Psychokinesis: Let’s Bend a Spoon – Psychic News – February 2, 2000

Psychic News
February 2, 2000


Let’s bend a spoon

By Philip Solomon

Many psychics and even those with untapped abilities can bend spoons, there are even those who under test conditions have moved a needle on a compass, drawing it away from the pull of Earth’s magnetic field, or causing objects to move under glass domes in full view of independent and objective witnesses.

I have often moved things in this way but in truth it is a bit and miss type of occasion for me, perhaps the reason being I do to some extent see it as either showing off, or a waste of time and energy literally! So perhaps that is why sometimes it works for me one hundred per cent and at other times to a lesser extent. However, I know a very famous friend who can achieve incredibly almost one hundred per cent results in this field every time so I do know it works.

Indeed, I have seen him bend swords let alone spoons and move heavy vehicles with only Mindpower. The Russians have for many years known and accepted this matter and have conducted extensive research and experiments. Indeed I know people from that part of the world who claim funding has always been available for such experiments and research, even when other things have been cut by their governement to the very bone!

But returning to my friend – he tells me he just visualises pure energy around an object and then simply tells it to go or move, and time and time again I have seen other psychics achieve similar feats, although perhaps not so spectacularly as this gentleman. In my understanding of this field I do not believe it is the same form that is used for healing which I believe requires both compassion and altruism, whereas psychokinesis, in my experience, can work well when one is actually charged up.

For example, when on edge or almost in a controlled temper – psyched up if you like – like a boxer or wrestler about to enter the ring. I do know on a personal level many sportsmen and women use this technique pre-competition. One lad I assisted with this work – a former England football player, felt that learning about this improved his game by about ten per cent.

The most famous of all spoon- benders is my colleague Uri Geller, the man who started and stopped watches and twisted metal into all shapes and sizes on live television. He also told those at home they could do it too and they did! This in my view is a typical example of collective consciousness at work -Uri understood this and presented it to the people who then took part and of course, succeeded in large numbers.

I have done similar things myself. At the BBC Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham some years ago I conducted an experiment I called The Psychic Spiral, whereby BBC Radio and the Sunday Mercury newspaper teamed up with me and published a picture of myself and a spiral. I asked the readers and listeners to look at this spiral at a prearranged tune and they would then he able to expect things like clocks starting again that hadn’t worked for many years, perhaps bending spoons, or have what might he described as a psychic experience, and of course it worked, as listeners jammed the lines at the BBC to report such things happening.

But it really couldn’t fall. Let me explain. The audience was linked up to an individual (me) who, with (I hope) greatly developed psychic ability and alongside collective projected energy, simply became the catalyst for many. For those of you who have taken development circles or demonstrated as mediums, you will obviously understand this. But for those who have not, it was quite simply all those thousands of people out there who were good enough and willing enough to link mind to mind with me and vice versa, to form collectively focused phenomenal powerful energy. A thirteen year old boy bent spoons just like Uri does and showed the people at the Sunday Mercury that he could do it again to order. A very old antique clock started to tick again for the first time in ten years. Even the clock at the Sunday Mercury offices stopped at exactly 3pm – the exact moment of the test! And of course literally hundreds of other things happened and were reported too.

Psychokinesis is a fascinating subject, but to he honest I often wonder if in twenty or thirty years tinic it will be seen as quite normal to do things with the mind that now seem amazing and unexplainable. I can also assure you that if you wish to try this and succeed the most important key is that you have to believe totally you can do it. For many that will simply he enough. For some reason if you doubt for a moment that you can’t then you just don’t succeed. For others, the next time you feel really intense, perhaps even a little angry or in a temper as I have said earlier, try the experiment, then, for sure it is much better than speaking harsh words or hurting someone! So why not give it a try and have that total belief now that you have the inside knowledge to do it?

Don’t forget to practise psychic protection or say a little prayer for protection before you do. Oh, and by the way, if as you have been reading this feature anything unusual has happened, that could just he combined collective consciousness too and I would certainly he very interested in bearing from you as I am sure, would the Editor.

There are those who I am sure would say jokingly, let the force he with you, but there are also those who would say quite seriously that the force always was!

It is just knowing how to tap into it and totally believe that you can do it, and if you do this – well – you too might bend a spoon.


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