by E. Alan Price, M.D., The South African Institute for Parapsychology, Johannesburg.
E. Alan Price is a practising diagnostic roentgenologist in South Africa, and a former senior radiologist at the Johannesburg General Hospital. He is also Research Project Director for the South African Institute for Parapsychology, and the author of numerous papers on medical, radiological, and parapsychological subjects.
Uri Geller visited South Africa during the summer of 1974, giving lectures in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. During his visit and shortly afterward, many individuals reported that they had spontaneously developed Geller-like talents. Dr. Price appealed to the public through the press and radio to send in accounts of the experiences they thought were related to Geller’s visit. Thus, his investigation is a “field study.” His task was laborious and lengthy, for it was essential to establish a certain degree of reliability in the many reports he received. Dr. Price’s paper presents the investigative methods he used in weeding out the “good” from the “bad” anecdotes, descriptions of a number of the actual incidents that were reported, and his careful analyses of their substance and significance. Although Price’s study cannot offer proof of paranormal happenings among the general populace, taken with the laboratory observations of Drs. Thelma Moss, John Hasted, and John Taylor, it presents a strong case for the existence of psychical talents in average, normal individuals.
Published for the first time, with the permission of the author.

OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS a young Israeli psychic demonstrated in various capitals of the world, on radio and television, certain telepathic abilities as well as remarkable psychokinetic powers to bend metal and to start watches and clocks that have been out of order for varying lengths of time. He was investigated at the Stanford Research Institute by Russell Targ and Dr. Harold E. Puthoff,(14) who have confirmed his extraordinary extrasensory perception under conditions of sensory shielding.

From the very beginning of Mr. Uri Geller’s appearance in Europe and the United States, strange phenomena have been reported by various individuals who witnessed Mr. Geller’s live demonstrations, or saw him on television, or listened to him on the radio. These reports stated that, on following Uri Geller’s instructions, they too were able to bend metal objects simply by stroking them and willing them to bend, without applying any physical force whatsoever. Other reports referred to clocks and watches, which have not been going for many years, starting to “tick” once again without the direct physical intervention of Uri Geller. The reports also stated that in many instances the metal objects or watches reacted without being touched or stroked, and at a time subsequent to the broadcast or demonstration. It would appear that Uri Geller triggered off an inherent latent psychokinetic ability, on a hitherto unprecedented scale, in the population group that either saw him or listened to him. It is to this phenomenon that one refers as “The Uri Geller Effect.” At the moment it is not possible to be certain whether the Uri Geller Effect is due to the psychic ability of Mr. Uri Geller alone or to the arousal of latent psychic powers within the individual who experiences the Uri Geller Effect.

By definition, therefore, the Uri Geller Effect occurs at a variable distance from the physical presence of Mr. Geller. This distance may vary from a few meters to hundreds or thousands of Kilometers. Under these circumstances a possibility of trickery or sleight of hand, misdirection, or any other method of cheating is not conceivable. The only alternative explanation to that of a paranormal phenomenon is the possibility of conscious or unconscious fraud on the part of the person reporting the experience. At a later stage I shall deal with the evaluation of the evidence of the present series of cases.

The Source of the Material and the Method of Its Collection
Mr. Uri Geller visited South Africa from mid-July to mid-August 1974. He gave lecture-demonstrations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. He appeared four times on the radio but on only one occasion did he appeal to listeners to attempt to produce the same phenomena he was producing in the studio, and to telephone the results to the studio. He met people at various private functions and appeared at a charity evening in Johannesburg. From the beginning of his visit it became apparent that numerous phenomena occur outside the direct physical presence of, or contact with, Mr. Uri Geller. I then decided to launch a project that would attempt to collect, record, and analyze the various experiences that were reported to be taking place throughout the country. The method adopted was to insert in the programs a circular appealing for reports on any experiences a person might have had or witnessed during or after the lecture-demonstration. We also appealed to the public through the press and the radio to report to our institute any phenomenon that may have occurred and seemed to be associated with Mr. Uri Geller. We have also obtained a tape recording of the telephonic reports by various people who phoned the offices of the South African Broadcasting Corporation following Mr. Uri Geller’s broadcast and the appeal to the listeners to report immediately any phenomena that may have occurred in their homes or to them personally. Many of these people who telephoned gave their names and addresses and we subsequently wrote to them. It has to he stressed, however, that the response of the public to isolated single appeals through the press or radio produces a poor response. The general public is most apathetic and very lazy in coming forward to any such appeal no matter what the scientific project may be. In the case of parapsychology, the subject is further bedeviled by a reluctance of people to be associated with the investigator of paranormal phenomena. It was, therefore, very hard work, and a great amount of perseverance was required to accumulate the 137 reliable case reports. This is probably not more than 10 percent of the total number of phenomena that have occurred throughout the country.
A questionnaire was subsequently sent to all the people who reported such phenomena. About 85 percent completed the questionnaire.

The reports can be divided into two groups. The first group deals with Uri Geller and his personal demonstrations and appearance. The second group, and this is the group we shall be dealing with in this paper, deals mainly with the Uri Geller Effect on members of the population or audience who had no direct physical contact with, and were not subject to the intervention of, Uri Geller.

Order of Presentation of the Cases
There are obviously many ways in which the reported experiences may be grouped. My order of presentation is of course arbitrary. I have endeavored to group the cases in such a manner that each group will demonstrate a certain aspect of the conditions under which the effect manifested itself. I propose to relate to this paper only some of the experiences reported to us. No change was made in the language or substance of the reports. In certain cases, however, irrelevant material was excluded. Space does not permit the publishing of all the cases in detail. Only the initials of writers and percipients or experients are published, as anonymity was promised to all participants of this research project.

The Uri GelIer Effect Produced Among Members of the Audience During a Stage Demonstration
Case No. 30
This report was sent to us by Dr. T.E. of Johannesburg on December 24, 1974.
The event took place on the 17th July at approximately 10:00 P.M. during a demonstration by Uri Geller at a charity premiere at the Carlton Hotel Ballroom. I was holding a teaspoon in my right band, between thumb and middle finger, concentrating on bending the spoon through the medium of Uri Geller’s efforts, when I experienced a warm, tingling sensation in the thumb and finger, and the spoon began to bend. As I was skeptical about the “powers” of Geller, I would not believe my eyes and started to shout, “The spoon is bending” and displayed it to people around me, including my wife and professional colleagues.

