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Dear Uri, This is Moran Dietsch, we met yesterday in Jaffa by chance ??I was so happy to see you and to say thank you personally and from the bottom of my heart.

It was a turning point for me. We met 8 years ago at your home in England, under rather unfortunate circumstances.

I came to your house through the Ezer Mezion charity, sick with a very violent and terminal cancer.

“The doctors gave me only two months to live. Your touching hospitality and reaching out to sick women was one of the most significant events in my life. We listened to the story of your life with eagerness and were mostly amazed to discover what true kindness is. I entered a woman beaten by fate and soul, I left with strength Renewed and a lot of optimism. Since then, I recovered against all odds and decided to pass this good on. I founded an charity for cancer patients through which we helped thousands of patients in Israel. These days I am finishing my doctorate and doing research at Tel Aviv University. From the black pit of my life I grew and built a new, better, happier life. When everyone asks me how I got to where I am, I always answer that Uri Geller left me with special powers. A thousand thanks to you Uri, for the strength in the most difficult days of my life and especially for the inspiration you are for me and for so many other women ??????”

Katie Price was told that her son Harvey was blind, but he’s now able to see to some degree – and she thinks it could all be down to the magic of Uri Geller

Katie Price is convinced that famous spoon bender Uri Geller cured her son Harvey’s blindness.

The mum-of-five, 43, was told by doctors that Harvey was completely blind and that he’d never be able to see.

“Medical professionals noticed from a very young age that Harvey wasn’t responding to lights they were shining in his eyes and quizzed Katie over whether or not he made eye contact with her.She sought a number of opinions on the matter, even travelling to Los Angeles to see specialists, but was told that sadly Harvey was unable to see. Now, at age 19, Harvey is able to see to some degree, although Katie has no way of knowing how much. She believes he can mainly see colours and shapes.”

World over, the scientific and medical community are growing more and more curious about alternative therapies and holistic approaches towards healing and treatment.

We come closer everyday to finding the connection between the mind and the body.

The articles presented here will help you make decide for yourself, whether or not to believe.

“Dear friends I just want you to know and understand that I’m NOT a miracle worker or a healer. I believe that spontaneous healings occur because of your own Mindpower and I am only acting as a trigger, a catalyst, an enabler, and of course by no way am I saying to anyone to abandon conventional medicine. As a matter of fact conventional medicine is still the number one method of curing yourself but parallel to conventional medicine please use the power of positive intention. I believe that in some cases that could work”.

STRINGFELLOWS had an unlikely visitor last night in the form of Uri Geller. “I’ve never been here before this is not my kind of place, Uri Geller told me at the lap-dancing club In Covent Garden where motorbike king Eddie Kidd was celebrating the launch of his autobiography, Crawling From The Wreckage. “I’m here because of Eddie. When he had his crash – when it seemed that there was no chance for him I sent his mum some of my tapes to play to him while he was in his coma.” “It’s true,” Kidd confirmed. “No one thought I’d make it but Uri helped big time. In fact I came out of my coma to his voice and ever since we have been friends.”

27th Oct 2006

Thank you so much for your kindness when you sent myself and my friend Amanda a gift of rock crystal. We were both thrilled and I wrote to thank you but my letter was returned by the postal system. I was critically ill last November and was on life support, I held on to the strength I got through the crystal and kept positive attitude. I recovered fully and am elated that I had a wonderful spiritual experience during surgery actually seeing and being with my darling Father who died two years ago. I have just ordered a crystal ring from QVC and cannot wait to receive it.

Thanky you again, God Bless you.

25 th May 2004.

Hello Uri,

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family well. I came out of hospital one week last Monday and I am just beginning to get back to feeling normal again. The morphine is almost completely out of my system, and that alone makes me feel a lot better.

I am booked to have a CT Scan this Thursday at 3 pm; the surgeons told me it’s just to make sure that my liver is clear. They couldn’t believe it when they couldn’t find any trace of spreading tumour during the operation; the pre-scan clearly shown a problem in the liver and now it has vanished. This scan will be their proof.

I told you that I was a great believer in fate and that I believe that everything happens for a reason. Well, I think our meeting each other was meant to happen. Not only did your influence change the way I think, but also I strongly believe you saved my life.

