

Psychic power ‘put radio

station off air’


SONNING spoon-bender Uri Geller was almost lost for words when a spooky Friday the 13th experiment left listeners radio ga-ga.


London’s Heart FM went off air for eight seconds on Friday at the precise moment Uri, a guest on the breakfast show, asked listeners to touch their radio sets.


He said: “I didn’t believe it myself at first. I thought they were pulling my leg.”


“I asked the people listening to touch their sets and concentrate positively because it was Friday the 13th and some people are scared of that date.”


“There’s no scientific explanation for what happened but when you ask people to activate their inner energies you create some kind of frequency and that frequency interferes with the electronics of a TV or radio station.”


Uri was so surprised at the station black-out he phoned his wife, Hanna, who was listening to the broadcast while driving daughter Natalie to school.


He added: “She said she heard it go off the air with a crackling noise. The engineers were quite shocked and bundled me out of the building through some back alley to keep me away from their equipment.”


Moments earlier Uri had been talking about his psychic novel Ella in which his heroine knocks a TV station off air.


Heart FM programme controller Kevin Palmer confirmed Heart’s signal went down about 8.10am on Friday, just after Uri urged listeners to join him in combating the negative vibes of Friday the 13th.


Mr Palmer said: “On the radio one second’s silence is like a hour and the engineers were running round like headless chickens.”


“Our transmitter is in Croydon and if we go off the air it is the transmitter’s fault. We contacted the independent company which runs it and they say it could have been a power surge.”


He added: “I’m quite a sceptic about these kind of things, but it really was very strange. I’m convinced now about psychic powers.”


Uri was at the Reading Evening Post stand at Rivermead Leisure Centre for the Yellow Pages Reading Half Marathon on Sunday, signing copies of his new book Ella. He is donating royalties to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in London and to the Bristol Children’s Hospital.



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