The spoon kept on bending, and the more it bent, the more jubilant and excited I became until I reached a stage of almost “hysteria.” I kept on shouting, “Look, the spoon is bending more and more!” The “spoon bending” was continuous and lasted about four minutes and at the end the teaspoon was bent into a U shape. (Here Dr. T.E. drew the shape of the spoon before and after it bent.)

The following information was obtained from his completed questionnaire. Dr. T.E. is a forty-four-year-old male specialist gynecologist and obstetrician in private practice. He is married. He was a complete skeptic about the possibility of such an experience before it happened. He is a confirmed believer now. He stated that he did have a previous psychic experience. He believes, however, that his present experience was induced by Uri Geller, and does not think that he could repeat it on his own. There were nearly one thousand people in the audience and he was surrounded by his family and friends during Uri Geller’s performance. The delay in remitting this report to us appears to be due to the fact that Dr. T.E. emigrated to Israel in the interim.

The Uri Geller Effect Produced a Day Before and Repeated the Day After a Stage Demonstration
Case No. 43
The following letter, dated August 16, 1974, was received from Mr. P.J.M. H.-J., a sixty-three-year-old director of a large electrical company.
In reply to your circular inquiry following the visit of Mr. Uri Geller, I would advise you as follows:
1. On the day before I saw his performance at the Colosseum, I bent a key. It took me the best part of thirty minutes, and there were no witnesses. I told my wife and showed her the key and she promptly told me that she did not believe me.
2. The following day my wife and I saw the performance at the Colosseum.
3. On the day following the visit to the Colosseum I was telling three of my colleagues at lunch of the events outlined in 1. above. They promptly agreed with my wife, but suggested that I show them how I did it. This I did, and rather to my surprise, the second key bent. This occurrence being observed by two of my co-directors and my administrative manager – the latter stated that he felt something as the key bent.

This incident is, therefore, well corroborated.
On the second occasion, the key bent in a couple of minutes, and after bending I had a marked tingling sensation on the ends of all my fingers, which lasted for perhaps five minutes.
Both keys are available for inspection at any time.

Yours sincerely,
(signed) P.J.M. H.-J.

In reply to an inquiry from us with regard to this sensation, which he had experienced while he was bending the above mentioned keys, we received the following reply on September 24, 1974.
In accordance with your request to me, I wish to confirm that, as I am stroking a key with the intention of bending it, there comes a time when the smoothness of the key gives way to a feeling as though the key was crystalised, and it is at this point, in my opinion, that if you are experienced, you can keep the object in this condition, and it will bend. This has been my experience with two keys and a spoon, but I think it is only fair to say that I do not have great difficulty, even now that Uri Geller has left the country, in bending an object to this crystalised condition, but I am unable to hold it there, and after a moment or two it goes back to its former smooth surface, and I have, therefore, failed to bend the object.

We then requested corroborative signed statements from the three colleagues who witnessed the bending of one of the keys. We subsequently received the following letter:
This is to advise that some months ago we were having lunch with Mr. P.J.M. H.-J. when a discussion arose regarding Mr. Uri Geller who was at that time in South Africa.

During the discussion, Mr. P.J.M. H.-J. demonstrated to us that he was able to bend a residential key by slowly stroking it. We all saw the key bend after a short interval of time.
(signed) Mr. G.C.G. – Financial Director.
Mr. E.B.B. – Director.
Mr. R.H. – Administrative Officer.

In reply to our request to have the keys examined, the following was received on November 8, 1974.
As requested in your circular letter of the 5th November, I am enclosing my two bent keys. I hope you are not going to keep them too long, as one of them is my garage key, the other is the key to an inner drawer in my safe, so it will be rather inconvenient to do without them, but I do have a duplicate to the safe key. I have tried to bend other keys after Geller’s departure, but had no success.

The Uri Geller Effect Produced Among the Population During and Following Radio Broadcasts
Mr. Geller appeared on four radio programs. He twice appeared on the very popular program, “Deadline Thursday Night.” The first one was in the Johannesburg studio on July 11, at 7:30 P.M. and the second one at a Cape Town studio three weeks later, on August 1. He also appeared on “The Voice of Science” program with Professor Arthur Bleksley, Dr. Gordon Nelson, and Mr. Robin Jackson of the South African Broadcasting Corporation. The, following reports were sent to us by Mr. Timothy Bungey, who was the producer of the radio program “Deadline Thursday Night,” and Mr. Adrian Steed who was the announcer during the program and partook in key-bending and telepathic tests.

Case No. 19
This report was sent to us by Mr. Timothy Bungey, who is a broadcaster and radio producer, and was responsible for the radio program “Deadline Thursday Night.”
I did not attend any of Uri Geller’s theater shows, but as producer of “Deadline Thursday Night” I was present on both occasions when he took part in a broadcast on Springbok Radio. The first occasion was July 11th, 1974. We pre-recorded the last two thirds of the program and arranged with Mr. Geller that he would take up the first ten minutes “live” in the studio. We also arranged to record listeners’ reactions over the telephone in a separate studio, and although Mr. Geller warned us that there was often some delay before people managed to bend knives and forks, the calls in fact started to come through before he left the main studio. As you already have dubbings of these calls, we do not need to elaborate on this aspect.

At Mr. Geller’s request, so that he did not feel hemmed in, I did not allow anyone else in the studio other than the presenter of “Deadline,” Adrian Steed; the Continuity Announcer on duty that evening, Paul Beresford; and the inevitable disc jockeys. There were a large number of onlookers, including Mr. Geller’s own entourage, and the other members of the “Deadline” team, and, since the word had got round the building swiftly, there were a dozen or so members of the S.A.B.C. staff watching as well. Some were in the passage, looking through the windows, others in the control room that overlooks the main studio, and still more were in the adjoining continuity studio. All told, there must have been some thirty to forty people including myself.

Mr. Steed opened the program in the usual way and then introduced Mr. Geller. He explained what he was going to try and do – bend metal objects in the studio, mend broken watches (we had supplied various items beforehand), and tell the listeners how they could do the same. He asked for Adrian’s key ring, selected the car key, and started stroking it gently. Within a matter of seconds (not more than thirty seconds) the key began to bend. One may put it down to mass hypnosis, but there was no doubt in the minds of everyone present that the key actually bent to an angle of roughly forty degrees. After this, he took a couple of broken watches, placed his hands over them, concentrated, and – presto they began to tick again. Then he explained to the listeners how they could do the same. “You must want it to happen,” he said. “Just take the knife or the fork, stroke it gently, and will it to bend.” You can learn the results from the dubbings we sent you. (The dubbings of almost all the telephone calls are in our possession. E.A.P.)

