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e3iKirlian photo’s
Uri Geller, with his inexhaustible ability to read the minds and bend the cutlery of the world, offers scientists the hope of a repeatable psychic experiment, and as a result he has spent days in laboratories with scientists all over the world. A Kirlian photo of Geller’s finger sending a burst of energy during one of his demonstrations. 

e2iExperiments using the Kirlian technique on color film in which Geller was attempting to send a shape (triangle) telepathically.

e1iIn this photo Geller was trying to form the shape of the number 5 which he felt he was receiving telepathically.

e6iGeller’s finger at rest.

ep3iAbove: Kirlian photos of Geller’s fingertip sending bursts of energy toward a key. The photos were taken in the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of California in Los Angeles, part of an experiment supervised by psychologist Dr. Thelma Moss. Each time Geller concentrated on “sending energy” to the key.

ep5iAbove: a close-up showing Uri’s fingerpad, with the energy spurt..

ep6iAbove: two of the first Kirlian photographs taken of Geller. In the top picture, his finger is at rest. In the bottom one, he is sending energy toward a watch.

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e4iClick to see interesting Japanese experiments

e8iA well-witnessed demonstration of computer-stopping at the

e9iYoung Presidents Organization seminar in San Diego, 1985.

e10iLecturing to the United Nations Parapsychology Society.

e11iComputer specialists look on as Geller erases the Axel Springer publishing group’s computer’s memory, 1986, as featured in the bestselling West German magazine, Hör Zu.

e12iGeller’s successful attempts to scramble the contents of a floppy disc at

e13iWang UK’s London headquarters, 1985, followed by a conference with mystified employees

e7iGeller lecturing at the Small Mines Symposium held at Imperial College, London, sponsored by International Mining and The Royal School of Mines, with session Chairman Barry Smale-Adams of RTZ looking on.

e14iUri Geller influencing a computer tape at Tokai University

e15iWith Professor Charles Crussard

With Scientists in Russia (E, F, G & H)

Uri and Professor Zvi Bentwich MD during experiments at the Weitzmann institute in Israel (I, J, K & L)







e24iProfessor George Egeyly


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