During your talk in the Royal Hotel, you mentioned a time in your life when you where in the army and found yourself facing death, and the instant decision you had to make to stay alive forced you to take another life. This was obviously devastating for you and is something you feel great remorse for. I have tried to put myself in your position many times since you told that story and I can relate to your sorrow. But just think how things would be so much different today if it had been you that got shot. You must have influenced millions of people and saved and changed so many lives for the better, is it really a bad thing that you lived? Certainly not! In fact your seed of thought is being passed on as I write this e-mail. A young friend of mine was in a dilemma and came to me for some answers. She basically needed to find herself and to think more positive about herself and life in general. Well, I gave her your book to read and since she has read it she is a different person with a more positive attitude to life and her surroundings.

So you see Uri why I can only think good came from you living. My family thank you, my friends thank you, my Doctor and Surgeons thank you, and I thank you most of all for all the difference you have made in my life.

A friend of mine has a house in France and has invited me next week to go with him to rest up for five days. I am taking my sketchbooks and watercolours and I hope to lose myself in a world of inspiration and beauty, I will call you when I return to let you know how it all went. Please pass on my best wishes to your friends and family and I hope to speak to you soon.

Much love and good health God bless.

Hi Uri,

Dear Uri

You were recently in Jersey and befriended my friend who was your camera man at the Royal Hotel.

As you are aware he was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after your visit and has is now recovering in hospital after an emergency operation.

He has had his kidney removed, however his tumour on the liver has disappeared. The cat scan, which I saw, clearly shows a growth. The doctors are amazed because it has disappeared!

Uri you amazed me in the mid 80’s when you started an old clock which had never worked. (National participation) his success under the knife I attribute to you. THANK YOU


I have good news, well two pieces of good news actually. Firstly, since I spoke to you on the phone and you told me that you were going to send me positive thoughts, my symptoms have vanished. I have not had blood or blood clots in my water for two whole days now. I don’t know what you did or how you did it but you are amazing!

I told my GP and consultant today about it and they thought it was amazing too. My consultant said to ask you if you can send some positive thoughts to my kidney and liver while your at it in the hope that they might get better. I said I would put it to you but I am sure you are anyway.

The hospital called me today and said that they have managed to get me in for Tuesday 4th May and will operate the next day Wednesday 5th. I will be in our Hospital for this and I will remain there for at least 7 to 10 days while the healing process takes place. My consultant said that he hopes the liver isn’t too much infected to give me a better chance. I hope so too.

Well Uri, thank you so much for all you are doing for me, I am very fortunate indeed to have you help me which is another blessing I can count today.

Thank you again and God bless to you and your family and friends.

Love and very best wishes.

Dear Uri,

I have wonderful news. My neice’s operation went very well. In fact, the operation which began this morning (Japan time), was expected to last until late in the evening. However, I was just informed that the operation went very smoothly and much better than expected. We are all so very happy. We are also tremendously in debt to you for your prayers and thoughts. We believe your strong healing powers and thoughts resulted in the success of little Tamao’s operation. How can we ever repay you? WE ARE ENTERNALLY GREATFUL! YOU’RE A MIRACLE.

With all our heartfelt thanks, prayers, and love.

Hi Uri Geller.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say hi and thank you for helping me last year, and a couple of years ago. Last year I emailed you asking for some guidance towards studying at high school and overcoming my disabilities. The information you gave me was helpful and I looked at it before every study session like you recommended. When I completed the year I was awarded the dove scholarship of $5000 for tertiary education, which was for having a determination to succeed and overcoming disabilities. I have now started my bachelor of business management and am enjoying it a lot.

Thanks again.

Dear Uri,
Thank you for replying. You are an Angel; no doubt about it.
I cannot promise that they will phone you because they are struggling with it all but I will pass on your number and your message as you kindly suggested. This is so good of you.
I always remembered how you imparted your positive energies
to my Mother in the past when she had cancer.
She does not have any cancer now and she is still doing well
on tablets with her auto immune liver condition.
She always praises you for your fame and talent from God.
You deserve that praise.

hi Uri , every thing is fine, just wanted to say hi . well the good news is that my doctors were shock ,i had not been on treatment for one year, and do not feel sick. i credit it for all the support you have been given me ,and that which i got from your book power of the mind i don’t own one just from your website. they asked if my nerves are not paining and i siad not really i have learn to manage with the little pain. really i have improved so much. i have an exam tomorrow so i must go. i hope you are having fun. thanks a lot for always helping me.
every one can forget you but i will be the last and one who will never forget you. you save me! Dad uri and you will never really know how much pain i used to have there’s nothing now, every one is talking about my improvement not just the docs. so i thought i must thank you once again.
school is okay. love u very vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much bye

Dear Uri,

In July I emailed you a picture of my 2 year old son to you. He has Osteogenesis Imperfecta which causes his bones to break often and easily. As a result he was unable to walk and not even crawl as a child of his age should. I have always been told that there is no guarantee that he will walk.