After a brief chat with Adrian Steed, Mr. Geller left the studio and the program continued. As I said earlier, the calls had already begun to come through and they had been answered by “Deadline’s assistant editor. Then Mr. Geller took over for a while, asking each listener who phoned what had happened; and when he had to leave, the editor, Bryan Chilvers, continued taking the calls.
We later learned, although this I did not see in person, that the continuity studio suffered strange happenings after Uri Geller left.
The turntable on which he had been demonstrating his powers to the technicians before we went on the air with “Deadline Thursday Night” suddenly refused to function anymore. (He had taken a metal object and rubbed it on the surface.) A switch that no one in his right mind would touch while we were on the air somehow managed to switch itself off. And then one of the monitors gave up the ghost and so a bewildered Paul Beresford and crew were forced to move to an adjoining studio.

That was the first occasion. Three weeks later, when Mr. Geller was in Cape Town, and as we had had such a fantastic response to the first broadcast, we decided to ask him to try some thought transmission with Adrian Steed of our Johannesburg studio. This time, as we had no idea how long it would take, we played safe and pre-recorded the session. It was later edited and played into “Deadline Thursday Night.”
There was a slight misunderstanding at the outset. Mr. Geller had been under the impression that he was simply going to thank South Africa for the wonderful reception (his agent had passed on our request incorrectly) and at first he was somewhat reluctant to try a thought transmission so soon before appearing on the stage. But at length he agreed to try, and over the line from Cape Town he tried to transmit an image into Adrian Steed’s mind (he was in Johannesburg, 900 miles away). Adrian sat in the studio with a piece of paper and a pencil, and he was told to draw what came into his mind. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, he tried another picture and this time Adrian drew first of all a circle, then a V lying sidewise. These were separate items. Then he said to Uri Geller that he felt they should come together and at length he attached the sideways V to the circle. After that came an eye – and the result was a childlike drawing of a head.

Mr. Geller sent his original drawing to Mr. Steed later on and there was a distinct resemblance though it was by no means an exact copy.

Case No. 110
Mr. Adrian Steed was the presenter of the program “Deadline Thursday Night” and he sent us the following letter dated October 4, 1974.
During the now well-known broadcast by Uri Geller I had the experience of seeing one of my keys bent before my eyes by Uri’s stroking it with his fingers. During the same evening I saw him stroke a spoon until it broke. Uri also moved the hands of my watch back an hour by rubbing the back of the watch.

Only this last week I have noticed that two more of my keys are now bent. Whether this is because they were attached to the same ring that Uri handled or whether I managed to duplicate Uri’s feat, I don’t know because, I must admit, I tried the stroking myself not in Uri’s presence. I certainly wasn’t aware of their bending when I did the stroking but they are available for examination.

Uri also attempted either one or two weeks later to transmit a picture to me from Cape Town. I succeeded in receiving the image of a circle, a triangle, and a circle, all of which seemed to be a face with a nose and an eye. That in fact was what Uri had tried to “transmit”: a face. He was very and genuinely excited because prior to the experiment he had expressed serious doubts about achieving anything. Unfortunately I did not keep the drawing, but Timothy Bungey (radio producer) can verify what I say.
I feel obliged to tell you that in spite of my experiences I can’t help feeling skeptical. I am not a nut or weirdy, but I cannot help – in spite of my skepticism – feeling that there are more things in heaven and earth undreamed of in our philosophy.

There appears to be a slight inconsistency in the date of the second transmission of the program “Deadline Thursday Night.” According to Mr. Timothy Bungey, it was three weeks after the first program, which would make it August 1, whereas according to Mr. Adrian Steed it was one to two weeks later.
The response from the public to the request by Uri Geller to call the studio was, as Mr. Bungey states, fantastic. One has to listen to the tape recording of these telephone calls to appreciate the tremendous impact it has made on the various people who had experienced the Uri Geller Effect. These calls came from all over the country, and the telephone lines became jammed at the studio. Reports from other parts of the world, such as Germany, England, and France, tell a similar story.

Case No. 76
This report was received from Dr. Gordon Nelson on October 29, 1974. He was one of the participants in the radio program “The Voice of Science.”
Recording Session, Voice of Science, S.A.B.C. – 8th August, 1974.
In the company of Dr. Arthur Bleksley, Mr. Robin Jackson of the S.A.B.C., Uri Geller bent a teaspoon belonging to Dr. Bleksley. He then took my watch, clenched his fist over it, and handed it back to me, one hour slow exactly.
During the recording Mr. Geller moved to a point about 2 meters from the table facing away from it. He asked Robin Jackson to make a drawing, came back and asked if it was finished, and produced a piece of paper with the identical drawing.

After the recording, at home, I was idly stroking a silver teaspoon during a conversation. After some minutes I lifted the teaspoon and, noticed it was bent.

Shortly afterward, while having a drink at a neighbor’s home, I was equally idly stroking a small alarm clock, which had not worked for some time. This suddenly began to go. I had the same experience one minute later with a second alarm clock, which had also not worked for some time.
I can offer no explanation of Uri Geller’s spoon bending.

The episode involving my watch may have been a matter of rapid and dextrous manipulation. The “telepathy” involving the drawing could have been accompanied by very rapid sketching, in which Geller is a master. My subsequent experience with the spoon may have involved excessive “pressure” (my relatively strong hands on the silver spoon, which is fairly soft). The matter of the clocks may have been due to chance or temperature changes or both.

The above three reports (Case No. 19, Case No. 110, and Case No. 76) were sent to us by people who were directly associated with, or involved in, the three broadcasts in which Uri Geller participated. The following case reports are from people who were listening to these programs and had certain experiences that, according to our definition, are apparently the result of the Uri Geller Effect.

