Return of the prophet

Forget genetic modifications, forget organophosphate pesticides – simply cooking an organic lentil could be bad for your health, according to Kirlian evidence on the web.Already in this new century one man claims to possess similar powers. His prophetic dreams and visions appear to reveal a remarkable gift. But the weirdest factor of all is . . . this man is Edgar Cayce.

Even in the UFOlogy community, where extreme weirdness is the norm, the claims of David Wilcock are arousing scepticism and wariness. But this 27-year-old vegan, a promising sci-fi writer in the mid-Nineties, predicted the Japanese nuclear meltdown and the loss of the Nasa Mars probes.

His site is packed with warnings such as: “Stock market crash! The Archangel Michael told me, ‘The stocks will be devalued so much as to appear to be utter nonsense.'” The Archangel is specific – the Dow will plummet to 2880.30.

It is not just Wilcock’s dreams that tell him he is Cayce reborn. It is his mirror: his jaw is slightly less undershot, and his earlobes are bigger, but otherwise Ed and Dave could be twins.

Cayce. who died in 1945, announced he would return in 1998. Wilcock says he first connected his own dreams with Cayce’s trances in November 1997.

The Ascension2000 site does set out Wilcock’s wares. It offers personal readings at $150, which include an hour-long interview over the phone. Your dream guidance will be recorded onto cassette and mailed out – as soon as your cheque has cleared. You can also insist on a couple of follow-up calls, to clarify any mysterious bits.

Luckily, there is enough fascinating, contentious material on the website to ensure you don’t have to part with a cent.


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