Publishers Weekly’s review of Uri Geller’s Life Signs

Publishers Weekly, Feb 18, 2002
Uri Geller’s life signs: Transform your life through your personality type. (book review)


Spoon-bending psychic Geller puts aside Mindpower and paranormal science in this self-help–oriented guide to understanding one’s personality.

He explains his concept of the nine basic life signs into which everyone’s personality can be categorized. When people can identify this sign, says Geller, they are better able to understand their individuality and make positive changes.

He splits life signs into three groups: Feelers (who act on inner certainties), Thinkers (intellectuals who work things out, but may notact on their knowledge) and Doers (who take action even when there is no rationale for doing so). Each of these types has various qualities–both positive and negative–and by recognizing these characteristics, Geller asserts, people will be better able to cope with stress and also have more affirmative dealings with other people.

The catch? In order to determine their life sign, readers must complete a 144-question survey. The questions pose imaginative choices (e.g., “Which of these fictional chara cters do you prefer: [A] Robin Hood, the bold outlaw or [B] Little John, the outlaw’s faithful friend?”). After the analysis, Geller focuses on how people can have happier interactions with others and achieve more in relationships, work, financial goals, etc. — but he only lightly touches on how the life signs apply in this section. Readers who are able to recognize their own personality traits will be intrigued by this system, but the daunting survey and complex rating symbols will undoubtedly put off some. Still, Celler’s advice is sound, if unoriginal, and its touchy-feely angle neatly rounds out his science-heavy repertoire. Photos, illus. (Mar.)

Forecast: Given Geller’s reputation and his appeal as a performer, Life Signs should gamer a fair amount of media attention.

Named Works: Uri Geller’s Life Signs: Transform Your Life Through Your Personality Type (Book) – Reviews


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