Case No. 22
This report was sent to us by Mrs. E.C. of Somerset West, Cape Province, on August 9, 1974. Somerset West is about 900 miles from Johannesburg.
My husband and I were concentrating on stroking two knives on the Thursday evening “Deadline Thursday Night” broadcast with Uri Geller (the Uri Geller experiment referred to). Timepieces in our house that were stopped permanently as far as we knew were two wrist watches and a brass carriage clock that was given to my husband’s mother as a wedding present about 1890. This had not been going for some years and when it did go it gained about six minutes a day. We had taken it to several watchmakers who said that a part was worn and would have to be handmade and the whole clock taken down to fit it – such a big job it was hardly worth doing. One of the watches was probably in need of a clean but so impossible was it to start that I had been wearing a gold watch I usually keep for evenings as my everyday wrist watch for months. They either would go for a few seconds or stop. All three were ticking merrily after Uri’s broadcast and they have been going ever since. My husband adjusted the clock and it now keeps perfect time.

Her husband, who is a retired farmer and ex-naval officer, corroborated the statement.
In a further letter, dated October 29, 1974, she states that the clock was useless as a timepiece and had been kept as an ornamental clock for sentimental reasons and two watchmakers had declared it irreparable. It has been going ever since that evening. She also stated that the knife she was stroking bent very slightly and she felt a tingling while stroking the knife.

Mrs. E.C. is fifty years old, her academic qualifications are matriculation, and she is a housewife. She has had previous psychic experiences.

Case No. 56
Mr. S.K. phoned the studio from Witbank, which is 100 miles from Johannesburg, from where the broadcast was made on July 11 at 7:30 P.M. We subsequently listened to the tape recording of his phone call. He was extremely excited and said that he had an old antique clock hanging on the wall. He was standing on a chair and stroking the clock. Suddenly the door was flung open and the pendulum thrown out. “We were all rather startled and amazed,” he said. Mr. S.K. gave his name and address to the man in the studio. We subsequently wrote to him and sent him a questionnaire. We received the questionnaire on October 14, 1974. He confirmed in writing the above experience. Mr. S.K. is fifty-four years old, married, and is a director of companies. He has had previous psychic experiences and he is a spiritualist. He believes that his experience was induced by Uri Geller.

Case No. 100
The following letter, dated August 16, 1974, was received by us from Mr. W.L.S. of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province. Port Elizabeth is about 700 miles from Johannesburg, from where the broadcast was beamed. This program, “The Voice of Science,” had been pre-recorded.
My wife and I witnessed one of those amazing occurrences after the Science Hour broadcast a week ago today. We were listening casually, not realizing at first that Mr. Uri Geller was on the air together with you gentlemen. Had I known beforehand I would have recorded the broadcast for further experimentation.

My wife and I were sitting over a cup of afterdinner tea in our lounge when Mr. Geller suggested that the audience should try to “bend metal.” I took the teaspoon from my saucer and laid it on the small lounge round table next to the cup, and asked my wife to concentrate on bending it. I gave it a try myself for about a minute or so, watching the spoon, then gave it up as a bad job, but listened intently and very interestedly indeed. My wife still had her eyes shut, maybe concentrating on that spoon. Then both of us forgot about the spoon and did not give it any further attention as nothing had happened and both of us had been skeptical that anything would happen. At the end of the broadcast I suggested to my wife that we should also try the other experiment with the copying of the drawing. My wife, however, picked up the empty cups and saucers and left the lounge for the kitchen for some fresh brew.

I had my mind on how to go about the paper-drawing experiment and the contents of the whole of the broadcast. Turning away from the hi-fi set I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the spoon I had taken out of the saucer and put on the table and that my wife had forgotten to take to the kitchen, had bent through an angle of about forty degrees. When I looked closely, I did not want to believe my eyes. The weirdness of it all caused in me what I would call a primitive fear reaction of the unknown; I had goose pimples all over me, and my hair started to rise. I shouted out to my wife in the kitchen and called her to come and see for herself.

My wife first thought that I was playing the fool with her and I was at first not sure that my wife had not played the fool with me. We had another spoon of identical make. I asked my wife to bend it with her hand. This was a great effort for her, and caused the metal to make deep red marks in her flesh. I then tried to bend another spoon myself, which I was easily able to do with my greater strength and by applying leverage. I waited a week to write to you about this. It would be quite out of character for my wife and myself to keep up a pretence so long. I am now positive that this spoon bent without having been touched by either of us. I am the President of the Observatory Society and met Professor Bleksley many a year ago when I was the secretary and he delivered the lecture to us in the Port Elizabeth City Hall.

Mr. W.L.S. is sixty-four years old. He is a radio engineer and has his own business. He studied law at Berlin University. The experience occurred approximately a minute after the close of the broadcast. His wife, Mrs. V.K.M.S., is forty-four years old. Her academic qualifications are B.A. (Birmingham), Dr. of Theology Honoris Causa. She is well disposed to such psychic experiences. Her personal psychic experiences are of a religious and mystical nature.

The Uri Geller Effect and Distance
From a study of many of the cases reported to us, it would appear that distance did not seem to prevent its manifestation. The following is a case in point.

Case No. 56
This particular case was described earlier in this paper (vide supra). As stated earlier, the individual was in Witbank, which is 100 miles from where Uri Geller was at the moment of broadcast.

The following is another interesting case report. In addition to the fact that it demonstrates that distance does not prevent the manifestation of the Uri Geller Effect, it also shows that the manifestation may occur some time after the event was triggered off by Mr. Uri Geller and that it may take place without the immediate conscious effort of the experient.

Case No. 55
Mrs. B.K. of Durban wrote to us on July 26, 1974, as follows:
“Deadline Thursday Night,” 11th July, 7:30 P.M. I have a machine key made of steel belonging to my mother. I got the same and started stroking it as Uri Geller spoke. Nothing happened so I put the key down, switched off the radio, as “Deadline”‘s singing irritates me. I went on reading until about 11:30 P.M. I turned to switch off my bedside light when to my utter shock the key had bent nearly double. When I showed it to a locksmith he said the breaking strain was about fifty pounds. To say I was astonished is to put it mildly. I took a long time to fall asleep.

Durban is 383 miles from Johannesburg’s broadcasting studio, where Uri Geller made the broadcast “live.” This broadcast was not pre-recorded. Mrs. B.K. is fifty-seven years old and is widowed. She is a director of a company. She was previously doubtful but prepared to consider such possibilities. Now she has a confirmed belief in such experiences. She did have previous experiences of a psychic nature.

The Uri Geller Effect and Time
Many of the reports indicate that the effect manifested itself during Uri Geller’s demonstrations or broadcasts. Some reports indicate, however, that the transference occurred before or after Uri Geller’s direct attempt to produce the effect. The following is an example of a report that indicates that the effect became apparent before Uri Geller’s attempt to produce it.

