Queen Mother

Words come out of your mouth, expressions form on your face. So where do telepathic signals come from? And how do you receive them?


I had been musing on the mysterious changes which overtake a soul when a human body dies. The Queen Mother, I am certain, has already been reunited with her daughter, Princess Margaret, and with her husband, King George – but until her loved ones, and the whole nation, have bid a fond farewell, I believe this grand lady’s spirit will be lingering on Earth.

WhenI glanced at the computer panel on the back of the cash achine at my elbow, it seemed to carry a cynical, sarcastic message. “END=0” read the display: the end equals zero. Once I had recovered from the surprise of being challenged in philosophical debate by a cash machine, I answered back telepathically. “You’re a machine, a primitive computer. When a human switches you off, that is the end – no memories, no consciousness, nothing.

“But we are immensely complex living creatures, spiritual and emotional beings, alive in ways which a machine could never comprehend. Even when our bodies are switched off, our lives continue on unimaginable paths.”

Perhaps you think I’m slightly barmy to argue with a cash machine. But the machine started it!

It’s easy to prove that humans are intelligent in dimensions a computer cannot reach – just try dowsing for this week’s psychic challenge. Hold the palm of your hand over each of the four symbols above in turn: when you feel a tingle or a burst of warmth, you’ve found the right symbol. You can’t do that with a PC!


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