Uri Geller got me hired at Microsoft

Uri Geller got me hired at Microsoft.
I was doing computer work for <name removed for privacy>
Uri had flown to Seattle to be interviewed.
He bent a spoon and key etc.
Afterward in the hall, I asked him which of the three he prefers, among the possibilities he had posed as to where the capability comes from.
He said aliens.
I smiled. I like that.
Then he asked what I do. I said I’m delivering newspapers but will interview at Microsoft next week.
We chatted a bit more until interrupted.
When he left, out the door, taxi waiting, I was standing in their dining room pondering all that just happened.
Then the door opened again.
I thought he must have forgotten something.
Instead he walked over to me, towering over me.
Pointing his finger in my face he said, now you listen to me.
When you go to those interviews at Microsoft, you make them hire you. Do you understand me? He repeated it.
He could see how shy I was.
Because of that, I was more confident, and worked there 8 years. It made the difference.
What a great great caring man. Brings tears to my eyes.
Next day I was showing someone how he bent a key, just lightly moving my finger over it.
My key bent to the point I could no longer use it.
What a bugger, he ruined my key LOL.
Have a great day,

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