by Albert Ducrocq, Ph.D., INSERM Telemetry
Laboratories, Foch Hospital, Suresnes.

Albert Ducrocq has research interests in astronautical engineering and cybernetics, and is Director of the French Society of Electronics and Cybernetics. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and has presented a portion of his work before the Scientific Academy of Paris.

Seven experiments were conducted with Uri Geller at INSERM (the National Institute for Higher Studies and Medical Research), Telemetry Laboratories in April 1975. The work was under the direction of Dr. Albert Ducrocq; others present were Dr. Hermann (an internist), Dr. Cherrier (a cardiologist), Dr. Warusfel (a mathematician and a professor at Louis le Grand), Dr. Aimedieu (general practitioner at the Center d’Aeronomie de Paris), Dr. Arfell (Director of the INSERM Telemetry Laboratories) and his assistant, Mrs. Laurette. Attempts were made to monitor Geller’s brain waves during certain telepathy and PK experiments. But Geller found the electrodes pasted to his head “distracting, ” and felt that he could not perform at his best while they were attached to him. And indeed he did not, as Ducrocq reports. Before the experiments the French scientists searched Geller thoroughly for any hidden metallic or magnetic devices, and found nothing. Ducrocq’s report is brief, with only a few comments made on each of the seven tests that were performed. This is unfortunate, for it is hard to get an overall picture of the events that took place.
Published for the first time, with the permission of the author.

DURING OUR SEVEN experiments with Uri Geller, only laboratory
personnel were present: it had been one of the conditions we set down, and furthermore, Uri Geller himself asked his two companions to stay outside the laboratory.
Mr. Geller wore complete telemetering apparatus, which monitored his brain waves, during all of the experiments. (See Plate 55.) He was able to move about the room very little, and never for a moment was he out of our sight. The testing ran two hours and forty-five minutes.

One observer was chosen, by Mr. Geller, to wear telemetering apparatus similar to that which he wore. The purpose of this was to compare the electroencephalograms of Geller and the person he would be trying to communicate with telepathically. Both sets of data were recorded simultaneously on the same roll of paper; the twenty recording tracks were divided into two sets of ten, one for each person. Before the experiments began we searched Mr. Geller for any apparatus he might have that could influence our tests, but found none. He was wearing blue jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.

1) The Compass Experiment
Uri Geller had to cause deviation of the magnetized needle of a compass brought to the laboratory by Dr. Albert Ducrocq. The compass was set on a sturdy table and Geller concentrated on it. He never touched the table or the compass; in fact, both his hands were held by two of the scientists present. After several unsuccessful trials, Geller was able to move the needle a few degrees both clockwise and counterclockwise. The needle moved three times, slowly and with difficulty, as if it were activated by a force just barely capable of moving it. Another attempt to influence the compass was made at Geller’s suggestion. He asked that all of the persons present form a circle around him and the table. This time when he concentrated on the compass the deviation of the needle increased perceptibly. (See Plate 56.)

2) The Watch Experiment
A watch had been brought to the laboratory by Dr. André Warusfel. According to a clockmaker, the watch did not work because it had a bent axis. Mr. Geller placed the watch in one observer’s open hand. He stroked it slightly several times with his fist and then kept his hand on it, with his fingers spread out. After about two minutes, I thought I heard the watch ticking. When I checked, I found that it indeed had begun to run, and it was still running at the end of the day. Since then, any agitation will get it started, but it will run at a very slow speed.

3) The Galvanometer Experiment
Dr. Cherrier had brought a galvanometer with him to the laboratory in the hope that Geller could influence the device. However, despite Geller’s many attempts, he was not able to effect deviation of the instrument’s needle.

4) The Key Experiment
A key belonging to one of the observers was used for this test. Geller asked the owner of the key to hold it loosely by its top between his thumb and index finger. Geller began to stroke the tip of the key. After two minutes, the key bent.
The key was photographed and covered with a glass dome. Geller then tried to increase the key’s curvature. However, nobody was able to tell if the attempt was successful.
Later, however, Geller took the key and placed it on the metal platter of a record player. He concentrated on it, and the curvature of the key perceptibly increased. (The key bent upward, the “force” being opposed to gravity.)
It must also be said that later, in another room, during a meeting at which the results of the tests were to be announced, Geller bent the key belonging to a highly skeptical journalist, Michel Polacco, in
front of several observers.

5) The HP 65 Calculator Experiment
A calculator had been brought to the laboratory by Dr. André Warusfel. A magnetic program, which gives the machine the ability to handle vectorial multiplication, was tested in the calculator. But after Uri Geller had stroked the magnetic program element several times with his finger, it was repeatedly refused by the calculator, as if its program had been totally upset.

6) The Dice Experiment
I had brought to the laboratory an ordinary die. Geller took it in his hand, kept it there for a while, then wrote on a piece of paper the figure 2 (and the word two), and gave the paper to André Warusfel. He asked Warusfel to put the die (which I checked to make certain it was the same die I had given Geller) in a metal box (an empty film container) and close the top. While Dr. Warusfel shook the box, Geller concentrated on it. At one point Geller told Warusfel to stop shaking and open the box and throw out the die. It rolled onto the floor and went several yards. It stopped upright on the number 2.

7) The Telepathy Experiment
Several telepathy tests were conducted between Uri Geller and one researcher, with both subjects wearing similar electroencephalographic gear. No telepathy was possible. Geller felt that the recording instruments were bothering him, so the devices were removed and another set of tests begun. Geller had immediate success. Dr. Tovar, who had unexpectedly walked into the room, was asked to make two drawings. Geller recreated both pictures. Even the proportions were the same, the only difference being that the drawings were reproduced upside down.


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