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I was baffled by the frenzied claims of French archaeologists who thought they had discovered the Missing Link earlier this month. And I doubled up with laughter when sceptical scientists retorted that the fossilised African skull belonged not to a pre-human ancestor of ours, seven million years ago, but to an ordinary gorilla.

The professors and the sceptics think this means that paranormal forces are a figment of the imagination – but they couldn’t be more wrong. I believe deeply that so-called ‘scientific proofs’ are a trick of the mind. Yes, I could walk into a lab and bend a spoon: I have done it many times. But who would be convinced? A few scientists… who would probably convince themselves I had fooled them. Even if I bent 50 spoons, in 50 labs, the rest of the world wouldn’t accept the truth. Instead, 5,000 more scientists would be challenging me to bend spoons in their labs.
The sad fact is that most human beings are reluctant to believe anything that the rest of the world doesn’t believe.

That’s what makes the job of Amnesty International and the Red Cross so
difficult: for months their investigators have been trying to warn the world that allied soldiers were committing atrocities against Iraqi suspects in prisons. No one listened… until suddenly everyone started listening.

Most people are reluctant to admit they believe in UFOs… even though many have seen the evidence with their own eyes. The Mexican air force, for instance, is desperately downplaying the idea that spacecraft from other worlds or other dimensions are patrolling our skies – even though their own pilots filmed 11 UFOs surrounding a military jet earlier this year. The pictures show, in crystal detail, almost a dozen luminous spots moving at impossible speeds. At first the pilots thought the spacecraft were private jets flown by drug smugglers. The black box recorder reveals one of the crew started yelling, ‘We’re not alone! This is so weird!’ The radar operator who first spotted the UFOs, Lieutenant German Marin, later told reporters: “I think they’re completely real. Was I afraid? Yes.” Anyone who flies to holiday destinations abroad puts their faith in men and women like Lieutenant Marin. We trust them with our lives. Yet most people find it impossible to believe what the air crew all say they saw – even though they have videotape to back up the claims.
I have learned you can never hope to make everyone believe you. That’s why I believe it is so important always to tell the truth.


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