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2002-07-21 11:24

Last week’s column drew my biggest ever mailbag – including many emails from angry readers who insisted my claims about an ancient map were ‘unscientific’. I can tolerate the current vogue for worshipping scientists, until people start pretending that science ‘proves’ that God does not exist.

There is a growing core of dangerous fundamentalists who preach the doctrine of Darwin and deny the spiritual aspect in everything. Evolution is all, they insist. Then they start spouting a creation myth called the Big Bang that any child will instantly see to be utter tosh.

This is how it goes:

“Once upon a time all the energy and atoms in the universe were crammed together into a speck so small it was much tinier than even one atom. This speck exploded, and all the universe poured out and rushed away in every direction, faster than the speed of light “The universe gelled into stars and planets, and blobs of life bubbled up out of nowhere. The blobs were very small, but every generation got bigger and stronger, so that eventually the blobs had astoundingly complex minds, and morals, and spirits … except for the blobs that became trees, or birds, or just stayed as blobs.”

It’s nonsense. It’s sheer hogwash. It’s quackery. And it’s a serious case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, because anyone who dares point out that Darwinists are charlatans is at risk of virulent ridicule.

Of one thing I am certain: in 20 years the barmy Big Bang theory will have been replaced by some other scientific theory that will be even madder.


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