Case No. 25
Mrs. G.M.C. wrote on October 8, 1974, from Durban.
As requested, I am writing to tell you of my experience. I wrote to Dr. Arthur Bleksley at the S.A.B.C. some weeks ago. [This letter was not referred to us.] I don’t know if the following will be of interest to you and I am afraid I cannot remember the date on which it happened. I didn’t see Uri Geller on stage but I am sure I saw him in West Street (the main street in Durban), and he looked straight at me. It was on the day that he was to “open” at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban. At 6:50 P.M. I was sitting alone in my flat and thinking that a clock looked rather dusty. I picked it up an started to rub the glass over the dial. I must add that the clock is about 100 years old and had not worked for at least fifteen years. As I polished it I wished that I could see Uri and to my astonishment the clock started ticking and it is still working. At the time Uri was not speaking on the radio and had not appeared on stage. I was very surprised and couldn’t understand it although I was thinking of Uri.

I would have written to you before but have been ill, as you can see from my bad writing. I hope that I have not wasted your time.
Mrs. G.M.C. is over sixty years old and widowed. She has had no psychic experience before.
The following is a report that would suggest that the Uri Geller Effect occurred after the appearance of Uri Geller at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban.

Case No. 45
Mr. A.N.H. wrote to us on August 17, 1974, from Hilton, Natal.
In response to your request on the wireless for incidents consequent on Uri Geller’s meeting, I have the following to report. Some twelve to fifteen months ago the electric clock attached to my stove suddenly stopped. The first electrician called in to mend it and said it had been struck by lightning. I pointed out that the plate and oven worked! As the quote to mend it was rather high (R30.00) we decided to leave it. Toward the beginning of July this year, one of the plates went out of order so we called in the Maritzburg agent to mend it and have a look at the clock also. The plate was fixed but he reported that the clock was beyond repair and we would need a new unit, which would cost R45.00 plus labor and three months’ delay. Again we decided to leave the clock. On Thursday morning, the 25th July, the morning after Uri Geller was purported to have said in a show somewhere in Natal that “all clocks that hadn’t gone for some time will start,” the clock was working and has kept perfect time ever since.

Mr. A.N.H. is a teacher in a well-known private school. His wife, Mrs. J.E.H., who is also a teacher, confirmed this report on October 13, 1974. Here is what she wrote:

My electric clock attached to my Frigidaire stove (new one) stopped. When an electrician was called in he said it had been blown out by lightning. Another man said it was finished and we would have to buy a new one. We left it for a while and just before my daughter’s wedding I had a great longing to have my electric clock in the kitchen. So great was my longing that my husband decided to buy a new one for me. It was rather costly as it was a beautiful stove and we were debating this when I heard over the news that Uri Geller was going to set clocks going in Natal. I was very interested but in no way thought it would be mine, as the electricians were so adamant it was finished, or rather blown out by lightning. The next morning, when my husband made me my early morning cup of tea (6:00 A.M.), he dashed into my bedroom and told me to get up and come to the kitchen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the clock was working. It was a miracle. When we told the electrician Uri had got my clock to go, he was amazed too.
Mrs. J.E.H. is fifty-eight years old and states that she is well disposed to the possibility of such an experience and is now a confirmed believer in such experiences. She believes that the experience was directly induced by Uri Geller.
Comment: As neither Mr. nor Mrs. H. looked at the clock the evening before, it is not possible to be certain when the clock started going again.

The Manifestation of the Uri Geller Effect when the Experient is Handling the Object
On studying the various reports, it became obvious that the Uri Geller Effect may manifest itself in some instances when the expedient is handling the object and in others without any direct handling of the object.

Case No. 46
This report relates to an experience when the object was handled by the experient. Mrs. J.H. of Johannesburg, who has a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in psychology, wrote to us at the end of August 1974 (her letter is undated).
My daughter, Debbie, volunteered to go onto the stage at a performance of Uri Geller. She was asked to write the name of a capital city and draw a simple picture. She chose Reykjavik as a capital that Uri had never heard of. He “received” all the letters from the audience in a slightly mixed order but then called on Debbie to transmit the name correctly. He asked the audience how many of them had heard of Reykjavik and by a show of hands almost 40 percent of the audience had not heard of it.

In the second half of the program Debbie, who was not on the stage, held a cake fork in her hand, which she stroked gently. The cake fork “melted” and is now bent into a complete U shape and will be submitted to you should you request it.

Since that evening, she is able to name the numbers of playing cards face down.
An interesting “aside” is that she had been seriously ill on the evening we had booked for her to attend the performance and was unable to see the show. She was almost unreasonably disappointed but I managed to book a seat for her two days later. She made a dramatic recovery, attended the show, and despite the fact that she is a very shy person, seemed almost magnetized on the stage, with dramatic result!

We wrote to Mrs. J.H. and asked for a report from her daughter and sent her a questionnaire to be completed. We received the following reply:
After some telepathic work with Uri Geller on the stage (transmitting a picture into his mind and giving him a capital city) I returned to my seat, certain that I would bend my own fork.
I did not try to force the fork to bend, but rather pictured it bending in my mind -I gave it a “loving” look. The fork continued to bend all the way home until it was in a full horseshoe shape. The metal did not get hot but became pliable, like putty. (The metal seemed too pliable to break completely.)
The following morning I guessed twenty-six cards correct out of thirty-four cards that I placed face downward. I guessed their suits and their numbers. I always felt quite sure of the cards that were correct, and guessed at the eight cards that were wrong.

That morning I also managed to bend a teaspoon slightly.
I have not been able to do anything in this field since then.
In answer to certain inquiries in our questionnaire, Miss D.H. states that her experience was accompanied by a sense of affection and a real belief that the metal will bend. She also had a feeling of warmth and tingling. She had previous psychic experiences, such as dreams about the future, and winning races, etc.

Case No. 51
This report describes the manifestation of the Uri Geller Effect without the experient’s handling the object.
Mrs. R.J. of Port Elizabeth wrote to us on August 2, 1974.
Briefly: I attended the Uri Geller performance plus lecture on the 22nd July, 1974. Toward the end of his show, he mentioned that people might find that they had bent keys in their possession. When I took mine out of my bag, I found that my front-door key was bent. People around me were impressed. When I arrived home I found it was now twisted. The following day I found another key badly out of alignment and a few days later I noticed that the key to the cellar, which I don’t use often, was slightly out of alignment.

