Manchester Evening News 8 May 1996

  • Appassionata, by Jilly Cooper (Bantam, £12.99)
  • Mindpower Kit, by Uri Geller (Virgin, £19.99)

  • The Woman Who Walked Into Doors, by Roddy Doyle (Cape, £12.99)
  • Credo, by Melvyn Bragg (Sceptre, £12.99)
  • A Dog Called Demolition, by Robert Rankin (Doubleday, £15.99)
  • Our Greatest Hits, by Take That (Virgin, £14.99)
  • Johnny And The Bomb, by Terry Pratchett (Doubleday, £9.99)
  • The Sett, by Ranulph Fiennes (Heinemann, £12.99)
  • This Day All Gods Die, by Stephen Donaldson (Voyager, £16.99)
  • Royal Assassin, by Robin Hobb (HarperCollins, £15.99)

The Herts & Essex Observer 25 April 1996

  • Star Trek Voyager (volume 2.4)
  • Deep Space Nine (volume 4.4)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Babylon 5 (volume 10)
  • The X Files: Tooms
  • Legends Of The Fall
  • Pocahontas
  • Uri Geller: Mindbender
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Dumb and Dumber

Uri Geller’s *MINDPOWER KIT*


pstUri Geller first reached international acclaim as a psychic more than twenty five years ago when he appeared on television performing mind-boggling feats such as bending spoons and reading minds by using his powers of telepathy. The authenticity of Geller’s unusual powers prompted great controversy, although tests by leading scientists at major research institutes showed Geller’s abilities to be very real indeed. At Stanford, Geller correctly called eight out of ten die throws against odds of a million to one. He guessed the location of hidden targets at odds of a trillion to one. A team of research physicists at the University of London performed controlled experiments with Geller, who caused a Geiger counter to register 500 times its normal count. In fact, Geller has worked with U.S. intelligence organizations on many occasions and was once seated on a plane next to undercover KGB agents and instructed to erase material from the computer tapes they were carrying.
Now Geller shares the techniques he has developed throughout his career to utiise the “sixth sense” he believes we all possess in URI GELLER’s MIND POWER KIT (October 1996, Penguin Studio Books, $19.95).
The kit includes an insightful 144 page book; an audiotape containing techniques for both tapping into your inner resources and exercises directed at specific problems such as beating stress and slowing down the aging process; an orange meditation circle used to generate mental power; and a quartz crystal which serves as a tool for psychic healing, clearing the mind and divination.
Through the MIND POWER KIT, Uri Geller encourages the reader to take control of their physical and emotional well-being. He helps one search for the root cause of problems and promotes self-love as essential in battling any problem you may encounter. His techniques include:
USING VISUALIZATION TO IMPROVE YOUR INNER BEING: Visualization helps you look beyond your barriers to a time when you will fulfill your goals. Through visualisation, which encompasses meditation and the use of daily affirmations, you can improve your health, boost your self-esteem, build inner-strength and achieve security.
AWAKENING ONE’S WILLPOWER: Willpower is the energy that enables us to be powerful and positive and to achieve our goals. The best way to jumpstart willpower is through devotion, discipline, and determination. Once this is accomplished the possibilities are endless. You can stop smoking, lose weight, and live the life you desire and deserve.
USING COLOR AS THERAPY: Throughout the course of the book you will become more sensitive to color, and should begin to look at color as a source of healing. For example, the orange circle – which comes with the kit – combines the colors yellow and red. Yellow fills one with inspiration, and red gives one the energy to act upon that feeling. Surround yourself with the colors that help keep you feeling positive and well.
USING CRYSTALS TO HEAL: By using the specially energized quartz crystal that is included in the kit one can overcome stress, heal minor ailments, and feel more optimistic. Geller suggests that you grasp the crystal in your hand, then hold it up to the light and experience the glorious colors that emit from its different surfaces. Different crystals promote specific changes in the body. For example, amethyst has properties that help to cleanse the blood and strengthen the immune system.
THE SKILL OF DOWSING: In dowsing, a physical object, such as two crossed metal rods or an L-shaped metal wire, is used to indicate the presence of a desired object. This technique has been used to locate valuable resources in the earth such as oil and gold. Many people are natural dowsers, but have yet to recognize their skill. Dowsing can be seen as the application of one’s sixth sense or psychic ability. Uri Geller’s ability to dowse has made him a millionaire.
DEVELOPING YOUR ESP: ESP, or extrasensory perception is used in telepathy and mind reading. Have you ever suddenly thought of an old friend or family member, and they suddenly call or write out of the blue? This is one form of ESP. This mental state can be achieved by tuning in to the environment around oneself. When you first walk into a place you have never been to before, clear your mind of all distractions and wait for any impressions that come to you. Next, take note of any images or mental pictures that come forth in your mind and see if you can make any connections.
USING PSYCHOKINESIS: Psychokinesis, or PK for short, is the ability to influence physical objects through the power of the mind. Extraordinary feats, such as bending metal and fixing broken watches can all be done by mastering the skill of psychokinesis. During psychokinesis you are using concentration to activate the energy within the object.
About the Author: Uri Geller was born on December 20, 1946. He became aware of paranormal and telepathic powers at age four when a spoon curled up in his hand without applying any pressure. He served in the Israeli Army and was wounded in action during the Six-Day War of 1967. In the early 1970s he began to demonstrate his unusual abilities on television and developed an international following. Geller has written six books including My Story, the first volume of his autobiography and The Geller Effect, which contains a number of sensational disclosures about his life and exploits. Fifteen books have been written about him. Geller lives with his wife, two children, and five dogs in a small village outside of London. Extremely health conscious, Geller cycles 50 miles daily and is a strict vegetarian.

Share the Secrets of The World’s Most Famous Psychic

ISBN: 0-670-87138-9
PRICE: $19.95
PUB. DATE: October 1996




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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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