All human minds are subtly connected on an invisible wavelength. It is this connection which makes telepathy possible – think of your brain as a television receiver, one of many millions spread all over the country, and capable of tuning in to images and messages at exactly the same instant as all those others.


Im sorry to ruin the nice safe preconceptions of stick-in-the-muds who believe that anything ?psychic? must be a conjuring trick … but all my data about random number generators came from scientists at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Princeton in New Jersey. The website is at

Mirror readers can be assured that everything I report in this weekly column is carefully researched and every fact double-checked. If you still find it hard to believe, well, that?s understandable ?;sometimes these stories blow my own mind too!

Many scientists, of course, are totally open-minded. Dr Fiona Steinkamp at the University of Edinburgh?s Department of Psychology has devised three brilliant experiments to test the intuitive powers of ordinary people.

The first you can do in bed. Dr Steinkamp asks subjects to listen to a relaxation tape and then make a note of significant dreams, to see if images can be implanted telepathicaly into people?s slumbers. The second is done over the worldwide web, with the psychologist asking people to imagine a picture which will be displayed later in the experiment via the internet.

The third is laboratory-based, where subjects will listen to a tape of drum-music while receiving telepathic signals. I find this especially fascinating, since the relationship between rhythmic, repetitive music and psi-ability has not been properly explored before.

If you?d like to get involved, you can email Dr Steinkamp at [email protected] and support some genuine, open-minded science. As Albert Einstein said: ?The most beautiful thing we can experience is the

mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.?


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