Mrs. J.R. is sixty-seven years old and married. She has a B. Economics degree. She had no previous psychic experiences but is well disposed to the possibility of such experiences. She has stated that the keys are available for examination.

Cases Nos. 16, 7, and 8
These are reports from three people concerning the same experience, in which they were all involved. As in the previous case, the Uri Geller Effect manifested itself without the experient’s handling the object.

Case No. 16
Dr. E.G.B. and Mrs. B. of Kempton Park, Transvaal wrote to us on October 11, 1974. Dr. E.G.B. is thirty-three years old and is a general medical practitioner.
We went to the Uri Geller show purely for entertainment. We took no spoons, broken watches, etc. with us. However, my husband has a fairly large bundle of our keys and other keys, which he always carries with him and which he put in a friend’s handbag, mainly because she had a large bag that evening. We all forgot about those keys during the evening, and certainly no one touched them.

After the show we had coffee at the restaurant directly opposite the theater where, for the first time, our friend handed back the keys before she and her husband drove home in their own car. As she took the keys out of her bag and handed them across the table to my husband, a piece of key fell onto the table. No one had given those particular keys another thought and naturally we were all very surprised. It was the key to the front door of the surgery and was broken off neatly from the round piece still hanging on the key ring. The key next to the broken key belonging to a wrought-iron door in our house is a Yale key and this was bent. Both those keys were in perfect condition before the show. Of this we are positive.

The next morning, however, we noticed that the Yale key had evidently bent considerably on its own during the night, as it was much more bent than it had been the previous night.
This letter was signed by Mrs. B., and Dr. E.G.B. confirmed it when he returned the completed questionnaire. Dr. E.G.B. states in his questionnaire that before this experience he was doubtful but prepared to consider the possibility. After this experience, however, he is a confirmed believer in such experiences. He had never had any psychic experiences personally and the keys are available for examination. This event occurred on the night of August 7, 1974, at an evening performance at the Colosseum Theatre.

Case No. 8
This report came from Mrs. M.A.A. of Kempton Park, who is thirty years old and in whose handbag the keys were placed during Uri Geller’s demonstration on August 7. She wrote to us on September 27 about this episode, which also appeared in the newspaper. She confirmed the report in the newspaper and added the following remark: “The experience was accompanied by a feeling of amazement. However, my husband was absolutely in a state of shock.”

Case No. 7
Mr. B.A. is the husband of Mrs. M.A.A. in whose handbag the keys were placed, as reported above. He is thirty-six years old and holds a B.Sc. degree in chemical engineering. He makes the following remarks:
Being an amateur magician, I was most skeptical about Geller. I was not at all impressed by his stage presentation, which I can perform by “standard conjuring methods.” However, I have no explanation for what happened to the keys held by my wife after the show. I am not prepared to say that this was in fact caused by Geller, but can find no logical explanation.

Spontaneous Occurrence of the Uri Geller Effect (Unrelated to Geller’s Public Performances, Radio Broadcasts, or Private Meetings)

Case No. 20
Mrs. L.C. of Rosebank, Johannesburg, wrote to us on August 25.
I would like to report an incident that occurred while Uri Geller was here although I never saw him or never even listened to him on the radio.

On Friday, July the 19th, at about 2:30 in the afternoon, I went to Sandton City to do some shopping. As far as I can remember, my route was as follows . . . from Rosebank to Goldfields Supermarket and a bookshop in Sandown, then to Sandton City. I noticed that the escalators were not all working at the time. Coming home at, about 3:30 in the afternoon and taking out my front-door key to open the door, I found that it was bent so that I could not use it. The key is on my key ring with my car keys and while I did my shopping the ring was either in my hand or in my shopping bag. I cannot remember anything that would have caused any damage to the key. It had certainly worked very well when I came home from work at 1:15 that same afternoon. There seems to be no explanation for the bending that I can see. I would have noticed if the key had been caught anywhere during my shopping trip.
Mrs. L.C. is forty-one years old. She is married and her academic qualifications are “candidate of philosophy from the University of Helsinki.” She is a part-time teacher and part-time bookkeeper. She states that she did have previous experiences of a psychic nature and she believes that this experience was induced directly by Uri Geller.

The Uri Geller Effect Following a Pre-recorded Radio program
The manifestation of this type of effect following a pre-recorded program would suggest that the response or association of the experient is related to the radio voice rather than to Uri Geller as a person. A number of such experiences were reported.
The radio program “The Voice of Science” was pre-recorded on August 8, 1974, and broadcast the next day. Thus, all reported experiences relating to this program were triggered off by an electronically produced voice. Some of the previously described cases fall into this category. Here is an additional case.

Case No. 69
Mr. R.D.Mc. of Springfontein wrote to us on August 16, 1974.
My wife and I were touring the Eastern Transvaal and were in bed in our Combi at Loskop Dam.
We happened to be listening to the program on the air when you were interviewing Uri Geller. The program was “The Voice of Science,” Friday the 9th August at 7:45 P.M. When Uri Geller invited listeners to take part in his metal-bending exercises, my wife, whose age is sixty-four years, took a heavy tablespoon and held it with both hands and after a minute or two the handle was bent at an angle, I should say of near forty-five degrees. I was dubious and straightaway tried to straighten it, but can assure you that she had not the power to bend it at will. She told me that while holding it she could feel it bending on its own. I might add that she is suffering from arthritis in her hands, which means that it is quite impossible for her to do the bending.

Mrs. Mc. was a nurse but presently is a housewife. She had previously had experiences of a psychic nature. She believes the experience was induced by Uri Geller and is now a confirmed believer in such experiences.

Spontaneous Disappearance of the Changes
Produced by the Uri Geller Effect
A number of reports indicated that the metal objects have either partly straightened themselves or completely returned to normal after a lapse of time. The following is an interesting report of such an occurrence.

Case No. 105
This report was sent to us by Miss G.S., who was closely connected with the public relations aspect of Mr. Uri Geller’s visit in South Africa.
Having been in close contact with Uri Geller during his visit to South Africa, I naturally saw most of his performances. After the charity performance at the Carlton Hotel we all went to the home of Dr. E.A.P. for a party. During the party I asked Uri to bend a personal key of mine. We went into the kitchen, as this seemed to be the only room without people around. He was a little tired of bending keys and said he would do mine very quickly. The key that I gave him was the key to my mother’s flat . . . a solid silver-colored slightly tarnished Yale key. In a matter of seconds the key he stroked very gently bent. In fact it bent so quickly that I asked him not to let it break. The key bent from the center at about a seventy-degree angle. This key has been with me personally ever since that evening (the 17th July, 1974).