Since I contacted you, XXXXX started to crawl and in the last week he has amazed us all by standing up which is a huge step for him. I cant honestly say that I know this has been as a result of your prayers but I certainly think that it is more than a coincidence.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you for taking the time and being interested. It really does mean a lot and is greatly appreciated. XXXXXXX

A DESPERATE mother has turned to spoon-bender Uri Geller to help her sick daughter because she claims mainstream medicine has let her down. Rose Fox, of Cobradge, says that within days of seeing the celebrity psychic, four-year-old Megan is already making amazing progress.
By Health reporter Dave Blackhurst.
The youngster suffers from what doctors have called a severe developmental delay which has left her hyperactive, unable to talk and with a sleep disorder. Mrs Fox, aged 38, of Barrett Drive, spent years with orthodox specialists trying to ease Megan’s problems but then contacted Uri by e-mail after seeing on television how he tries to help ill children.

He agreed to see her and last weekend completed a 10-minute consultation with Megan at his Berkshire home. Today, Uri said: “I am no miracle worker or healer. I just try to help sick kid’s use positive thinking to unlock their own healing powers. “I have seen many children a lot worse than Megan and if her mother believes I may have helped I am thrilled.”
The star mystic also issued a general invitation to parents of other sick children to e-mail pictures of them to see if he could use his powers to help them too. Uri, who made his name 30 years ago bending cutlery and stopping clocks, laid his hand over Megan’s for two minutes as she grasped a unique piece of glass crystal in his living room. Then he placed his hand on her head for two minutes before speaking softly to her for the rest of the appointment to try and instil positive feelings. Mrs Fox said today: “It was a fabulous day and Uri was wonderful with Megan.”As we drove down she was worse than ever – crying, aggressive, distressed and unable to keep still. “But on the way home she just sat there quietly and happily. Her calm state seems to have stayed and she is a lot more settled than for years. We cannot explain) this but we would gladly take her down again if he agreed.” Megan was born with an abnormality called microcephaly which means her head was too small for her body. She could not walk until 19 months and she still cannot form words. Experts have said that if she cannot talk by her fifth birthday, the speech problems could last a lifetime. Megan is under the care of North Staffordshire Hospital’s child development centre and attends the Peter Pan special care nursery in Newcastle. Mother- “The centre does all it can but we seem no nearer getting to grips with her problems. We are looking for the key to unlock Megan’s mind – I believe Uri has given us half that key.” After the free consultation, Uri showed the family his unique car covered in spoons he has bent for celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Elton John, John Lennon and the Spice Girls. He later bent one for Megan, which he gave her.
Uri said: “People must not ignore mainstream medicine. All I do is help them use positive thought to complement what doctors are trying to do for them. Then amazing things can happen.” Dr Hilary Thurston, a public health consultant in North Staffordshire, said instilling positive thinking was an important ingredient in all medicine. She said: “The condition suffered by this child can be very distressing and sometimes you turn to anything to feel better. “Having a positive outlook makes you feel better psychologically and that can give you a better sense of physical well-being.”If false hopes are not raised and subsequently dashed by this method, it certainly does.

The News of The World 1987

Uri’s Great Experiment

Cathleen Falshaw, 68 of Haworth Yorkshire says she can now see clearly out of her cataract afflicted eye after suffering blurred vision for more than 40 years. “It’s absolutely marvellous and I can’t believe it”. Scores of readers were cured of headache, back pain arthritis and depression.

The Sun August 29 1987

Thanks for a miracle Mr Geller” by Sharon Rowe.

It’s a mind blowing moments as little Clifford Fadder meets Uri Geller “the miracle man” who gave him the gift of speech. Clifford’s parents claimed their five -year-old son spoke for the first time in his life when super brain Uri beamed his psychic powers across Britain in The Sun’s great experiment on Thursday. Last night a top neurosurgeon admitted that Uri’s amazing powers may have helped Clifford to recover from rare speech illness.


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