On Sunday, November 3rd, that is, 3 1/2, months after the key was bent, I was at my sister’s home in Florida, and for some reason took my bunch of keys out, and the key that Uri had bent was dead straight. The last time I recall seeing the key bent was on Friday, November 1st.
I can give you the names of at least ten people who saw that particular key bent and who have also seen it since it straightened.

I will be delighted to give you this key should you require it for research purposes. I must point out that at all times I have been a positive believer of Uri’s psychic powers, even before he actually arrived in South Africa.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
This letter reached me in the middle of November 1974.

The Uri Geller Effect and the Mini-Gellers
One of the most interesting manifestations of the Uri Geller Effect is described in the reports we received from adolescents, children and their parents. These reports claim that, as a result of seeing, listening, or reading about Uri Geller, the people reporting were, and in many cases still are, able to perform metal-bending and watch-“repair” feats similar to those of Uri Geller. A detailed laboratory study of these mini-Gellers is planned for the future if funds and time will become available. Up to the moment we had neither the time nor the facilities to undertake such a study. From a pilot laboratory experiment on one mini-Geller, undertaken at the end of 1974, it became apparent to us that very sophisticated and tightly controlled conditions would be required to assess these mini-Gellers.
In this paper I will deal with the reports that we had received from our mini-Gellers.

Case No. 87
This report was received from Dr. D.C.P., the father of Elizabeth-Ann, who is nine years old. Dr. D.C.P. has a Ph.D. degree and majored in industrial psychology. He is a management consultant and a registered industrial psychologist. He is a great personal friend of mine and I do not doubt his integrity or powers of observation.
Report on Elizabeth P.

Thursday evening 11th July, 1974. The time was approximately 7:25 P.M. and the family was gathering in the study to listen to the program “Deadline Thursday Night” on Springbok Radio. Interest was stimulated by a radio announcement that Uri Geller would participate in this show. I received a long-distance call, which kept me occupied long enough to miss most of Uri Geller’s demonstration. However, I came on the scene to hear the radio announcer expressing his amazement in no uncertain terms that Uri Geller had just bent his key. Uri Geller then invited the radio listeners to get hold of any object, such as a spoon, key, or an old watch, and try to do the same. The family, that is, my wife and two daughters, aged 9 and 6 respectively, promptly fetched spoons from the kitchen and started stroking them. I looked on with a cynical eye as I was under the impression that the program was canned. (I later discovered that Uri Geller’s program was not canned.) I left them to get involved in a job in the garage. A few minutes later my wife came to call me to see “it.” She stated that the spoon the elder daughter, Elizabeth, was stroking, was bending upward. I went to the study and saw the bending spoon lying untouched on the table. I was amazed when it was obvious that it was still proceeding to bend further, although untouched by anybody. This I found a bit weird and uncanny. The spoon involved was a grapefruit spoon, made of stainless steel. I, as an adult, found I could only bend a similar spoon with two hands with an effort that would be difficult for a child of Elizabeth’s age and size. We phoned neighbors, B. and V.M., to come over and see the event, and they arrived about five minutes later. The spoon continued to bend further in their presence.

Later that night, at about 8:40 P.M., Elizabeth bent another spoon just by gently stroking it. During the process, she was the epitome of concentration. Her eyes were closed. I must mention that the other participants, my wife and the other little daughter, were unsuccessful. My wife soon gave up and the other one tried for the best part of an hour.
On Friday night, the i2th July, Elizabeth bent another spoon, made of stainless steel, that a child of her physique would bend with extreme difficulty. This was done in the presence of my brother. She held the spoon in one hand and stroked it lightly with her finger. After my brother took it from her, the spoon continued to bend in his hand.
We watched Elizabeth in action. She once again concentrated hard; her eyes were closed and she had a serious look on her face. She wanted silence and nobody was allowed to talk when she was in action. Comments annoyed her. When I asked what she was thinking while bending a spoon, she stated that she was saying to herself all the time, “Bend . . . bend . . . bend . . .” She really believed that she could bend spoons.

On Saturday evening, the 13th July, while visiting her granny, Elizabeth managed to get a wrist watch going by stroking it gently. According to my mother-in-law, this watch stopped about six weeks before. She herself had tried without success to get it going again and was about to take it in for repairs. After two months now, it is still going.
On Sunday, the 14th July, Elizabeth bent another grapefruit spoon, also made of stainless steel, in the presence of a friend, Mr. J.G. She was immensely annoyed when he pulled her leg by telling her that she bent the spoon by force.
In the following week she bent at least a dozen spoons either in the presence of us (my wife and myself or her friends and neighbors. An interesting incident happened on Friday, the 19th July, in our presence. Elizabeth started the bending of a spoon by gently rubbing it. It continued bending down on its own where it was left, on a cupboard in the lounge. This continued until the stem was folded double and was nearly touching the bowl of the spoon. Suddenly it developed a second bend, which had as its axis the point where the stem was nearly touching the bowl.
By now social complications began showing up. Because of this we had to take the decision to discourage Elizabeth from any further spoon bending. Relations between Elizabeth and her younger sister became strained. The latter tried without success to bend spoons. A visit from Elizabeth’s cousin ended with a very competitive situation because of spoon bending. At a later stage, we may consider experimenting again with Elizabeth.

It was definitely established that she could bend spoons for at least ten days after listening to Uri Geller on a live show.
We tried to encourage a certain procedure with Elizabeth when she was bending spoons for us. She had to stay in our presence all the time. We preferred that she gently stroke a spoon while it lay on a table. On a few occasions, she was rewarded with a small sum of money (10 to 20 cents a time) after she managed to bend a spoon.
(signed) Dr. D.C.P. (dated) 18th October, 1974.
P.S. This report is based on notes made during July and August, 1974. (signed) D.C.P.

Case No. 38
On August 14, 1974, we received a letter from Mrs. R.S.A. of Johannesburg, who is the mother of Master D.F., a young lad of sixteen and a scholar. It reads as follows:
My son, David, first began bending metal objects without force when he heard Uri Geller’s broadcast over Springbok Radio on the 11th July at 8:15 P.M. At first his powers (except when Uri was on the air) did not seem to be very strong and seemed to come and go. But now, after almost four weeks of practice, he is metal-bending better than ever. At first he got very severe headaches from the concentration, but now he doesn’t even seem to have to concentrate so hard all the time. However, he has complained of eyestrain. David has bent knives, spoons, keys, and a solid brass pestle about half an inch thick. (See Plate 57.)

In the interests of science I feel it my duty to advise you of David’s metal-bending ability and to give my permission for further investigations as long as there is no interference with his schoolwork.
P.S. David is sixteen years old. He is my son by my first marriage.
David subsequently sent us a completed questionnaire. In it he stated that he first saw Uri Geller at a stage performance on July 10. His own personal first experience was at 8:15 on Thursday, July 11, following the broadcast by Uri Geller on “Deadline Thursday Night.” He saw Uri Geller subsequently once more at a private meeting in his hotel suite.
I personally have since heard from many people that David continues to bend metal at parties and friends’ homes with the greatest of ease.

Case No. 126
On July 26, 1974, and on July 29, 1974, news reports appeared in the Natal Daily News, and on July 30, 1974, in the Natal Mercury, about a child, Derek W., who can produce metal-bending feats similar to Uri Geller’s. Derek is seven years old and lives in Wartburg, Natal. We wrote to the mother and on August 5 we received from her a letter in which she claims that Derek proved beyond any doubt that he could still perform as well as when he initially saw Uri Geller on the stage (August 9, 1974), listened to him on the radio (July 25, 1974, at 7:40 A.M.) and at a private meeting (August 9 at 8:30 P.M.). She thinks that his ability has improved even more since Uri Geller left Durban. She further says that Derek states that he feels a sort of pulsing “power” in the head, arms, and hand. When he is wearing a wrist watch, the “power” goes as far as the watch only. Derek is a scholar in Standard 2.

We sent her a questionnaire and a request for further information, and on October 8, 1974, we received the following reply:
I wish to thank you for your correspondence of the 16th September, 1974. I herewith return the completed questionnaire as requested.
It would be a lengthy affair to describe in detail all the experiences Derek has had since hearing Uri Geller. Suffice it to say that he has bent in the region of three dozen items of cutlery. The most spectacular being spoons, which have been bent almost double and one of which actually cracked at the bend. Sometimes spoons go on bending after he has left them. He has had some success with making the hands of a watch move. At times the watch has started to “tick” but at other times appeared to move without starting to tick at all. Other bent items include nail files, a couple of Yale keys and a couple of three-inch nails. Many items were straightened but items of cutlery remained bent.
I trust these brief details will not merely serve to frustrate you. If further details are desired, I should be only too glad to elaborate on any particular cases which you choose.
Yours sincerely,
(signed) Mrs. R.W.

On August 9 the child was brought to Johannesburg by a newspaper to see Uri Geller and was introduced on the stage to Uri Geller. The following day the mother and the child were brought to see Professor Arthur Bleksley, who is known to be interested and involved in the research project on Uri Geller. Dr. A. Bleksley made the following notes after the visit:
“Derek is a seven-year-old boy. He is quiet and introverted. Likes to get bending started while he is alone (!); then carries on in front of observers.”

We subsequently wrote again to Mrs. W. and asked for any progress notes and whether we could have for examination some metal objects Derek had bent. She sent us a number of objects (which are discussed together with other objects later on in this paper), and added the following notes, dated October 25, 1974:

In reply to your queries –
1. Yes, I shall send you some items for examination. I am only too eager to know your findings. Unfortunately, a lot of the cutlery was straightened out for table use as we were running short! Also, some of the items have been bent more than once. His first “victim” was a knife similar to the pearl-handled one I shall send you. The original bent nail was lost. He could not get the enclosed sample to go any further. The soup spoons bent most spectacularly. A couple actually dropped as we watched. The curved fork bent into that shape as Derek held it over his knee.
2. About the thermometer I can tell you very little except that I felt my blood pressure rising rapidly! Derek wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay off school. I felt that I should take his temperature although he had no cough or other obvious ailment. When first I looked it showed a reading of just below normal (about go degrees F). These thermometers seem to work slowly so I told Derek to leave it in his mouth just a little longer. I left him for about one minute and on return found the thermometer still in his mouth. On looking at it I got the shock of my life, as it read 110 degrees F. I phoned the doctor and a neighbor in a bit of a panic, I can tell you. Only hours later did it occur to me that Derek’s “power” had affected the thing. (Note: at that time I had not read the book Uri) I asked Derek about the incident much later and he insists that he did not touch the thermometer. No one but myself saw the high reading as his father was at work and I shook it back as I normally would do, not realizing, as I had said, that Derek must have affected the thermometer. It was not a faulty thermometer as the doctor suggested. I tried to get Derek to repeat the performance only two days ago (23rd October, 1974). While he had the thermometer in his mouth, it cracked and broke. He insists he did not bite it. I shall send you the pieces of glass and the mercury I rescued.
3. A few points of interest in chronological order: 25th July, 1974. Had interview with Uri Geller on Port Natal Radio and bent two knives (pearl-handled), Yale key, and four-inch nail. This was the only time he bent a Yale key convincingly.

12th August, 1974. Soup spoons started off by Derek continued to bend for at least one hour after he had left them. One spoon kept by N.P.B. staff at Midmar Dam did this until bent to a U shape. This still happens sometimes but not always.

15th September, 1974. Derek stopped rubbing metals and started bending objects by holding them and looking at them. He can always tell if something is going to “work.” He feels a power in his head, which he says throbs, and extends into the metal. In the presence of some people this works well but in the presence of others, particularly myself, he loses his “power.” I have to sit well away (approximately 10 ft.) or his power immediately goes. Yet, when we experimented with my watch, I held the watch in my hand and Derek did feel “power.” The watch had stopped but Derek managed to move the hands half a minute at a time. Once they moved four minutes, continuing to move for twenty-four hours. In that time they moved on their own an hour.
Obviously, this action of bending needs quite a lot of concentration but Derek will do little or nothing when he is tired, e.g., after school plus one hour of homework. He seems to suffer no ill effects when he is in the mood and things do bend.

4. The date on your questionnaire, 21st September, 1974, was misleading. That was merely the date on which I completed the questions.
Trusting that what you were waiting to know has been successfully put over by me.

Yours sincerely,
(Mrs.) R.W.

We have reports from a total of ten mini-Gellers. The parents claim similar if not more spectacular results.


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